Monday, May 28, 2018

Ch'u-oi Soo Ong (3)

MM Online - Resign now or be prepared to be sacked, Kit Siang tells Apandi (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang today urged Tan Sri Mohamad Apandi Ali to step down as the country’s Attorney-General “honourably” or risk facing a sacking order eventually.

The Iskandar Puteri MP said prolonging the move would only result in further shame for Apandi, who is currently on a 30-day unrecorded leave.

“To save him from further ignominy, Apandi should not exploit the constitutional niceties and loopholes but resolve the three-week constitutional stalemate by submitting his resignation without any ado.

Lim KS is obviously bored and thus looking for trouble, to cucuk, provoke, agitate and stir shit.

He has also called upon UMNO to apologise for Najib's alleged crimes. Should we call upon DAP to apologise for his treachery to DAP principles, for his shameless slutting with Mahathir?

I was born a trouble-maker, one par excellence
Life would be meaningless without shit-stirring
In my career there is no such thing as balance
I fling poo around regardless if that's deserving

I close one eye to "M"atey's humongous follies
To dupe gullible guppies that all is bloody well
Now, tok kok most time is among my hobbies
Masking sonny's f*up to say his work is swell

I am restless because there's less stuff to bull
So I'm gonna make de bloody UMNO apologise
Then shooting off to KK where it is damn cool
To ask de folks there if they'd like to circumcise

I am known as a bloody trouble-making assh@le
It's in my DNA so what I do is grin at other's woes
Though I have lived long in reality I have no soul
Other than to find faults and poke others' noses

I'm the informal Pakatan Minister Plenipotentiary
I can give orders, fCk people up & make policies
Thus I'm warning "resign or be fCk' to Apandi Ali
And promises to find justice for TBH are fallacies


  1. Wakakakaka…… u have let yr hatred goes to yr head NOW!

    Should have learnt to behave like mom - mission kaput, no more sedan. So just tone down or soften the tip of the pen lah.

    Instead, u improve on yr rhytmms of that unending broken record.

    Wakakakaka… u don't hate people but u nag them to dead!

    1. Or Kaytee should just give up by committing suicide. Like Yukio Miishima

      I can direct kaytee how to perform seppuku on himself. Very song on kaytee.......hahahahaha

  2. This blog has degenerated to the level of a personal vendetta against Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng.

  3. DAP via LKS, has no principles in the first place, so why should they appologise?

  4. Fantastic news if the scrapping of HSR is true. That's 50B saved. SGP would be happy if we scrapped ECRL too as it would be a threat to their sea port. Maybe that was the deal between PM Lee and TDM. Quid Pro Quo, scrap ECRL and we forgo the 500M penalty for scrapping HSR. Throw in Pedra Branca and we got a deal. Water supply we talk again later.

    1. Now Lee Hsien Loong would get cheaper water. Something LKY had always wanted. Hahahaha! Cheaper water! More factories. More revenues for Singapore

      Why australia fuckers built factory in Kuantan? Water! Water! Water! Haaaaiz.....

  5. Just upgrade Subang and use as city airport to Changi. AA, Malindo etc can fly bigger planes to handle growth capacity. Tony happy, everybody happy. Sorry, except for Gamuda, MRCB, YTL. This project will benefit Singapore greatly but not Malaysia. We will pay 95% of the cost of construction, as 95% of it is in Malaysia. To break even HSR needs to carry 22,000 passengers daily, each paying RM300 one-way. Just to break even. No way that is going to happen. SGP will laugh, we cry.

    1. The main economic beneficiary is Singapore, freeing up valuable capacity in Changi.

      As Mahathir said, Malaysia don't benefit from the HSR.

      Now, Governments do undertake infrastructure projects which do not have positive financial returns, if society benefits substantially in other ways..

      If that is the case, then it must be clearly spelt out, which the ex-Najib Administration never did for the HSR.

    2. Perhaps mamak shares the same sentiment about WHY paying 95% of the cost of the HSR construction to benefit mostly the Singgies, since the fare would most likely be expensive in RM term.

      Shortsightedness & typical communal (tempurung) thinking.

      When the Chinese built her high speed rails to the remote & poverty infested regions of the N & NW, the central govt has ONLY the prosperity & uplifting of the regional development in mind.

      Majority of the people in those regions wouldn't be able to afford the fare for travelling. Only outsiders from the well-to-do E & SE regions will come & visit.

      The actual social economic data proves that the investment was the right choice. Tourism boons. New business opportunities create by both the locals & outsiders. Most of the locals get involved with job opportunities their parents would never dream of.

      This happen within a country.

      But if we allow our vision to expand beyond the silo separate country benefit analysis of the HSR, then the same so-econ benefits arise.

      Another analogy is the country invested heavily into infrastructure & industrial estates to attract foreign investments. WHY benefits the foreigners, who use the facilities to make money?

      Real shallow thinking of can't see the forest for the trees!

      Guess mamak is still cant get over his deep-rooted dislike of the RedDot!

      What an opportunity loses!

    3. China is a vast country, with a vast population and , for now, megatons of cash. It made perfect sense to build their high-speed rail system.

      One of my contacts in Guangzhou has his hometown in a Western province. The nearest airport is not convenient, so air travel is not on the cards. It used to take him nearly an uncomfortable 24 hour journey to go visit his parents. Now its just 4 hours by high-speed train. That is progress.

      The economics of a costly service for the KL Singapore corridor which is already well served by very good infrastructure is much less obvious.

    4. Not!

      Look at the European model where the economic of the high speed rail has helped to sustain many dying towns. Think Switzerland, Germany!

      W/O these rail links, these towns would be deserted due to migrations to seek jobs & business opportunities, especially the youth!

      These rail links help to mitigate the high cost of urban living. The workers can stay in a relatively cheap but far away locations but commute to works using the rail links.

      Besides, these rail links give new meanings to work in a clean, unpressurized outskirt settings for many new age industries using broadband communication.

      The effect in productivity, medical benefits & other indirect so-econ spillovers r tremendous.

      HSR can do the same as a so-econ link between S'pore & P M'sia.

      One just has to look beyond the usual obvious to see the true benefit. The return WOULD be ≫ RM110B initial cost!

    5. Hmmmm.......CK! Singapore would rather prefer cheaper water and sand. Can reclaim more lands and build more factories. Singapore prefer foreigners work in Singapore, stay in Singapore. Pay singapore taxes.....hahahahaha

    6. The future leaders of RedDot needs to study Dune trilogy to get the water & sand.

      Wakakakakaka…… but is the new generation of the singgies up to par with the Arrakisan? That's the big one!

      My take is they r too Yank indoctrinated - just like the Taiwanese!

    7. You are right about singapore chinamen. Its all cheebye kaytee fault

      Like it or not, they got to rely on the ah nehs.....

      It takes an ah neh to deal with the old fox ah neh in malaysia

  6. Lim Kit Siang is just doing what has been part of his day job for over 15 years - applying political influence and pressure through his Internet blog.

    Of course, since May 9, his megaphone has become vastly more influential.

    To be Frank , Apandi Ali is in Deep Shit right now for his suspected complicity in suppressing evidence and obstruction of a criminal investigation.

  7. Never knew that this a 'hate' blog, one whose owner totally miss the forest for the trees about the current situation- one who, by now, should be inclined to be more pragmatic and show astute comprehension. Keep harping on things of the distant past that we all know too well and take the morale high ground on matters that are honestly quite irrelevant to most of us now make this a tedious and painful read - for they are many challenges ahead for this new government that you should harp on. And feeling sorry for anyone whose sole purpose is to support the rule of the old regime is the last time on my mind. In life, nothing is static, so we don't blame those who have moved on. Your irritation with LKS is none of our business (this is your blog), and we are not interested. I am here just to access the other more intellectual blogs.

    1. Unknown,
      So this is Islam.

      Why Kelantan and Terengganu deserve the fucking petroleum royalty? Eye for an eye! Tooth for a tooth

    2. Strange, inexplicable step. The ban went out under Palace instructions, but Husam has hardly been involved in any disrespect against the Royalty. Perhaps its is really PAS Kelantan MB behind the ban.

      Like it or not, Kelantan has to deal with a Pakatan Federal Administration for the next 5 years.
      Husam and other Kelantan Amanah leaders could be useful communications channels with

      Why ban them ?

    3. Unknown can't answer this because no where in the Quran that bans people from meeting other people

  8. Boss cmon sudah kalah ley. Hehehe


    [Guan Eng being 'inconsistent' over national debt, says Gerakan.

    Gerakan secretary-general Liang Teck Meng says newly minted Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is being inconsistent over what amounts to national debt.

    This came after Lim's scathing remarks against former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

    According to Liang, when Lim was the Penang chief minister, the latter had claimed that the state government reduced its debt by 95% because the RM655mil state debt was changed to annual RM14.55mil lease payments for 45 years.

    “At that time, he (Lim) claimed that lease payments are just normal operating expenses and not debt and should not be included in the state debt calculations,” he said in a statement on Monday (May 28).

    However, Liang pointed out that after Lim was appointed as Finance Minister, he now claimed that Najib was hiding the actual value of debts because the former premier did not include the lease payments for operating expenses for public amenities such as schools, hospitals and police stations.

    The war of words over the issue were triggered after Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said that the national debt figure stood at RM1 trillion.

    Lim later said that the RM1 trillion figure quoted by Dr Mahathir  included total government debt, government guarantees and lease payments for public-private partnerships (PPP).

    Najib then hit back, pointing out that Lim’s remarks had confirmed that the national debt actually remains as RM686.8bil, accounting for 50.8% of the Gross Domestic Product.]

    1. Penang govt got 5-star award from Auditor General for best management of finances. To be fair Tokong LGE should also invite AG to audit MoF during the Najib years (if not already audited) and publish the findings. And award 5-stars too if deserved and everybody will be happy.

    2. Penang govt got 5-star award from Auditor General for best management of finances. To be fair Tokong LGE should also invite AG to audit MoF during the Najib years (if not already audited) and publish the findings. And award 5-stars too if deserved and everybody will be happy.

  10. Resign or sacked, please hurry up cause Gopal Sri Ram is waiting, and there’s lots to clean up. And if Ambiga is chosen as Public Prosecutor future crooks better watch out.

  11. More stirring...

    Apandi better be quick and confirm Shafee Abdullah as his defence lawyer, his firm's client list is already growing long defending MO1, Mrs MO1, a/l Mrs MO1 etc. Oh what a good time to be a defence lawyer. Hope Gopal Sri Ram is not tempted.

  12. dap got principle one meh? dun kid us la.


    Ramkarpal also demanded Apandi resign immediately.

    Why didn't Ktemoc condemn Ramkarpal for making exactly the same call ?

    Because of Personal Ad Hominem Vendetta against Lim Kit Siang ?

    1. Not just kaytee attacking LKS even HY think LKS never go through this shits as always.....hehehehe

  14. I thought the AG post functions are already taken over by The Solicitor General.

    How to ask the AG to resign honourably when it is known he has no honour left and scared shit worrying everyday when the long arms of the Law is coming after him and the wife.

    TDM could easily just see The Agung, terminate the AG appointment and appoint someone else to be the new AG. But what is preventing that? It is because of the PH manifesto that such posts must be approved under Parliament under new amended laws to The Constitution? That's too long a time, isn't it?

    So, now we have LKS giving unwanted advice (good PR exercise and political mileage though) before TDM swing the Sword on the AG's head to make things look good and BN cannot gain any political mileage out of it.

    Don't play play with 2 old foxes, Kaytee. You'll go bonkers!


    1. Call/ Demand someone resign, and when they do not, terminate them according to the law.

      That is how you twist the knife in...... don't play-play....Lim Kit Siang is an accomplished old fox, and yes, he can be very nasty.

      US President Lyndon Johnson, when confronted with evidence of Nicaraguan Dictator Anastasio Somoza's human rights abuses was reported to have said "He a son-of-a-bitch, but he's Our Son-of-a-Bitch".

    2. not Lyndon Johnson but President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    3. FDR did sent japanese to concentration camp. So through such actions, FDR should be condemned or you are saying that Najib Razak is FDR Malaysia version

  15. The Eurotunnel was opened in 1994. It went through a difficult period because of its massive debts. A financial restructuring exercise in 2007 has made it profitable. Year 2016 was the best year in the project's history where its profits doubled.

    KTM, Komuter, STAR & PUTRA LRT, Monorail, ERL, and MRT; are they profitable? The LRTs , the first two BOOT privatised projects in the world built at a cost of about RM6.0 billion is considered an excellent decision today. Never mind that they were bailed out because the two LRTs cannot be built at that cost today.

    If we want to cancel the HSR project, we should also abandon TRX and Bandar Malaysia projects, as HSR, TRX, and Bandar Malaysia, they are actually one project that hinges on each other for its profitable future. By the by, the air traffic to/from KL/Singapore is today one of the busiest in the world.

    How much have already been invested, and how many jobs have been created? In addition, we have to pay a compensation of RM500.0 million to Singapore to cancel HSR. Wakakaka..

    They suggested to list the nation treasured jewel PETRONAS to reduce our real and contingent debts. And all this is because of 1MDB, or to be more accurate because of Najib Razak.

    They said, it is a New Malaysia. Dear Najib, they said that they you/UMNO have destroyed the country and Melayu. Is this true? Or is it just 'fitan'? Praise to Allah, only HE knoweth best.

    ["Sungguh, fitan (fitnah-fitnah) ini sangat dahsyat. Sebagaimana diceritakan oleh Rasulullah yang fitan ini akan datang dan baginda menyuruh kita menyelamatkan diri daripadanya. Lebih daripada itu Rasulullah juga menyebut dalam era fitan ini, akan ada dari kita yang menjual agama demi kepentingan dunia yang sedikit."] ~ MOHD NASIR ABDULLAH

    1. Euro tunnel shows an operational profit today only because it went into bankruptcy protection in 2006.
      The original lenders to Euro tunnel lost 54% of their loan principal + future interest - written off. It was already a sunk cost, so they had no choice. Either that or total bankruptcy of Eurotunnel.

      For HSR, not a single mile or railway has been built yet.

      If it is a potential financial disaster , the time to stop is NOW.

    2. Wakakakaka……

      In the face of waves of 1MDB disclosures, u still play fitnah about the FACT that jibby/UMNO have destroyed the country and Melayu.

      What does Islam doctrines say about defending the indefensible?

      I know zombieic teachings say it's OK!


    Ktemoc's remainding favourite DAP man, Tan Seng Giaw defends BTN, opposes closure of BTN.
    ...wakakakakaka. .enough said...

    1. What Dr TSG actually said (prior to deliberate distortion by his haters):

      Former Kepong MP Dr Tan Seng Giaw, who was also on the panel to rebrand BTN, said the bureau needed to represent the country’s plural society.

      “This is 2018 and yet there are Malays, Chinese and Indians who say racial things. So I told the panel – let’s try to reduce this.

      “Let’s emphasise tatanegara, which means the discipline of a nation. Let’s make this whole thing non-racial.”

      He said he was not sure whether his suggestions were subsequently taken up, adding that other panellists also gave some good ideas.

      Dr Tan said BTN should only be closed if efforts to change it failed.

      “If we are to shut down everything we don’t like, then why not close ministries and everything else?

      “If it is impossible to revive the BTN, then it is reasonable to shut it down. But this is not a question that it cannot be revived but of getting the policy right,” said Dr Tan.


    2. tsg tak bolih pakai, can read but dun understand what he read, like ck wakaka.

      llt is more lucky, at least up to 2018 may.

    3. Why don't you cucuk TSG to say out loud now? Better this way

    4. Already known BTN is infested with religious and racists bigots and only a dumbo can suggests reforming via just transforming the indoctrination method. It's like telling the KKK, the blacks (Negroes) are actually whites and also Christians like them.

      The only solution is to replace all the people in BTN and their invited lecturers(guests) or

      Close it down completely and save Govt. monies since it has not contributed to Nation Building nterests.

    5. In other words, Tan Seng Giaw said

      - move to shut down BTN is unreasonable.

    6. So only u can read, just like that reading deficiency monkey ye!

    7. What kind of doc is tsg?

      BTN is a terminal malignant tumor that has been allowed to propagate AKK these yrs.

      The ONLY decent thing now is surgically remoting it cleanly w/o delay.

      Trying to reinvent btn is to allow the cancer cells to spread when the opportunity arises.

      Looks likely that tsg is becoming more irrelevant! Better do a hobby trick of less say is better.

    8. Tan Seng Giaw wants to do the equivalent of Rebranding the KKK and make it Non-Racial...

    9. If GE14 had a different outcome, TSG could have been by now carving out a lucrative 2nd career as a darling of the BN controlled MSM, acting as a DAP critic, "exposing" DAP lies.

      Alas , things were not to be.
      He tak laku now.

    10. I really must catch up on my, TSG sudah diLeeLamTaikan ke ? Alamak ! But due to that fateful 9th May, his coziness with Najib comes to an abrupt end, wakakkakaa. So what now for Mr TSG ? Would he be doing a berKtemoc-ing ? i.e. to now righteously demand from PH..." i hold you to this , i hold you to that, your manifesto said this, said that..where is your principles, where is the democracy, where is the freedom of speech " ? I supported a thief, a liar, a manipulator, a destroyer of millions of rakyat's rice bowls...but alas, when he was kicked out, I now demand that those bastards who kicked him out to have principles, sense of fair play, uphold democracy and freedom of speech !


    Lim Kit Siang says....GE14 was his last battle.

    His life's political work is done.

    This 14th Parliament opening, DAP sits on the Government Bench side , including the Front Bench. This year's 2019 Budget will be presented by DAP's Finance Minister, his son.

    Before he goes into the Sunset, the Malaysian Government should award him a "Tun" , Malaysia's highest recognition for service to the Nation.

    1. This father passing power on to son thing seems to be a PAP thing that DAP inherited.

      What was not inherited is the "suicide before corruption trial" thing...wakakakaka...

    2. Walaupun lah if LGE has to commit suicide because of "corruption" of RM 2.4 million, how many more deaths by own hands must MO1 must commit on himself....billions lost via 1MDB, Felda, KWAP, TH, Khazanah, BNM.....his pocket bulging with so much loot to last 30 generations, as filthy rich as Taib of Sarawak.

      Latest exposure : more scams/evil schemes to plunder Malaysia by Najib and cohorts :-

      Serdang MP Dr Ong Kian Ming said a little known company owned by Finance Ministry, Pembinaan PFI Sdn Bhd, recorded RM 27.9 billion in debts at the end of 2012 but the amount could have reached RM 47.4 billion at the end of 2014. According to Auditor-General Report in 2013, PFI had the third-highest liabilities among all government-owned entities at the end of 2012. PFI does not have any operational income....

      Banyak banyak worms crawling out......and Ali Hamza inquired whither the salary increased promised to the 1.6 million civil servants by the previous administration ? wakakakkaka.

  18. Comparing LKS services to the new PH Govt. and the Nation against what Ling Liong Sik or Samy Veloo has contibuted to the Nation, I would say, that it is fair based on the award of Tun standards.

    Let those BN gooks have their eyes green with envy.

    1. You sure kaytee will vomit blood hah.......Nostro piggy

      Say something that makes kaytee ends his life horribly lei

  19. Just stirring, we now know there is a 500M compensation to SGP if MYS were to cancel HSR, that’s in the agreement, but in that agreement was there a similar compensation SGP had to pay us if they had, for whatever reason wanted to cancel HSR? Just stirring.