Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mahathir backs down on fake news law

FMT - Dr M says committed to axing anti-fake news law:

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today reiterated the government’s commitment to repealing the anti-fake news law

“We don’t have any desire to continue with the fake news law.

“We have to study it and other laws related to freedom of speech,” he said.

Mahathir previously said “proper” definitions would be provide so that media and the public are clear about what constitutes fake news.

This led to civil society group, Lawyers for Liberty, urging Mahathir to repeal the act rather than amend it, saying the legislation passed by the Najib Razak administration was beyond salvaging.

Critics of the anti-fake news law, which was passed in April, say existing laws are sufficient to handle fake news.

Sensing the revulsion Malaysians have for the law, and it probable misuse by authorities, Mahathir has now backed down from his original intention to 'tweak' the law by 'defining' what is 'fake news'. He has also said:

I need to understand this law in order to end it. There is no intention to retain it but we have to study laws that bind the press and freedom of speech. All this will be done.

What is there to study? Just get rid of it.

And also 'tweaking' the law only means that very law still exists, and will be a clear & present danger to everyone.


  1. Mahathir did jokingly but actually truthfully said he is an EX-Dictator.

    He knows well Harapan's support base is in large part of people who are demanding Reform.

    Pakatan Harapan 2018 is a kind of atonement for his past sins.

  2. Harapan as in harap you don't mind bait and switch.

    1. The best salesman is one who can con you and still make you leave with a smile on your face. Everybody's smiling now, except for the few of us not easily conned.

  3. TDM cannot do now what he used to do before. Bersatu today is not the same as UMNO then, in fact Bersatu is not even as strong as UMNO now.

  4. so our anticipation is quite correct, check n bal do alleviate dictatorship even if the pm is mahathir.

    glad not many listen to undirosak.

  5. "

    16/May/2018 at 9:24:46am

    I was a Paca and in Saluran 3 which consists of voters of age 45 & below, There was ZERO spoilt votes. No Undi Rosak. This shows younger voters are fully aware that their votes are very important in the quest to Save Malaysia. What Say you Maryam? You refused to save the nation and even called on others to join you. Shame on you. Luckily Malaysia at large are aware of their noble deed to help save the nation and succeeded in doing so"

    Despite the UndiRosak movement taking place in the lead up to the 14th general election, the percentage of spoilt votes in the election may be among the lowest in recent decades.

    A Malaysiakini analysis has found that the total spoilt and unreturned parliamentary ballots is 217,083 votes, a mere 1.76 percent of the 12,299,514 votes cast.

    To date, the Election Commission has yet to announce official figures on the spoilt or unreturned ballots.

  6. Wow! I thought Ceasar can't resist using it upon his defeated enemies first before throwing it away. Ceasar has changed.

    Long Live Ceasar!

    1. That why you are pig. I wanna eat pork. You know what to do