Friday, May 25, 2018

Lord Indra's Heaven in constitutional turmoil

Perlis is our most northern state. At 841 sg km, it is much smaller in land area than Penang (1048 sg km), by approximately 20%.

Its full title is Perlis Indera Kayangan, which can mean either 'Indra's Heaven' or the 'senses of the fairyland', a remidner of its Thai heritage.

But in May 2015, HRH the Raja of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail commanded that there should be no addition to the state's name, such as 'Indera Kayangan' or 'Darul', and that it should just be called 'Perlis', as enshrined in the state constitution.

He reminded everyone the constitution was signed by his father, the late Tuanku Syed Putra Syed Hassan Jamalullail only with the name Perlis for the state, without any addition.

Additionally, Tuanku said the state's name was discussed during a meeting of the Perlis Islamic Religious Council (MAIP).

Apparently MAIP's decision was presented to his late father, who agreed for the name Perlis not to have any addition to it.

Maybe MAIP was embarrassed by the Thai-Sanskrit-ish words of Indera Kayangan? Just kaytee speculating, wakakaka.

Just as well, because Lord Indra's missing and currently there's no sense of any fairyland around in Kangar and Arau.

the Vedic (Hindu) god of the heavens, lightning, thunder, storms, rains and river flows

Instead there's a political storm up north (perhaps wrought by Lord Indra?). The Raja of Perlis, as a constitutional monarch, has somehow got His Royal Self directly involved in politics by installing a  man not supported by the party which won 10 out of the state's 15 seats, namely Barisan Nasional.

He allowed his royal duties to fly out of the constitutional window.

But TS, one of my visitors, asserted HRH
 holds two trump cards, namely, (1) he has the power to appoint the MB of his choice or (2) he can dissolve the state assembly.

TS reminded us that the Perlis state assembly has not even been convened yet. And whether we like it or not, Pakatan Harapan may get a second bite at Perlis.

Though Shahidan Kassim himself asked TDM for help, TS believes, wakakaka, Tun is currently a little busy so good olde Lim Kit Siang, who is quite free these days, decided to lend a hand.

Hmmm, constitutionally the Raja of Perlis has to appoint the person who has the confidence of the most number of ADUNs to be MB. HRH knows that but he is behaving unconstitutionally, believing he can now give two fingers to the BN.

On principles and the constitution the federal government must remind HRH of his limits.

I also reminded that was exactly what HRH Sultan Selangor did when he ignored Pakatan Rakyat's (not Pakatan Harapan's) proposed candidate for MB after the 2013 GE?

HRH Sultan Selangor instead approved and installed Azmin Ali who was NOT the PR's nominee. And what then did PR say about HRH?

I blogged on that in Remember principles, democracy and majority? in which I lamented LKS asking for a re-election in the state.

Yes, HRH can dissolve the DUN on the recommendation of the illegally appointed MB but that will be blatantly against democracy when at least 9 BN ADUN (minus Azlan Man) will be against that.

The root of the problem in Perlis, to remind everyone, is that HRH Raja Perlis installed Azlan Man against the wishes of the BN majority party, and that is what needs to be corrected to protect the sanctity of the constitution, not to entertain Lim KS and his PH agenda, assuming we Malaysians are still interested in this word.

Yes, let's see how the NEW Malaysia behaves constitutionally, wakakaka.


  1. If Perlis really did have a re-election and BN loses the state we could have a Custer’s last stand scenario, with BN surrounded by the Red (sorry Native American) Indians. I suspect that with no resources of its own and being fully dependant on Federal funds and assistance Perlis is better off being with Harapan, and the Raja knows that.

    1. Hence why bother? I would advise LKS not to give a fuck on whatever fuck kaytee says.

      Kaytee can always kill himself

    2. if you continue to misbehaviour I'm going to set Pauline on you, wakakaka

    3. Go, Go, Go. Tell Pauline Hanson. Kindly show me the fucking document and the photo of you telling Pauline Hanson. Game?

  2. Somehow I feel the Blue Bloods are bullying BNUMNO in Perlis and Pahang.

    They wouldn't dare do this even 2 months ago when BN was all powerful and Najib still The He-Man.

    Outside of dry Law Books, I can sort of understand what's happening.
    In Pahang , the Royals have got mighty upset with the MB who wanted to stay on-and-on for life, and Excos who stayed on and on.

    In Perlis , HRH got mighty irritated with having to accept a ventriloquist MB.

    But it is not for them to decide.

    1. I can still look at it as a royal prerogative. Azlan's sacking from UMNO is not Shahidan's prerogative, that's why it is still pending. He's still the lawful MB for the time being.

    2. Compared to a certain ex-now-current PM, Najib have had a good relationship with the royalties. Only problem is, HRH Perlis has his own ideas on who he prefers.

    3. I really don't give a damn. Kaytee can fly over to Perlis to perform naked protest in front of the Raja Perlis protesting Raja's unconstitutional right.

      Flashback back australia constitutional crisis

  3. Oh! No! Passing the buck again to TDM at age 93 to amend The Constitution just like before when The Constitution was amended to enable Bills to be passed Automatically even if no consent from The King and Rulers.

    I say, stop pushing the buck to TDM. He has enough on his plate doing Reformasi of the Govt.

    Why must LKS be so Kaypoh? Keep quiet otherwise the Royalists, Ketuanan Melayus, Islamists may use this as an excuse to burn down your PH house.

    It's a BN majority controlled state with 10 seats and 3 with PAS. And it's an internal fight within BN of whom they want as MB. HRH just don't want a puppet MB like before as recommended by the BN warlord.

    Assuming this impasse leads to a state re election which is just too soon, there is no chance in hell of PH winning it also. Any upset will just be perhaps PAS being the beneficiary.

    So, why should TDM or LKS or PH bother with a BN state problem?

    Let it be and after 5 years when there is another GE15, the anger and frustration of the people towards their BN leaders will have reach the top to ensure an easy victory for PH.

    Sometimes for a General, Patience is a virtue in Battle even when ordinary people are being slaughtered and tortured before your eyes in their lands.

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  4. Perlis exists as a separate Sultanate today because Kedah and its Royals fought an insurgency against Siamese rule.
    As a punishment, the Siamese separated Perlis out and appointed the Jamalulails as Deputy Governors in Perlis.

    They were basically Siamese collaborationists wakakakaka....

    1. That means kaytee cannot go to thailand to find his ah gua......hahahahaha

  5. new msia did follow the constitution, not sure abt state under bn.

    1. PAS follows the Qur'an and also follows any constitution that does not conflict with the Qur'an.

    2. can agree, but one of their leader support a crook that dun follow quran.

    3. Cakap jangan sedap mulut. Bina fikiran kau dulu.

    4. should applies your advice on yourself, unknown and your pseudo sidekick john

  6. This is a BN state. Let BNUMNO settle the problem.
    Mahathir has plenty of more critical stuff to focus on.

  7. How did terengganu resolve their problem then, remember the sultan vs idris jusoh?