Thursday, May 17, 2018

Promises like House of Cards?

From Malaysiakini:

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has announced that he will also helm the education portfolio.

Following this, Gerakan Youth issued a "friendly reminder" to him on Pakatan Harapan's promise in its manifesto for the 14th general election.

This was in reference to “Promise 12: Limit the Prime Minister's term of office and restructure the Prime Minister's Department.”

On this matter, the manifesto states: “The prime minister will not simultaneously hold other ministerial posts, especially the post of minister of finance.”

In pointing this out, Gerakan Youth chief Tang Keng Liang said he wanted to ensure that Mahathir does not make a mistake.
"Hi Tun M (Mahathir). I thought it was a promise by Harapan that PM won't be holding any other ministry role. That would include education ministry. Just a friendly reminder!

"I just want to make sure Tun M won't make a mistake. Perhaps oversight. Still can turn back now before swearing in as education minister on Monday,"
 Tang wrote on Twitter.


  1. Melayu mudah lupa alright, but since he was voted in by Malaysians, he was hoping Malaysians mudah lupa.

    1. dia lupa okay, kita sumua tahu dia, tapi pkr dap amanah jangan sengaja lupa, rakyat tak patut lupa.

    2. Hehehe. Dia tak lupa, but he hopes you folks lupa, and to PKR DAP & PAN cohorts to conviniently lupa.

    3. John,
      From Hisham Rais with love.......hahahahahaha

    4. Najib's a has been who no longer has power. PH folks are the immediate danger now.

  2. The Cabinet hasn't even been sworn in yet. There is time enough to hold them accountable for missteps and wrongs.

    After all, Ktemoc have Najib the benefit of the doubt for EVERYTHING over 10 years. What is 1 week ?

    So far things look good.

    Amiga is on the Insttutional reforms task force.
    C4 / Suaram's Cynthia Gabriel is on the 1MDB task force. This is the first time in its history that a Suaram office bearer has been invited to a seat on an official Malaysian Government setup. Even Kua Kia Soong would be proud, but I'm afraid Lim Kit Siang can't stand him.

    Best news of all Teresa Kok will be a Federal Cabinet Minister.

    1. Mahathir had 20 years worth of the benefit of the doubt.
      He brings flowers, puts on the charm says sorry, then all is OK, we WANT TO BELIEVE HIM.

      It's called an abusive relationship.

  3. Did Gerakan voted for TDM to be PM? It's like UMNO voted for LKS to be PM.

    And UMNO advising LKS on his Malaysian Malaysia promises.

    How stupid is this charade. No wonder people think they look stupid and kick them out.

    It is just sooooooooo Stupid to even discuss about it.

    1. Are Gerakan members not rakyat of Malaysia? Or are you implying that only those who voted for the winning side can have a say and those who voted for the losing side should shutup? Then why complain about not having a voice when your team have been losing for 50 years? Even PAS fanatics never silence dissidents to such extends.

    2. Have to agree. Beyond stupid !! They were sloshing about in filth and corruption all these years and immediately after being kicked out, have the audacity to demand for integrity, democracy and principles from the other side, hollering " I will hold you for this, for that...bla bla bla ". NEVER once these idiots hold their own ex-leader Najib to any of these things they demanding from the new government...too busy looking for the next contracts and deals, too busy fattening their own pockets, too busy checking out overseas mansions to buy, too busy getting new wives and mistresses. POOOODAAAH !

  4. Put this house of cards aside for the moment, it can be corrected quickly. I want to know about the house on Langgak Duta and the 20-year old safe.....what's inside I wonder? More handbags, shoes, pink diamond maybe or secret files?

    1. The police at 2 a.m just finished raiding 6 residences belonging to you-know-whom and carted away 72 luggage containing jewelry, cash and other items of value, 284 boxes containing branded handbags ( one famous brand came to mind, namely Birkin which carries the price tag of RM 200,000 to RM 1.2 million a piece ). Imelda couldn't even hold a candle to this woman.

    2. And yet this cheebye kaytee see no evil, hear no evil.

      I bet kaytee is abetting najib in escaping

  5. Gerakan did not win one seat and since they are BN, I don't see how they could bring a Pakatan pack government down.

    On another note, I'd like to know what Tun M finds wrong with our education system and what his solution for it is.

    1. me too. science math in eng sure revert back. more eng, less vernacular, less islamic. i guess only.

    2. one more, i hope he could make national school more national. i believe the parents, include chinese will support him.

    3. What's needed is more emphasis on vocational education which teach more practical skills, instead of churning out university graduates who find themselves unemployable in the real world outside.

      Heck! You don't need a university or college degree to drive Grab, when a certificate course in professional driving and first aid would be more appropriate.

      Airline pilots don't need to have a university degree to fly planes, so why Grab drivers or nasi lemak sellers.

      Also, the need to restore the quality of teachers to the standard of Kirby trained teachers.

      And, away with this nonsense of using computers in education in the belief that it can make up for the poor state of the education system, when the experience in the more advanced countries does not show that computers in education actually improves the quality of education.

      "Teachers' union says 1BestariNet useless for online learning from home"

      More emphasis on STEM courses too.

  6. Not toeing the PH party line or agenda or manifesto is not politically correct.

  7. Meanwhile in Najib's lair......

    Astounding! Condo search nets 72 bags of cash, jewellery and 284 boxes of handbags

    Motherfucker kaytee......what are you going to do now? Committing Seppuku?

    Geez.......and you want us to punish Pakatan Harapan over Mahathir's appointment of himself as Minister of Education

  8. Now that they have found the loot if any of it is linked to UMNO then it is the party that will crumble like a house of cards.


    The Star becomes worth reading again...wakakakaka...

    "Our seizures included 284 boxes containing designer handbags. Our personnel checked these bags and discovered various currencies including Malaysian Ringgit, US Dollars, watches and jewellery in 72 bags" he told reporters at the scene in the early hours of Friday (May 18) morning.

    Comm Amar said the designer handbags were of various brands including Hermes, Birkin and Louis Vuitton."

    Rosmah memang pandai bertabung....

  10. Teng Keng Liang is still meowing around ?
    He should realise he is part of the reason BN, his party Gerakan is so abhorred by the majority of voters.

  11. The Birkin Bags
    The Louis Vuitton bags
    The diamonds

    Makes Imelda Marcos look like a destitute pauper.......

    1. Sarawak Report says it makes Imelda Marcos looks like a cheapskate. WAKAKAKAKA

      72 pieces of luggage raided last evening containing cash, jewelry, valuable items and gifts

      284 boxes containing expensive brand name handbags

      It was rumoured her handbags alone run into hundreds of millions of ringgit. Not far from wrong...her customized Birkin, not for her to buy off the shelf, hehe, could easily costs USD 200,000 per piece, at today's exchange rate of 3.95, that calculates to approximately RM 800,000 per Birkin ! no wonder Imelda couldn't hold a candle to our most expensive lady, hehe.

      Malaysia gonna make world news again..this time with her in spotlight which she so craves for !

    2. We must keep on tekanning kaytee till he exposes himself. Then i would the pleasure of ensuring kaytee reputation goes to drain


    Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng gets down to the job demanding accountability with DBKL. THAT is DA Way...

    The recent revelations show how bad the 1MDB fraud was, even worse than what the public suspected.
    It took a Regime Change to get the Auditor-General's report declassified.

    Tan Seng Giaw's silence in condoning Najib malfeasance shows how unfit he had become as Kepong MP, how he had lost the will to oppose the Corrupt Regime.

    I am glad DAP took the correct step not to renew his selection as a candidate to represent Kepong.

  13. A lot of people made a lot of money supporting Najib @ Malaysian Official 1.
    Ranging from quite small stipends to Titanic amounts.

    If Ktemoc , whom I consider a Najib supporter, did not make any money from his blogging activities, I have to say he is incredibly dumb...wakakaka...

    Chinese are supposed to be good at making money, you know... wakakakaka...