Sunday, May 20, 2018

Penang Bridge

Has the toll on Penang Bridge been removed yet?

If not, when will it be removed, Guan Eng?


  1. I think Najib shows no understanding of proportionality. He is under a dark cloud over HUGE unexplained wealth but complains when someone hungry from Ramadan fast takes chocolate from his fridge. He insists his innocence but wants the chocolate thief punished? Not a clever thing to say, even if he is right.

    1. isn't due process of law that frowns on piracy of private goods, not merely the relative value of goods?

      don't use fasting as an excuse to pilfer when the police should have taken care of that

    2. Due process of law.....but i thought you have already made up your mibd to condemn those policeen especially sirul. Only sirul and the other fella killed altantuya without any mastermind

    3. Due process of law???

      Then prove the pilferage of the chocolate FIRST lah!

      Or u still take what jibby's fart as gospel?

    4. Kaytee say.....najib fart....haaaaaruuuuum

  2. Replies
    1. yet the gst has been dismissed w.e.f 01 June

    2. Hi yah…… u playing blur now.

      Penang bridge IS under the PLUS toll concession package after the numerous negotiations & extensions of the tolls collective agreement by the bn administration.

      So wait for the announcement on the toll concession revision as promised by zero lah.

      Tembak sini, tembak sana. Just trying for what? Dedak masih ada or u just shoot to release yr pent-up frustration of seeing jibby going down the cesspool.

  3. He'll say he still not FFM yet, Fully Finance Minister. Hohohoho!

  4. Sad to say PH was not aware of such big holes in the health of the financial system during the election before promising in their manifestos.

    No wonder, BN knew and were saying during the election ceramahs and jesting until today those PH election promises will not be unfulfilled.

    I wonder who is more honourable in all these?

  5. complain after 100 days, dun sound like a frust woman.