Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Too few women in cabinet

Aside from the PM and DPM, there are currently 12 ministers. If Pakatan Harapan's manifesto calls for at least 30% of women to be in the cabinet, shouldn't we see 4 (rounded up from 30% of 12 = 3.6)?

[a lil' aside, why is Maszlee the Education Minister when a better experienced man in the Education portfolio, Saifuddin Abdullah, is available? Besides, Saifuddin doesn't cosy up to Zakir Naik]

Currently we see only Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR) and Rina Harun (Pribumi), though who in the world is the latter, I am not sure except she's from Pribumi (originally UMNO, wakakaka) and given quite an important portfolio, that of Rural Development. Is this how Pribumi dapat its ministerial and MB positions?

Some capable women would be (below list not exhaustive and confined to only PKR and DAP as I'm not familiar with Pribumi and Amanah):

(a) PKR - Nurul Izzah (3rd term as MP)

(b) PKR - Fuziah Salleh (2nd term MP, environment involvement) 

(c) DAP - Teresa Kok (5th term MP, Parliamentary Select Committee member, champions law reforms)

(d) DAP - Hannah Yeoh (2 term ADUN, DUN Speaker, MP)

(e) Teo Nie Ching (3rd term MP, involved in health services and water, and women's human rights)

(f) Alice Lau - Sarawakian (2nd term MP, involved in indigenous people's rights, poverty alleviation, rural development and education)

We need a minimum of two or better, more women in the cabinet. I propose:

Fuziah Salleh (PKR) - Minister of the Environment,


good to have a Sarawakian lady in cabinet 

Alice Lau (DAP) - Minister of Native, Aborigine & Minority Affairs


Teresa Kok - Minister of Law


  1. Haaaah! Kaytee now getting into the spirit of Reformasi.

    That's called Constructive criticism and no more Night Soil Carrier.


    1. His arm sudah sakit with all those stones throwing, hihihi. Lagi pun his bile has been more or less emptied...all the bitterness sudah vomited out. But then let's not be too quick jumping to conclusion...he has big bile pouch...getting replenished and we will see more potshots, not less...hehehhe

    2. You mean all this while kaytee banggggsai never wipe ka cui


    3. Some people are born to be Prime Minister...some people are born to be Night Soil Carrier.

    4. Still a lame leopard of jibby's bootlicker!

  2. Teresa Kok, I am told, is definitely in the next batch.

    Nurul is not in, as her father is going to be Next PM.

  3. Everybody knows it takes a woman to keep the "House in Order". With her two young kids Hannah may use a rotan. In Parliament she can use the gavel(?) to bang the heads of the predominantly male MPs. What a strong anti-mysogynic message that would be: A Woman is in Charge ! Go go Hannah for Speaker !

  4. Isn't the 30% women in Cabinet was one of their Manifesto, or something?