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Revisiting the Altantuyaa murder

Star - Dr Mahathir should reopen Altantuya case, says Mongolia's President (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should reopen the murder case of Altantuya Shariibuu, said Mongolia's President Khaltmaagiin Battulga.

“I sincerely hope that you will pay attention to bringing justice, implementing court decisions and settling the civil suit of the family of the victim in a fair manner to invigorate the atmosphere in the bilateral relations between our two countries,” Battulga said in a letter to Dr Mahathir on Wednesday (May 16).

“As the President of Mongolia, I pay special attention to the grave crime committed in Malaysia on Oct 18, 2006 - the murder of Ms Shariibuu Altantuya, a Mongolian national and a mother of two children," he added.

I don't blame the Mongolian President for calling for the Altantuyaa case to be re-opened, even though her murderers have already been arrested, trialled, found guilty and charged with the death penalty.

The propaganda against Najib and wife has been so effective that almost everyone, both in Malaysia and abroad, believes the couple were the murderers.

It all started as a black operation to sully Najib's name during AAB days so he (Najib) couldn't get to be DPM. But alas for his detractors he became DPM and then, thanks to Mahathir wakakaka, the PM.

During the black ops, we saw the escalation of the murder accusation bearing fruit in the SD bullshit.

The SD bullshit was so obvious that only the 'converted'  would believe it.

It was not so much the contents of the SD but the one-day capitulation of Balasubramaniam, the world' "greatest" PI, in the notorious Double-SD saga.

[left to right]

Americk Singh, PI Balasubramaniam, Anwar Ibrahim, Sivarasa

At that time, in fact way before it, in a pub (The Backyard pub) in Sri Hartamas with some 'choice' drinking mateys, the late Bala decided to issue a SD, knew who he was accusing (the DPM of Malaysia), what he was alleging (linking the DPM of Malaysia, Najib to murdered Mongolian Altantuyaa Shaariibuu) and what could and would be the probable consequences.

Furthermore he had two months of careful drafting of the 1st SD with Americk Singh, an immaculate lawyer.

He was thus prepared for shit to happen, what more with Anwar Ibrahim heading the news-breaking press conference, YET within one-day Bala capitulated and came out with a second SD denying his first SD.

Do you expect me to believe that?

His claimed visit to the police after that fateful press conference for the 1st SD, where he had accused the DPM of Malaysia of complicity in a murder, was UNACCOMPANIED by his lawyer or any of the platoon of PKR people who were there at the press conference. He went alone.

Do you expect me to believe that?

It was such a ridiculous situation that brought Brother Haris Ibrahim out to question such a disastrous overlook by the PKR people or/and his lawyer - WTF, the man who had just accused the DPM of villainous 'relationship' with a murdered Mongolian model, and was allowed to report to (at that time) the MOST dangerous place in Malaysia all ALONE by himself???

But wait, it seemed Bala DID not report to the police station afterall.

Subsequent revelation informed us Bala, instead of reporting to the police station as we were originally informed, went instead to Rawang with one ASP Suresh (who BTW could have been the ASP Suresh who was also with Bala drinking in The Backyard pub in Sri Hartamas two months earlier) to meet one Deepak where he was offered RM5 million by the latter to withdraw his 1st SD.

So here’s a man who confessed he was so scared of the police lockup that he, under duress, signed a police statement on the Altantuyaa’s murder with no mention of Najib Razak at all (we must be sympathetic with his concerns as afterall he’s a dad with 3 kids to feed and look after), …

… BUT who subsequently decided to be another courageous RPK and make a SD of earth-shaking proportion against the man who was going to be (then) the next most powerful political leader of Malaysia …

… and then there he was, in Rawang with ASP Suresh burning some copper wires … 


… and presumably as he would have us believed him, he was again under duress (AGAIN for fear of his family's safety, this time under mafioso threat) and thus withdrew his 1st SD by way of a 2nd SD. BTW, did I mention the RM5 million somewhere?

It’s just too full of contradictions (from being fearful to utterly courageous back to being fearful; going to police station without a lawyer as if he didn’t know what a police station in Malaysia for a man who just made a damning SD against the DPM means but ending up in Rawang etc etc etc?).

What would be more plausible?

We need to ask ourselves three questions:

(1) Who would be damaged by the SD?

(2) Which SD (1st or 2nd) would be the far more damaging?

If you ask kaytee, I'd say the 1st SD was accusative against Najib, whilst the 2nd SD damned Najib forevermore. If I want to get Najib kaukau, I would have ensured a Double-SD situation - namely, accused him then damned him so he could not get up again.

(3) What’s in it for Balasubramaniam – in other words what scenario would best benefit a father of 3 kids, fearful of the police lockup and for his family, to motivate him to make such a damning report against a powerful man?

Would it be a pre-planned package of 2 prepared SDs, the 2nd to be released after the inevitable visit to the police station but PLEASE without a lawyer (“No, Mr Americk Singh, I don’t need you, it’s OK, just a fish head curry with an old buddy”)?

And YES he did retract the 1st SD which meant he could have been paid … but by whom???

Quite frankly, for a man who claimed he was driven out of Malaysia by Najib, we heard MKINI reporting that Balasubramaniam rang them up a number of times to claim he was back in Malaysia a few times to sort out family matters.

It's worth looking in the genesis of the SD plot which started in The Backyard pub in Sri Hartamas, and who were the people there apart from the late Balasubramaniam.

But what motive did the two sweet innocent policemen have? [Instructed by a "someone" above?]

What alleged motives did policemen have for the deaths of hundreds of people who perished in police custody? [Instructed by a "someone" above?]

Well, what motive did the murderer of Canny Ong have? [Instructed by a "someone" above?]

For an answer to Canny Ong's murder, read my post The Altantuyaa Stat Dec (2).

what motive did the murderer have for killing Canny Ong? 

But the point today is that the whole of Malaysia and indeed the world especially Mongolia won't be happy UNTIL Najib and wife are hung by their necks until they are dead, all based NOT on evidence of Najib being with Altantuyaa and such likes, but ONLY on the words of one single person, Balasubramaniam, who BTW had never seen Najib with Altantuyaa.

And fCK whether Naiib and wife have been guilty or not - that's besides the point.

Razak Baginda better bloody stay out and not inconvenience the already formed and framed picture of the guilty couple.


(1) Will 'neutrality' of Mr 'Neutral' be neutralised?. [posted 03 Dec 2012]

(2) The missing man in the Altantuyaa story. [posted 25 Feb 2013]

(2) Be careful what you ask for!. [posted 31 Jan 2015]


  1. how do u know? in the last few years we were oso informed nothings wrong with 1mdb, y not lets the due process do the talking?

  2. Such a pleading display of compassion for a couple that have just been dethroned.


    Will u game to ask for a retrial for the case of Altantuyaa Shaariibuu?

    The propaganda, the black operation to tarnish the good name of the ex-MO1 couple NOT withstanding, u honestly think ALL those conspiracy believers out there r 'zombies'!

    Only u can analyse & think clearly… wakakakaka……

    Let's accept the pleading of the Mongolian President, & give Altantuyaa Shaariibuu a decent trial w/o all the kangaroo settings.

    Write something sensible calling for a fair re-trial, rather than just keep accusing us ALL want blood from the ex-MO1 couple.

    A fair & new trial, that's!


  3. It's proven that you are indeed Najib's lackey. As such, spare your fucking symphathy towards Teoh Beng Hock

    It's to expose this cheebye kaytee. Kaytee is menance to Malaysia's society. Hisham Rais must lead a team to australia to......hahahahaha

  4. Democracy 101 - a course specially designed for pom pom girls

    1) The country belongs to the people. To use an analogy from the business world, we own the business.

    2) The government works for us. They are our employees. They answer to us. We can fire them.

    3) We owe our employees no subservience. Our job is to make sure they do their jobs. We are not their pom pom girls. It is they who owe us their loyalty.

    4) We have to good fortune that the employees we sacked still want the job and help us keep the incumbents on their toes. And it is the incumbents who handle our money and business so it is the incumbent that our attention should be mostly on.

    So stop being such pom pom girls.

  5. I still can't stop laughing at the Tian Chua's photoshop skills using MSPaint to plaster their faces onto restaurant patrons. Coupled with Bala's flipflop and Sirul's incarceration overseas, that's why PAS fellas are skeptical of this story.

    1. the desperation to implicate najib, to prevent him from becoming dpm which should be left for "someone"

    2. Let's get something straight about the photoshopped Tian Chuan post.
      The Prosecution charged him with "Criminal Defamation" something idiotic like that, but it was established in court that Than Chua never claimed the photo itself to be authentic. That charge was dismissed.

    3. It 1st appeared in his blog. Either he was stupid not to see the fakery, or his was stupid to use such crappy method, or he was stupid to think he can get away with it. You choose.

    4. he's not stupid because he knew-knows there are numerous stupid people in Malaysia who would (wanted to) believe

  6. A forced false SD for RM5.0 million??

    1. I thought in islam u cannot fitnah....else unknown cannot enjoy 72 old virgin afterlife

  7. KT, you left out a cornerstone of murder investigation, namely MOTIVE.
    Unless the 2 'so called murderers' suddenly plead insanity, why would they blow her to smithereens with C4(no less) when they don't even know her the day before?
    For fun?

    1. But what motive did the two sweet innocent policemen have? [Instructed by a "someone" above?]

      What alleged motives did policemen have for the deaths of hundreds of people who perished in police custody? [Instructed by a "someone" above?]

      Well, what motive did the murderer of Canny Ong have? [Instructed by a "someone" above?]

      For an answer to Canny Ong's murder, read my post The Altantuyaa Stat Dec (2).

    2. Could it be a Red Herring followed by a False Flag operation? I recalled the Japanese Manchurian Army did such tactics as justification for the invasion & subsequent occupation of China.

    3. To me it looks more like a staged perception.

    4. wow! kaytee pushes the blame to policemen. How fucking convenient? Then what's the point of having trial for Rosmah and Najib?

      Fuck najib! Fuck Rosmah! Fuck Kaytee! I will propose summary execution. Case close

    5. C4 and especially the detonators needed to trigger the plastic explosives are not things you carry around in your pocket or in the boot of your car.
      There was a serious factor of preplanning and premeditation in Sirul and Azilah's actions which negates the narrative that no one else was involved.

      Canny Ong was killed by a knife available anywhere - so no assumption of elaborate preplanning was necessary.

      It would seem either the PDRM or the Prosecution deliberately suppressed parts of the story.

      Yes, the investigation into the Altantuya case MUST be reopened by the Pakatan Harapan Administration.

    6. According to Sirul's cautioned statement on the now unblocked Asia Sentinel, the motive was MONEY.

      However, the question remains as to who contracted the moonlight job to Azilah who in turn roped in Sirul and what was the motive of that un-named person who contracted out the job.

      Sirul's statement does not name Najib either explicitly or implicitly, though he does mention Razak Baginda.

      Here is Balasubramaniam's first statutory declaration, which points to Razak Baginda's involvement with Altantuya but apart from mentioning that he had heard from both Razak Baginda and Altantuya that Najib had met and knew Altantuya, and that Balasubramaniam had seen an SMS from Najib to Razak Baginda saying that he would use his influence with the IGP to "solve" the predicament Razak Baginda was in at the time, however nowhere in his first SD does Balasubramaniam imply that Najib was responsible for Altantuya's murder.

      And here is Balasubramaniam's second statutory declaration as carried by Free Malaysia Today.

      And here is Raja Petra Kamaruddin's statutory declaration as published on Wikileaks, where RPK says that he had been "reliably informed" that Rosmah Mansor and one of her ADCs Norhayati were "present at the scene of the crime" - I.E. the blowing up of Altantuya's body and that Norhayati's husband then Lt. Col Aziz Buyong had placed the explosives on Altantuya's body in the presence of Rosmah Mansor and Norhayati.

      RPK's statutory declaration is based on hearsay and he is calling upon the police to investigate what he had heard.

      Also, RPK's declaration contradicts Sirul Azhar's cautioned statement as to who placed the explosives on Altantuya's body and blew it up.

      Sirul said in his statement that he shot Altantuya, that he and Azilah placed the explosives on Altantuya's body and proceeded to blow it up, though Siril did not say who triggered the explosives.

      On the other hand, RPK said that he had been been "reliably" informed that it was Lt. Col. Aziz Buyong who placed the explosives.

      Whilst RPK's SD implicates Rosmah Mansor, Norhayati and Lt. Col. Aziz Buyong, however it does not name Najib as being involved.

      The above contradiction is fodder for a defence lawyer to raise reasonable doubt.

      Therefore, I thus agree that this case should be re-opened, re-investigated and if necessary, re-tried.

      This case is curious, since whilst Sirul's statement has been on Asia Sentinel since 2009, I have not been able to find Azilah's statement anywhere.

      Also, whilst Sirul is on the run in Australia, so is still alive, however I understand from reports that Azilah is still alive on death row in Kajang Prison.

      Meanwhile, Sirul has asked for a pardon before he returns to Malaysia and tells all.

      "PETALING JAYA: Sirul Azhar Umar, who was convicted of the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, is reportedly demanding a full pardon as a condition for returning to Malaysia and giving his full story to the new Pakatan Harapan-led federal government."

      "In an interview with Malaysiakini from Australia, he congratulated Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad and PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim on the general election victory this month, and said he was willing to assist the new government, “to tell what actually transpired provided that the government grants me (a) full pardon.”

    7. Sorry. I left it out in my earlier post.

      Here is Balasubramaniam's first statutory declaration.

    8. all told by ONE person Bala who heard it from ANOTHER person, altantuyaa

    9. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to include Balasubramaniam's first SD in my first comment here but if you have read the PDF included in my addendum post, you would have seen that Balasubramaniam had heard from Razak Baginda that Najib had introduced Altantuya to him and had asked him to take care of her Altantuya financially.

      To add to the contradictions, towards the end of this Al Jazeera's "Murder in Malaysia | 101 East", Sirul's un-identified distant relative in Australia with whom Sirul had been staying, told Al Jazeera that Sirul had revealed to him that he faced a death sentence in Malaysia for Altantuya's murder and that Sirul had told him that it was Razak Baginda who shot Altantuya and when asked why Sirul did not just walk away, rather than blow up Altantuya's body. Sirul said that he feared for his life, so blew her body up with C4.

      It amazes me that this distant relative "Frank" did not know about the trial of Sirul and Azilah over Altantuya's murder and if that is what Sirul actually told "Frank", that is another point which a defence lawyer can use to raise reasonable doubt as to who actually shot Altantuya.

      Some years back, a friend and obvious Pakatan supporter mentioned Altantuya over teh tarik and when I told him that whilst I had heard much about the Altantuya case, however I had not read up on the case to be able to have my own opinion on it and he accused me of "not caring for her because she was a Mongolian".

      This prompted me to do my independent research into this issue from as close as possible to reliable information available and upon reading through these official statements and statutory declarations, I could not find anything in these which can be used to implicate Najib or Rosmah.

      Like many documentaries by western-based media organisations, this Al Jazeera documentary contains plenty of bleeding heart statements which garner sympathy for Altantuya, her father and her children.

      I am rather wary of these "holier than thou" western media or western-style media which tend to paint developing countries such as Malaysia in a bad light.

      The problem is that many Malaysians tend to believe that the sun shines out of the anal orifices of such media.

      However, if Altantuya was indeed involved in this allegedly corrupt Scorpene submarine deal, then she would be an accomplice if she had not been murdered.

      Moreover, blackmail, which Altantuya is said to have admitted to in her police report, is a crime in itself, yet these people who insist that Najib and Rosmah are involved in her murder insist in viewing her as some kind of angel, which she is not, unless what Razak Baginda claimed that the Scorpene deal was signed before he had even met Altantuya.

      Still, why did she want that money from Razak Baginda?

      However, if Altantuya was just a pretty lady who was murdered as Canny Ong was or like Ivana Smit's mysterious fall from the Johnson's apartment on 7 December 2017, I'm pretty sure that most Malaysians would regard her murder as just one of those things and would have forgotten about Altantuya long ago.

    10. After years of being blocked in Malaysia, the Asia Sentinel link suddenly becomes accessible..

      looks like the new Regime has already begun steps to Revisit on this case.
      Najib...time to shiver...

    11. Canny was murdered because of lust.

    12. so lust was a motivation. Lust for Altantuyaa by 2 cops?

  8. Again talking about dead people's SD, testimonies etc. Leading nowhere if you ask me.

    PI Bala is dead. Altantuya is dead. Kevin Morais is dead, That AMBANK manager is dead. TBH is dead. Amirul is dead. That Custom fella is dead. Kugan is dead. So many dead in police custody etc. Having included are the missing or kidnapped and still not found yet.

    Some of the truths will never be known if we only talk about dead people or missing people cos they are not around to tell their actual stories.

    However, there are people who are still alive whether suspects or accomplices to murder, kidnap, manslaughteer which the court did not call or the trail have not even started. Even after a sham trial has been concluded, a retrial can always be called when those still alive are still around.

    That would do Justice to all those victims and provide closure for their families.

    How evil are men's heart when they can't see murders and severe crimes being committed and equate them to just politics.

  9. Years ago, and I repeated it a few months ago, that it would take a Regime Change in Malaysia to give Altantuya and also Teoh Beng Hock the justice they deserve.

    The current "officially approved" narratives for both cases sound like manufactured tales to protect unmentionable persons.

    1. And cheebye kaytee fuck are about teoh beng hock

    2. Another stupid article by Ktemoc. He should called the spinmaster. It must be Altantuyah's Ghost that caused the downfall of Najib.

    3. Rumpelstillskins.......hahaha

  10. Najib is asking for police protection. I know a very secure place where he can be protected 24/7, provided his guards can be trusted of course.

    " and the protection of the masterminds behind the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu, "

    I think Australian Dean Johns understands the issue surrounding the Altantuya case far better than pseudo-Malaysian Ktemoc.

    1. Kaytee has issues in understanding australia election crisis resulting in resignation of 13 mps.

      One of them is susan lamb who was forced to resign over obscure fucking aussie policy.

    2. I have seen those "lying Pinocchio" posters in MRT stations and wondered how many Malaysians of the generation shown in those posters ever read Pinocchio children's stories and would understand the significance of the elongated noses.

      Anyway, what did Dean Johns say about the Altantuya issue?

      I do not subscribe to Malaysiakini, so I cannot read the full article.

  12. In a written reply to mp taiping, nancy shukri said the agc did not appeal against the high court's decision to acquit razak baginda due to lack of evidence.... betul ka?

    Now sirul is asking for full pardon before he starts singing, how abt azilah, he also wants to reveal something in order to be free?