Friday, May 18, 2018

Doctors wonder about "gestating another family dynasty"

From FMT:

By Dr Musa Mohd Nordin and Dr Johari Bux

When YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced that he would be holding the education portfolio and YB Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail the women’s affairs portfolio, we flipped!

And upon reading this morning’s Star headline, “Anwar: Ministerial posts for top two not contrary to manifesto”, we double flipped!

Was everyone simply being polite to Tun when he rationalised his master plan to rejuvenate the Malaysian education system?

kaytee's note: Lau Mah wants to implement the teaching of Maths and Science in English

Didn’t the young Turks, the likes of YBs Dr Dzul, Khalid Samad, Liew Chin Tong, Nurul Izzah et al, in the political forum who were always loud and dissenting (in a good way) respond to Tun’s plans to revolutionise the learning and teaching of our young minds?

boe hood (Nurul exempted) 

It is as if they were mesmerised by Tun or still on Cloud 9 post-GE14 euphoria. More probably, it was that they “tak sampai hati” to speak against an old man’s “dying wish” for his nation’s children and their future.

We hardcore clinicians may be politically naive in the bargaining and jostling for political posts in the new Cabinet, but as far as Tun and Kak Wan are concerned, we are clinically convinced on the grounds of “evidence-based politics” (EBP) that neither should hold portfolios in the Pakatan Harapan Cabinet.

As PM and DPM, they should be the Master Jedi on the “Pakatan Harapan High Council”, mentors of the PH-Padawans, guardians trusted with the fiduciary duty of overseeing the new Cabinet to ensure the cherished values of competency, accountability and transparency of political governance are fully operational.

There are plenty of talents in the PH coalition, and our guess is that Tun would be simply spoilt for choice.

And if our reading of Kak Wan is correct, she would not want to stay a minute longer in the Cabinet.

Besides, we do not want to gestate another family dynasty in the new PH Cabinet – we just got rid of one on May 9.

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin is with the Damansara Specialist Hospital while Dr Johari Bux is with the Tung Shin Hospital.

Thank you Doctors for speaking up, and at the same time showing how PH leaders lack the balls to tell Mahathir he is wrong and has broken promises made in the PH manifesto.

Someone in FB just made a sarcastic remark about the ever-vociferous Lim Kit Siang making a lame excuse for Mahathir in (mis)appropriating two ministerial positions for himself (PM-ship and Education). What a bloody cowardly hypocrite, LKS that is, not Mahathir who is still as bold and arrogant as he was in his previous PM-ship.

he wrote books about Mahathir's follies, but now has he become Mahathir's "private librarian"?

Instead, PH acolytes now find delight in syiok-sendiri activities such as mulling, gossiping and giggling over the 284 handbags and boxes of etc that the police saw fit to display to the public in a demonstration of how 'guilty' the Najib family has been (until proven innocent), but forgetting about someone's granddaughter living it up too, gallivanting, partying and sailing around on her own yacht.

And her multi-billionaire uncles?


  1. That was Nsjib’s biggest mistake. If he had all the evidence of corruption or whatever against his opponents he should have crucified them all when he had the chance. Instead he dilly dallied. Eg the forex investigations had no follow through. Now it is too late, they will slaughter him instead.

    1. it was the old UMNO's Omerta, the party's secret binding never to reveal everything but just enough (short of complete revelation) to win an election

      in the RCI on Forex he though he'd just blacken Mahathir's reputation to neutralise the old man as a real competitor

      if you know, UMNO people (or their party clones like PKR, Pribumi) threatened only but never revealed completely

      Mahathir's hatred for Najib (and KJ) might be the beginning of complete revelation

    2. So what? So long najib is tortured and dead. And i wanna see kaytee vomit blood and die too

      Feeling extremely shiiiiok.....if only i can lay my hands on kaytee

    3. What say u now mamak has relinquished the education portfolio!


    5. If it was up to PAS, both side's politicians should be stoned to death.

    6. Hau ga ga......haahahaha! Ck, I agree this kaytee must the aneh.......right?

  2. Now what you want to do YB LKS? Your son is not a CM and is neither a FM. He may still go to jail. Can't you ask your friend YAB TDM to hasten your son's trial/hearing? And if need be to perhaps request for a full pardon for your son and RR too.

  3. I don't believe the 92-year old with a few more years life expectancy, now working flat out burning the midnight oil, is out for personal gain this time.
    I can believe he's out to fix the wrongs of the past - many created or founded by him - before he walks into the sunset, unless I see more to the contrary.

    Hypocrite Ktemoc already condemns him as guilty, impossible to prove innocent.

    1. Ktemoc is full of shits. He is writing just to shiok sendiri. I wud still prefer the old fox to be the Education Minister as he knows what shits he has to cleared for he himself has created the mess . He has also shown his desire to do so and genuine in his actions. Ktemoc you write hords of rubbish and when thing do not go your way you write and condemn like a child throwing tantrums.

    2. Read the news la...The old fox gave up Education because "full of shits" people reminded him of Pakatan campaign promises. If it were left to pom pom girls like you, any promise can be broken and we have another BN under a different name.

    3. Very true about the point raised by John Lee about Dr M who during his previous reign had created the mess in education. He and his then deputy Anwar were on full throttle with the Ketuanan wild ride on one hand and out-PAS-ing PAS with their version of Islam on the other hand. Who created that failed Bahasa Baku program and made English language as the medium of instructions in schools vanished overnight ?

      Dr M seems now on the path of clearing those shits created by he himself and his then deputy Anwar Ibrahim. And when reminded that even the PM cannot hold posts, he gave it up immediately. Can you imagine a Dr M of yesteryear even entertaining such demand ?

      And yes...Ktemoc is still on this spree of childishly syiok sendiri to soothe his broken heart....any decent, honest blogger would be appalled by the obscene amount of luxurious branded items and huge pile of cash brought out during the police raid, but he decided to put it in this manner.." gossiping and giggling over the 284 handbags and boxes of etc that the police saw fit to display to the public..". Oi, dedak Ktemoc, one Birkin handbag can cost up to RM 800,000 and RM 1.7 million, tau tak ? We have on record that shows Rosmah had in her possession ( that is, prior to the raid la, wakakka ) the Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin. Auctioned off for HKD 2.98 million ( RM 1.51 million ) last year, making it the world's most expensive handbag sold at an auction. Made of the 'almost albino' crocodile skin, the bag is designed with 242 diamonds on its 18-karat gold hardware and is considered one-of-kind. Only one or two Himalaya Birkins are made every year, contributing to its increasing value. Our wonderful Rosmah also had in her possession (belum raid semalam la, wakakaka ) one Fuchsia crocodile Birkin studded with diamonds. Auctioned off for HKD 1.72 million ( RM 870,000 ) in 2016. Encrusted with 18 karat gold and diamonds, our great lady owns one of these coveted bags.

      And the cash large an amount it took a team of cops to hoist them up the lorry. The police had to bring a cash counting machine to accurately note down the exact amount found...all these painstaking laborious tasks took them working right up to the early hours, so huge was the 'find' found hidden in one of the most prestigious condo.

      We are not 'gossiping and giggling'...we are appalled ! As one journalist Mr Hadi Azmi who was at the scene on the night of the raid said : It was surreal....we reporters are not well off, most have never seen the inside of a Hermes, let alone a box of its merchandise...' (to be continued on next post for Mr Hadi's take on this )

    4. From Mr Hadi Azmi the journalist who was at the raid scene :

      "Trolleys after trolleys emerged...I'm still dizzy thinking about it. All these luxury when we are told to take second jobs, 'pagi bertugas di pejabat, malam berkhidmat di jalan raya', says the Uber ad.

      Schools saw their budget slashed, hospitals saw their budget slashed. Times were hard they said, but then they turned around and proudly declared that none other than World Bank itself said our economy is stronger than ever ! Perhaps in the privacy of their luxurious homes, they turned around again and laughed.

      This isn't just greed. This is a disease. I'm not the one who is sick, oh but God knows, I am so sick "

    5. Mr Hadi Azmi is a failure as a journalist and his views stinks of conspired hatred. A true professional journalist would just report on the facts and wouldn't let his personal thoughts permeate into his story.

      True journalism presents the facts, in neutral tone and let readers be the judge. If I'd known any better, I'd say Mr Hadi is writing for those tabloid news like Berita Harian or Sinaran.

    6. That's why your party or those party which you have aligned with sudah kalah ! Never want to listen to those down troddens' opinions and what if this particular reporter gave his opinion ? That's his genuine feelings witnessing the sheer greed of this leader and his wife whom you people sembah because of dedah and other political agenda. Your PAS takde chance dah to be the Council of the Elders to eventually make this country to be the first Islamic State in the South East Asian region. Man proposes God dispenses. Remember that well

  4. Ramkarpal says it.

    Anwar Ibrahim also wants the Altantuya case reopened.

  5. Ktemoc comparing Najib's lifestyle to Mahathir's granddaughter shows how ignorant he is of the concepts of governance and integrity.

    Najib was Prime Minister of Malaysia. His wife is officially listed as a Housewife with no income of her own.
    Where did the money for the treasure throve found in their home come about ? There are easily 3 or 4 laws in Malaysia's legal code that they could be charged with without even having to prove any of the allegations on 1MDB.

    Mahathir had been out of power for 14 years. So...his granddaughter loves a luxurious lifestyle...which looks bad, but where is the link to any crime of his ?

    1. Ktemoc lacks the maturity of thought process and hentam on whatever he can laid his hand on without giving a due process of reviewing it. As I have mentioned earlier he is showing child like tantrum. let him be.!!!

    2. John Lee lacks the maturity of thought process and hentam on whatever he can laid his hand on without giving a due process of reviewing it. He is showing child like tantrum. let him be.!!!

    3. Where's the link to the crime? His son was still MB at that time. And his 3 brothers were instant billionaires, while he and his sister were instant millionaires.

    4. hahahahaha......the thing is he even comment on aviation matter when he doesn't even know what 5 why methodology

      It's time to find out......who is cheebye fuck kaytee is?

      Photos? Documents? Credential?


    Mongolia also saya Altantuya case should be reopened.

  7. TDM gave up his Education Minister post and instead appointed a Dr. Mazlee.

    Is he an Islamist who supports Dr. Zakir Naik who offended the Malaysian Indian and their religion?

    If yes, then it is a poor choice of TDM.

    So, what's PH stand on this sensitive post?

    Close one eye?

    1. They already closed one eye to Mahathir's 22 years of transgression, so what is closing one more eye to them?

    2. Went fishing and caught a john (BN night soil carrier).

    3. "Menurut Dr Maszlee, rakyat perlu sedar Hindraf tidak mewakili kesemua penganut agama Hindu, Zakir Naik pun tidak mewakili kesemua umat Islam."

      Sound reasonable!

      But still having that sleepy zombie gene within!

      So must hold him to his speech:

      "Kita perlukan suara yang mendamaikan, meraikan dialog, menyemarakkan persefahaman dan budaya saling menghormati dan saling mengiktiraf.”

      Anyway, this piece of mamak chess move IS hard to read!

    4. But instead, the hook got caught on your own pants and ripped it out, revealing your shame to the world. Hohohoho!

    5. This tin kosong is arguing for the sake of arguing!

      Engaging him looks more & more like wasting time!

      I bear the blame to excommunicate him on this blog.

      Let him rants & rages with his own kind of similar breed.

      There r BETTER thing to do on wasting time on him!

    6. Poor CK goes round and round, banging his head on the wall trying to convince others. No wonder learning seems to be a bridge to far for him.

  8. Azmin Ali can be both MB of Selangor and Economic Affairs Minister. Why? EA Minister's role is yet to be defined as it did not exist in the previous cabinet. Assuming there will still be a MITI minister and Domestic Trade minister, and we already know there is a Finance Minister, I see this EA Minister as a powerful coordinating position, possibly heading the EPU. Azmin can also appoint a Deputy MB (or two) to help him, after all Penang already has DCM 1 and 2, and Selangor is a much larger state and Azmin has a plethora of assemblymen to choose from. Anyway let's see.

    1. Just give the mbship to dap lor. Problem solved. Edry faizal is fluent in bahasa, english and mandarin. Like lhl of singapore or lge......

    2. lhl cant even handle his brader n sistar. predictably u see him now sucking mahathir dick, n not long ago he was still eating the mrs mo1 cunt, pity la u spore zombie.

    3. lge lagi teruk, dun even know what his wife is doing or buying, a potential mo2.

    4. If azmin is smart he should stay as the mb of Selangor.

      As the head of a state, more so a prosperous one, he can built his base much easier for his future maneuverings for ascension.

      That's how Pek Moh Sarawak stays powerful, rich & relevant to m'sian politics!

      As a federal minister, his hand is tie for any future base building.

      And mamak is watching him closely , knowing his ambition.

      Perhaps, mamak knows deep down this Dökkálfar Dwarf is a potential umno ver3.0 initiator.