Thursday, May 24, 2018

Crybaby's tears tainted investigation into 1MDB

NST - Shukri's outburst could jeopardise current 1MDB probe, says Ramkarpal (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull’s public outburst that he was threatened and harassed in the course of investigating the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) case might well jeopardise the current investigation into the issue.

Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament Ramkarpal Singh said such statements by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief could be taken by some to suggest that his impartiality has been compromised.

“Shukri Abdull ought to know better than to publicly claim that he was threatened and harassed as a result of investigating the 1MDB scandal in 2015. In a press conference yesterday (Tuesday), Shukri had said, amongst others, that he was stalked overseas and received bullets in the mail as he had been aggressively investigating the said scandal.

While I sympathise with his plight, Shukri must be aware that such public statements can jeopardise the current investigations into 1MDB which he now helms as it may be suggested that his impartiality has been compromised as his investigations now may be related to the harassment he claimed to have experienced in the past,” said Ramkarpal.

Such a suggestion, he said, is serious as it can potentially lead to a miscarriage of justice in the event parties are charged in relation to the said matter in the future on the grounds that the investigations into it were biased as this would be a serious breach of natural justice which any accused person is entitled to.

“In the circumstances, I strongly urge Shukri to stop such public outbursts and lodge the necessary police reports for the necessary action to be taken pertaining to his complaints.

“The current investigations into the 1MDB scandal by the MACC cannot be seen to be tainted in any way as the suspects thereto have every right to be fairly investigated and must not be deprived of such right,” he said.

Trust Ramkarpal to bring this up as a very important factor in the impartial process of the law. Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done - see R v Sussex Justices, ex p McCarthy.

But I fear Ramkarpal's excellent advice might be too late. Shukri had eagerly opened his blabbing mouth too indiscriminately and the harm has been done.

Mind, not that Najib's lawyers can get away on this ground a la R v Sussex Justices, ex p McCarthy as the new-broom juggernaut will bulldoze its way to its desired end.

Mongrels now leeching on the Net would not understand the principle of impartiality, being themselves highly partial in the first place wakakaka, thinking as they are now in power they can "fix" or abuse people in a disgusting tit for tat fashion (or as my late mum said, wakakaka: "They ate poo, so you also want to eat poo?").

Indeed, what then would be the difference between then and now, them and us?

Quite frankly, even without Crybaby blabbing and wetting the investigating documents with his copious falling tears, I'll be a monkey's uncle if the investigation doesn't already have an overlay of bias, what with crude public threats to a former PM to turn up or ELSE.

Who's been hoping for an improved due process?

Out of the frying pan into the fire - what a fCk-up situation.


  1. Ktemoc does not support any reform agenda.

    He was just a Jibby bag carrier.
    Now no more dedak.

  2. Does anyone see any incriminations by the MACC Chief on anybody?

    He was just telling everyone about his job and the obstruction to justice he faces during the investigations.

    That's part of Freedom of Speech, isn't it?

    1. Nope...he was sharing his painful personal experiences. Nothing to touch on the facts of the investigation itself.

      If there was abuse of power in intimidating Mohd Shukri Abdull, that is for the PDRM to investigate, so that is not his call, and there is no conflict of interest.

      Anyway the advice to him was to get on with the work, which is fine.


    Former Auditor General's turn to sing "I am an Innocent Man"

    Very Sorry Jibby.. all about you are about to blame it on You to save their skin.

    Even Dear Arul Kanda is changing his time to " I don't know nothing" ...

    1. Soon…… wakakakakaka… kt's turn!

      Hmmmm…… wonder what would be the big excuse le?

      Maybe…… I'm too far away in Oz to know the in & out of hippo/jibby's grand scheme for bolihland (themselves lah).

    2. You had asked Arul to go on garden leave immediately after GE14 till his contract expires on 30 June 2018. He is no more wanted by you.

      You should ask Datuk Kamal Mohd Ali (Director) and also Azmi (CFO) who know 1MDB's finances by the back of their palms.

    3. Surprising isn't it? Arul seems to know so much before the election but had a brain blocked after the election.


    4. Can someone please point to when, whom arul was asked to go on garden leave?

      I strongly believe it's arul's own declaration after ge14.

      If that's the case, arul's duck IS cooked!

  4. It's a blessing in disguise for Shukri to eagerly opened his blabbing mouth too indiscriminately. And YES, the harm has been done!

    Look at it this way - for a high ranking comeback kid (officer) to publicly disclose his fears & attribution of resignation from a cosy job due to his unwillingness to cooperate in a kleptomaniac scheme HAS a power effect on the psyche of the Melayu, especially those blur2 heartlanders.

    This time these tempurung dwellers r been shaken to the core about one expect of that aristocratic bugis' evil indigences.

    Karma is a bitch!

    There r many ways, thanks to jibby's multiple shenanigans, to nail hippo/jibby kau2.

    History tells us, justice (cruel/fair/kangaroo) can be serve in many different courses le.

    Bleeding hearts better find a better way to ameliorate the malfeasances, misdeeds of hippo/jibby!

    1. I have a solution for kaytee to end his misery. Just commit seppuku, can liao?

      Cut kukuciao also can for kaytee

  5. I prefer loud American style whistle rather than the old method dog-whistle to “authorised” government bodies which we don’t trust anyway. Many investigations are shunted, dragged on for years or kowtim under the carpet. Shukri was and is a top MACC officer and even he did not see fit to report to the police. That speaks volumes of the lack of trust. So he “reported” to Ministers but even they could not assure him his personal safety so he retired early. How can we expect him to be impartial, after he has dug out all the evidence supporting guilt? His job is to submit evidence to AG and public prosecutor to prosecute in court. It is the judiciary who has to be impartial.

  6. Would be a crying shame if indeed his outburst had caused the probe committee to declare Najib's innocence. Wakakaka!

    But in all probability, the guilty verdict has been decided (or ELSE they will face public wrath) and what's left is to find the incriminating evidence. Typical hallmark of Mahathirism justice.

  7. Waiting for Tan Seng Giaw to sing "I am an Innocent Man"

  8. TSG and Boo are Kaytee men of principles.


  9. tis ramkarpal yet to join gerakan meh?