Thursday, May 24, 2018

Get rid of BTN and JAKIM as well

It's good to hear of the new government getting rid of PEMANDU, SPAD and JASA. I fully support such a move.

But let's not stop there as there are more useless leeching organisations to remove as well.

In fact the first should be the Biro Tatanegara, the dangerous divisive racist BTN. Will PM Mahathir be prepared to get rid of this organisation which has done more than any other organisation 
to divide our community?

Then, to also save a RM1 Billion per year, let's get rid of JAKIM as well.

JAKIM has been a joke where it requires as long as  a month to determine the gender of a person (progress?). And its annual budget puts the shits in the mouth of most accountants. Furthermore its DG has the fCking nerve to issue fatwa when he doesn't possess such an authority.

And its so-called consultant, preacher Zamihan Mat Zin, hasn't been the epitome of tolerance or multiracism. ahe had the temerity to criticise HM Sultan of Johor for barring a Muslim-only launderette in the state.

The preacher also said ethnic Chinese were unhygienic and should patronise "normal" launderettes and not those for only Muslims.

He has also been prohibited by HRH Sultan Selangor from preaching in Selangor following a religious lecture by Zamihan that contained words that are racist, ill-mannered and excessively critical of the royal institution. The lecture also took place at a royal mosque where such religious lectures should not take place.

And he has been paid with money taxed from, among many, the unhygienic Chinese!

Islamic matters are the prerogative of the ruler of each sultanate state where HRH (HM in Johor) is the Head of Islam in his own state. Each state already has its own religious regulating authority such as JAIS in Selangor.

The federal territories (of KL and Labuan) are NOT sultanate state and the territories' Islamic issues may be monitored-regulated by the Mufti of each respective FT without the need for JAWI, which BTW has been the most feral of all Jabatan2 Agama and alone on its loathsome behaviour should have been disbanded long ago.

The non-sultanate states like Sabah, Sarawak, Malacca and Penang can manage its respective religious affairs along the lines proposed for the FT's, to wit, its State Chief Mufti with his department carrying that responsibility without the need for a humongous moral-police organisation.

Don't thank me. I am only and most willingly helping the new government in rationalising (getting rid of) some of the useless money consuming organisations.


  1. Wakakakakaka……

    Next change loh, just tunggu solution masa lah. Masa tu, masa Ramadan - wakakakaka serve them a slow agony wait of sleepless note lah!

    There will be tons of useless crybabies losing their gaji buta, rant & complaint every which way that's possible.

  2. Getting rid of BTN is no issue.
    Getting rid of JAKIM, and you will see a Malay uprising.

  3. To those who still have serious doubt that Mahathir is a changed man, I salute this decision.
    Especially the dissolution of SPAD.

    SPAD and its ancestor CVLB (Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board) were primarily channels for distributing Race and Patronage privileges.
    Licenses for Lorry Transport, Express Buses, Taxis etc. for decades were under control of the Prime Minister's department.

    Yes, Mahathir 1.0 was part of the problem.

    If you ever wonder why Express Bus companies with atrocious safety records still continue to have permits to continue lies with SPAD.

    The new Administration will take heat from some Bumi businesses on this. They have been used to decades of "special cables".

    But we finally get an opportunity to have Commercial vehicle operating permits based on proper legal and commercial merits.

    BTN was Mahathir's creation. Lets see what he does.

    JAKIM I don't think can be dissolved, but its charter and staffing needs to be completely revamped.

    Don't forget there are still a lot of Islamist extremists in the country, as well as a lot of Muslim conservatives. PAS got a huge number of Muslim votes.
    They need to be steered towards a more inclusive interpretation of Islam, that takes into account 40% of Malaysians are not Muslims.

    Islam is the Official Religion of Malaysia, but you cannot have Kabul or Riyadh on the Gombak River.

    This responsibility should be led by PAN.
    People like Mat Sabu and Salahuddin Ayub, I'm comfortable they can handle it.

  4. Don't forget who created JAKIM?

    1. I am more interested in whether Hadi Awang wanna control Jakim or otherwise

  5. Abolish the AP system. Or better still award all APs to MoF, not to rent seekers. Then all AP fees collected go straight to Treasury.

    From the revelations yesterday about 1MDB about the mysterious 9.8 billion "fund units", that alone will fund nearly HALF the GST/SST shortfall for 1 year. Also 3 billion secret espionage under PMO siphoned off, today WSJ reveal 2 billion BNM land deal to fund 1MDB, save 1 billion by disbanding JAKIM, the list goes on and on and on.

    1. The fund even if true have to repay for loan taken by 1MDB otherwise, Malaysia will be declared bankrupt.

  6. Wah Lah Woi.... Ktemoc is going to get a severe migraine over this...

    Xavier Justo is now a Very Important Witness in MACC.

    Once upon a time, the Malaysian Government had an arrest warrant out for him.

  7. Wow! again.

    That's what I call constructive criticism and reformation towards a better Nation.

    BTN and JAKIM comes under the PM. He has already decided on getting rid of SPAD, MPM, JKKK etc. He knows the sensitivity of these 2 departments which are created to perpetuate Agama and Bangsa in UMNO and also to his Pribumi party.

    The question is for him to decide which comes first among the 3. Is it Negara first or Agama or Bangsa?

    It's now left to the rest of PH parties thru the Presidential Council to force TDM to conform to the common PH agreement.

    LKS, AI should come in again to give a nudge to TDM incase he forgets it is a PH Govt and not a PBBM Govt.!

    Whatever it is, it's common knowledge that both these 2 departments are infested with Ketuanan boot lickers and Islamic bigots mostly from PAS and using Rakyat's monies to perpetuate their divisive and bigoted agendas and not towards building a progressive and cultured Nation.

    1. Constructive criticism.....huh? No name, no ic, no document, no easy easy mah....say shit then after run hide in a cave

      Cheebye kaytee must be brave enough to come to malaysia and tell it point blank to cheebye folks like unknown and john.

      As expected, kaytee boh hut and boh chee one la

  8. I think seriously, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has no choice but to sign the check for the Malaysian Taxpayer to pay 1MDB's debts.

    Otherwise it will hit Malaysia's sovereign national creditworthiness.

    I'm just very , very angry at the Traitors who have been stealing and also the Traitors who have been lying to the people of Malaysia that 1MDB has been "solved".

    Solved My foot.....taxpayers money.


    Wakakaka...I predicted this , but didn't expect it within less than 24 hours..

    Arul Kanda sings "I am an Innocent Man"

    Akan Datang ....Ah Jib Gor made me do it...

    Poor Jibby....those around him are hanging him out to dry, or drying him out to Hang .... to save their own skin....all roads now lead to Najib.

    What say you, PAS Hadi ?

    1. Please investigate to the fullest, including the sabotaged IPO of Edra by that fella.

  10. Two days ago MoF confirmed in a Press Release that Malaysian taxpayers paid 6.98 billion to fund 1MDB's interest, loan settlements etc since April 2017. I hope all you GST-lovers are happy for contributing to this big hole in our national budget. Please continue to pay 6% GST for all purchases from June 1; you can pay directly to the Treasury, to the attention of saudara Lim Guan Eng.

    1. "Two days ago" Yeah, MOF is just parroting their new boss, that's all.

      1MDB's interest is funded via the asset sales that it bought with the loans it took, which it needs to fund the interest now. Since the assets are now under MOF Inc, its typical for them to say that MOF is paying for 1MDB, and while its technically correct, it is factually wrong.

  11. Jungle drums tell me Major Zaidi is headed for assist Mat Sabu. he knows where the biawak and cacing are hidden...

    Some people will be peeing in their pants soon.

    1. he was just a major - a flea in the scheme of defence things

    2. luckily we have people like zaidi, rafizi, tp etc. if all r like tsg, arul, hadi that protect lier n thief, msia sure die die.

    3. What about you kaytee? Worse than a flea.

  12. P Gunasegaran in his article today says the GST is

    "an unquestionably superior (tax) system"

    To which I add

    "in the hands of a corrupt and kleptocratic government is a recipe for disaster".

    1. The US Federal Government has no power to impose consumption-based tax. However, most states have VAT , which is very similar to GST.

      Greece had 24% GST...and for a time, it allowed the Government to spend seemingly unlimited money...then it crashed.

      The Curse of Easy Taxation...

    2. i think usa have sales tax not vat, reason no vat or gst is not easy to get endorsed by both house, n many dun believe vat or gst can solve much issue apart from collecting more n more tax, vat europe still have skyhigh debts.

    3. Tell that to the gst lovers lah!

      160+ countries have gst, while the world biggest economy doesnt!

      USofA has the biggest share of Nobel Laureates on economy & they don't believe in implementation of gst to improve on revenue.

      Tells a lot, izznt it?

      But the dead woods of gst camp WOULDN'T buy it bcoz they want an easy way out to raise revenue!

    4. Sales tax in usa is meant for revenues for state. Kaytee will never tell u that

    5. You folks do realise that USA has a debt level so high it takes 3-4 generations to pay off if it comes to that, right?

  13. Dont poke at the hornets' nests.