Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wanna be MORE evil?

MM Online - Former journalist hits out at those who feel marathon raid at Najib’s house was unwarranted (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 — Former journalist Sidek Kamiso slammed those who said the hours-long raid carried out at Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s house was unwarranted.

Venting on Facebook, he also criticised a news portal for failing to name a source close to the former prime minister who said so, saying they likely never experienced being raided in the wee hours of the morning, unlike him.

“To those who said ‘tak patut’, you have never experienced having your house raided at 5am in the morning so hold your high moral horses,” said Sidek.

He's absolutely right, that is, if one demands to be more evil or at the same low standard.


  1. Part of me says the night raid is not right, just like how Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated non-stop through the whole day and whole night.

    Another part of me says...Najib's getting his just desserts.

    What goes around comes around

    1. If you feel its justified, you're no better than the person you hated. Hatred is like a mirror, reflect on it.

  2. Ooooi.......what about you cursing Lim Kit Siang as a TRAITOR? I am very sure you are no DAP supporter from the very beginning. Meanwhile.....

    Manaford also kenna manhandled. I wonder if USA would treat Najib well......hahahahaha

    Come on la! Cheebye kaytee

  3. Only now Ktemoc knows and recognized what is evil. Only now ! And that too when his Najib did not get to sleep properly on his bed...woooo, poor man, he slept on the sofa. The evil done during his hero's time semua tak kisah, keeping a deadly silence or just brush off as mere naughtiness or misdemeanor that his ex boss was short changed of his beauty sleep for one night, Ktemoc went to town with it. PODAH.....

  4. This Sidek Kamiso is a fool. A virtuous person would not wish the worst even onto their enemy, moreso if he had experience it himself. He should be the one holding his high moral horse from bolting away in disgust of the sheer hypocrisy.

  5. Before u fart, do recall

    1) when manmanlai was facing the police night raid have u said anything.

    2) when k samad was facing the police night raid have u said anything.

    3) when s kamiso was facing the police night raid have u said anything.

    Why when jibby was facing the police night raid u scream like the sky is falling!

    Standard police operation procedure that has been in practice since u start wearing diaper.

    Cruel, yes. But everyone under investigation experience it!

    What so special about jibby that deserve yr piece of outrageous rant?

    Yr greatest bolihland pm?

    Yr ex dedak master who has not paying u since 509?

    Yr high personal moral decency in a veiled hypocrisy! Right?

    1. Guess who's reign was it during 1), 2), 3)? Yup, your current PM.


    2. Cheebye kaytee sympathy on teoh beng hock also play play lor. Who was the pm when that happen? Najib?

    3. If you can forgive Mahathir for killing Jalil Ibrahim, then surely you can forgive Najib for killing TBH, no? Verby for one is verby for another, yes?

    4. john/hasan/unkown/one more with too-long nick... all crying father crying mother now because their Hadi tak jadi forming the council of elders. Instead Daim, Robert Kuok, etc became the council of elders ! They were SO CONFIDENT of winning the GE, most likely Hadi and gang had already earmarked which building to house his council when islamic elders...ala 'advice' on how to run the country...alas, kingmaker is now kuai kuai going back to taliban states but still trying one last bid in Perak, wakakakka. Podah.....

    5. Worse still even if they go over the other side, they may find 72 fucking old virgins......hahahaha

    6. Hohohoho! PAS struggle transcends any person, its consistent and continues thru various leaders. This unlike PH who only idol worships their leader of the season. Once it was Anwar, now its Mahathir. Next who?

    7. The only consistency with PAS struggle is to be racist number one, and to be religious bigot number one. But with Hadi taking the leadership mantle, he took it to new heights..adding dedak and new young wives and spanking new mansions and sleek powerful luxury cars to their new consistent struggle. Hidup Pas....NOT!

  6. What evil? I don't see any evil at all when police go about doing their job.

    The real evil I see are when UMNO, ISMA, Perkasa start talking about Ketuanan Melayu and Islamisation.