Saturday, May 19, 2018

Divinely impossible for Palestinians

From BBC:

The UN human rights chief says Israel used "wholly disproportionate" force against Palestinian border protests which have left over 100 people dead.

Zeid Raad al-Hussein told a meeting in Geneva that Gazans were effectively "caged in a toxic slum" and Gaza's occupation by Israel had to end.

Israel's ambassador said Gaza's militant Islamist rulers had deliberately put people in harm's way.

The UN's Human Rights Council voted to set up an independent investigation.

Some 60 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces on Monday in the seventh consecutive week of border protests, largely orchestrated by Hamas, which politically controls the Gaza Strip.

It was the deadliest day in Gaza since a 2014 war between Israel and militants there. [...]

Mr Zeid told the emergency session on Gaza that the "stark contrast in casualties on both sides is... suggestive of a wholly disproportionate response" by Israel.

An Israeli soldier was "reportedly wounded, slightly, by a stone" on Monday, he said, while 43 Palestinians were killed at the site of the protests. Seventeen more Palestinians were killed away from what he called the "hot spots".

The solution to the more-than-70 years old Middle-East crisis lies across the Atlantic Ocean, in the deep south of the USA.

Israel could only behave with arrogant brutal impunity in its neo-Nazi war crimes against the Palestinians because of the USA.

And the USA is "forced" to BLINDLY and TOTALLY support Israel because of its Christian Right and evangelical voters who believe that Israel MUST be protected at all cost lest Jesus won't make his Second Coming.

Isn't it ironical that the person the Jews-Israelis had for millenniums regard as a Judean heretic is the very one saving their asses today.

If the Palestinians want to defeat the Israelis they must defeat the religious belief of the American Christians and evangelicals. There are about 90 million of them registered as voters.

as he appears in European-American eyes 

as he appears in Korean eyes 

as he appears in Indian eyes  

as he appears in Japanese eyes, with John the Baptist  

as he probably was, according to a BBC-financed scientific reconstruction 


  1. The Muslim voice have been silenced one after another.
    Iraq was conquered and mirred with IS.
    Iran got sanctioned.
    Syria got civil war.
    Libya is in the dumps.
    Indonesia got a president that didn't care.
    Malaysia's new government now beholden to their sponsors Zionist agenda.
    Only PAS remains steadfastly in voicing out. But with no longer Government support, its a very minor voice indeed for the oppressed []

    1. in the scheme of global affairs, PAS is not in a national or federal government so it doesn't count

      secondly, the arab world is nicely screwed but Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Pakistan even Malaysia are not Arab countries

    2. Why saudi arabia sealed the border during isreali arab war 1948?

    3. @KT
      In the global scheme of things, PAS had the ear and support of Najib's administration to fight the oppression we see on the Muslim world, the Gazans, the Rohingyas, etc. Now it stands alone, holding a candle in the darkness of Western imperialism and oppression.

      Those countries you mentioned are not Arabs, but Muslims nonetheless, and now are either isolated or subservient to the Western agenda.

    4. @ Looes.
      Various factors were at play. The Saudis were indebt, back then, to the Brits for their nation's founding, hence were favourable to the creation of Israel idea mooted by Arthur Balfour. The Al Sauds too were more Western thinking than their Arab cousins hence their lack of support during the founding war. However during the Yom Kippur war, Saudis did an oil embargo in support of the Arabs.

    5. Family feud of the mongrel kind!

      Outsiders keep out.

    6. Doesn't matter. If you consider yourself a human being, you will condemn this rape of humanity.

    7. Oh my fucking answer from blur blur sotong.

      Aiyaaa.....i am more interested in australia citizenship crisis causing 13 mps to resign over dual citizenship.

      Cheebye kaytee....referendum or no referendum?

      Perhaps cheebye ah neh kaytee can be next australia pm

    8. Wakakakakaka…

      A bunch of senseless religious cults - bcoz of religion differences, turns brother against brother.

      Only fools will consider this bloodbath conflict initiated by sopo mismatch!

      Rape of humanity???

      More of an incestuous killings of a bunch of morons cheer on by the udangs from outside the family!

    9. CK is bloody heartless fool whose worldview is stuck inside a small cave.
      All these bloodbaths are instigated and propagated by the Zionist agenda. All this divide and rule game were imposed by the Western colonials back then. The Arabs back then were nomads whom had no concepts of nationhood or borders. Its when the Western Powers starts to draw lines dividing ancestral lands and tribes that made killing between brother to brother.

    10. Huh? Would u say anything when jerusalem multi supported hitler? What did hitler do to the jews?

      Why saudi arabia refuse to accomodate the palestinians during 1948 arab isreal war?

      Why do you care so much? What about the cheebye surabaya muslims bangsat blew up themselves killing scores of christians

  2. In those days before the Peace Treaty between the Communist Party of Malaya and the Malaysian Government, anyone trying to illegally cross the Malaysia-Thai border was liable to be summarily shot - not arrested , mind you. And there were numerous such cases of people actually shot and killed - probably terrorists.

    Of course, today it is a peaceful border between two friendly countries, but it is still a defended border and you are liable to be arrested if you attempt to cross illegally. But nothing more than a fine or jail even if you get caught.

    Israel-Gaza is NOT a peaceful border between friendly neighbours, so shoot to kill rules still apply.

    1. Malaysia-Thai never did the killing on opposite sides of the border. Unlike what's happening in Gaza.
      These Gazans died on their side. Even if its not peaceful, killing civilians in their own soil is considered an act of war and contravenes the Geneva Convention.

    2. The feeling of utter helplessnes...oh, now you Islamists feel it right ? But when the it comes to the sufferings of people of other faiths..tak peduli la ! One of your split personality twin even have the horrendous insensitivity to blithely posted " deliberately missing on own will is legal and not a crime" or words to that effect wrt Pastor Raymond abduction. So don't come mewing about 'heartless fools' and what not when hypocrisy is your middle name.

    3. The very recent surabaya bombing....ask john tak dosa bunuh those innocent christians. I love suharto style in hunting down the muslims during ode baru

  3. With Hamas controlling Gaza which is a proxy of Iran (Shia), how to expect other Arab countries (Sunni) to solve the Palestinian problem?

    How do you explain this?

    Malaysia (Sunni) supporting Gazans (mostly Sunnis) but under the control of Hamas (Iran (Shia)).

    Back home in Malaysia, Shias are being persecuted for their beliefs even though the Ayatollahs of Iran were once seen as the heroes of Islam.

    So, for Malaysia, is it genuinely Humanitarian purposes or good fodder for political gains?

    Would the Saudis donate some more to BN to ensure PAS (mostly Iranian Ayahtollahs supporters) do not take over the ruling govt.?

    Would the Saudis now do the same for PH thru their American proxies or direct to TDM bank accounts?

    Why is Saudi Kingdom interfering in Malaysia's politics?

    And now, back to the story of a Hamas leader killed in KL.


    1. Hamas, al Fatah and every other organisations in Palestine, West Bank and Gaza, are Sunnis.

      Saudis fear al Fatah and Hamas because the Palestinians are republicans. Egypt fears Palestinians because of Hamas links with the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt, Saudi and Israel have joint intel on Palestinians,. By isolation Hamas is driven into the willing waiting arms of Iran and Hezbollah

  4. So, Hammas (Sunnis) in Gaza are now proxies of Iran (Shias) and are out for power betraying the PLO (Sunnis) cause which is based on the West Bank.

    And Iran (Shias) are arch enemies of Israel and not the PLO (Sunnis)?

    So anti-Semitism is the basis of why Malaysia support Palestinians whether Hamas or PLO and the Palestinian people?

    Is anti-Semitism an Islamic cause or is it a political cause of Arab countries including Malaysia?

    Are not all of them children and believers of God's holy books?

    It looks more like the Crusades wars never ended from the Middle Ages until today in the 21st century.

    1. driven into arms of Iran does NOT mean Hamas is a proxy of Iran. Don't speculate and extrapolate

      Arabs are Semite just as Jews, so antisemitism is being anti arab

    2. If ever there is ANY speculations & extrapolations, yr writes carried quite a substantial amounts!

      Anti-Semitism = anti arab!


      That's yr definition that is NOT been shared by the those who profess & kill Yahudi!

      U r one blind loner playing bleeding heart.

    3. So,what are all those protests with posters of anti-Yahudi and TV news about Yahudi all about in Malaysia?

      You go ask PAS what they are protesting about and the answer is Israel Yahudi.

      Does it not clearly shows its for political fodder in Malaysia? It also shows lots of Arab and other Moslem countries are using the Palestinians as political fodder for their own internal politics.

    4. Please don't confuse resistance against Israeli occupation with anti-Jewish or antisemitism. If you read thru PAS official channels, they're steadfastly anti-Zionist, which is the creation of Israel and subsequent expansion, by force. This was also the stand of the Malaysian Government up until Ubah. Some Israelites too agreed that being anti-Zionist doesn't mean being against the Jewish faith, people or beliefs.

      As for being fodder, lots of Western countries & their Zionist lobbies as well used the survival of Israel in their internal & external politics like the setup of US Embassy in Jerusalem. So if its good for the goose then....

    5. Really? How many jewish state are there in the world? By the way, punjabis hate muslims especially john the muslim man very much.

      They too are fighting for a state of their own. Hehehe! John should beware

    6. Let's see now... hmm... your passport only states Valid Except for Israel. So how many Jewish states are there? As for the Punjabs, actually they hate India more. They're fighting for independence from it after all. And that's another one of the Western influences follies. They carved Punjab into India despite the distinct ethnicity.