Monday, May 28, 2018

Ultra Muslims should respect the law and non-Muslims' beliefs

Malaysiakini - Don't act on your own, Perak MB tells NGO that forced mart to get rid of booze:

Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu has issued a soft reminder against an NGO that forced a convenience store in Manjoi to get rid of their alcohol stock.

Faizal said he understood the sentiments of the NGO, as Kampung Manjoi is one of the biggest Malay villages in Malaysia.

However, he said they should not have acted on their own, and should instead have lodged a complaint with the authorities.

"When the NGO acts on its own, it can raise all sorts of other issues... My advice to the NGO is, if they see things like this, they can lodge a complaint with the government, and let the government deal with it," the menteri besar told Malaysiakiniwhen contacted.

Why only 'soft reminder'?

Those intruders were criminals and should be charged, made to pay compensation to the shop owner and jailed.

They should not be allowed to take the law into their fanatical hands.

Meanwhile over in Sabah, PAS has objected to the erection of the Mazu statue in Kudat. Why doesn't PAS mind its own business when for a start it doesn't even have any support in Sabah.

Please do NOT interfere nor intrude into non-Muslims' beliefs and preferences as the non-Muslims don't interfere nor wish to with Islamic beliefs.

Mazu - Goddess of the seas and sailors

The above reminded my Uncles of the Kuan Yin statue in Ayer Itam Kek Lok Si temple which was objected to by UMNO people years ago.

The very tall statue was eventually truncated in height to appease the fanatics but which looked so grotesque that the Buddhists got rid of it and built a new one which was smaller but properly proportioned.

new Kuanyin 

old (truncated) Kuanyin 


  1. Supermarkets in the city have a non-halal section and perhaps that's what the ultra-muslim wants. A clearer boundary for the non-halals. The Perak MB should consider this idea.

  2. Were there pork & liquor in medina during the prophet's time ? If yes, where did the people who consumed those get their supplies?

  3. The NGO JABAT must understand that there is such a thing as Rule of Laws in Malaysia and no amount of justifications whether on religious grounds or race or cultures or politics.

    Nobody voted or sanctioned them as religious enforcers or as policemen. There are the existing established religious authorities and police but why did not they report to them and instead took it upon themselves to impose their laws?

    Even though there were no violence or damages to property or harm to anyone, all of them have broken the laws ie trespassing into property, use of unlawful force thru coercion, threats etc.

    They should be brought to book and not just a slap on the wrists.

    Groups like JABAT Ngos breeds contempt of the Laws in acting arbitrarily.

    1. Telling rule of laws to the zombies?

      Memang sai hei lah!

      They ONLY understand drastic action.

      Does the mb has the teloq to nip in the bud this blatant zombieic vigilante so as not to encourage future recurring?

      Guess not!

      Just a miao2 warning - hence the spreading of more such zombieic vigilantly actions.

      SAD indeed!

  4. The drinks were already in a fridge with a large NON HALAL sign on it but the fellas still kicked up a ruckus. If anything the NON HALAL sign itself seem more offensive than the carlsberg to the JABAT jokers.
    I am sure a lot of psychiatrists would love to analyse this species.

    1. The fridge is shared between halal & non-halal stuff. Deswai they got angry. A segregated non-halal section should be better.

    2. y tis people always angry one ? its the teaching?

    3. Ever tried Seig Heiling in Israel?

  5. Part of PAS campaign to stay relevant

  6. This type of shit has been going on for tens of years. Just because one day on 9th May, the King of beruks got kicked out, it doesn't mean the rest of the beruks out there would change their thinking and behave like humans. And these beruks feel safe and act arrogant because of they know know they can get away every time they mengamuk or act holy, or act thuggish. They feel that it is their right to intimidate and threaten, part of their 513 privilege la, rightly or wrongly.

    1. since 1981. One PM said Malaysia is not just an Islamic nation BUT a fundamentalist one

    2. From what we know...his 'fundamentalist' religion would mean going strictly by the Quran...not the sort of fundamental as espouse by Hadi Awang....mana datang his version of shariah laws with 100 whippings etc ? Did not Dr M supported Kassim Ahmad who also believed in the fundamentalist Quran belief ?

  7. this people will never learn, just like what TUN said, he gave up helping this alliens. they will never want to know what the future going look like for their future kids but more concern on their religions is, first and foremost GOV should stop helping or providing any sort of help under the so called BUMIPUTRA, when this stops then they will consider what is more important. the GOV should teach them the truth of how our great grand parents came to this country. malays fall from the sky straight to malaysia is it? the rest came from ship and train? as TUN said malays will never learn even next 100years will be same.