Monday, May 28, 2018

Focus on Reforms, not Revenge

Malaysiakini - New government needs to focus on reforms, says DAP leader (extracts):

Pakatan Harapan’s recent electoral success was widely attributed to the wave of the discontent widely dubbed the 'Malay tsunami', a phenomenon first predicted by DAP political education bureau chief Liew Chin Tong three years ago.

Now vindicated, Liew said the new government should not be too preoccupied with anticipating likely scenarios for the next general election, but rather focus on the work ahead.

“The Pakatan Harapan government shouldn't worry about this. What a new government should do well are the things that a government is supposed to do,” he told Malaysiakini in an interview on Tuesday.

Liew - who narrowly lost the Ayer Hitam seat to MCA's Wee Ka Siong in the recent polls - was asked what lay ahead for Harapan, and whether the coalition would likely come undone by internal stirrings of discontent now that it faces little external threat.

The Johor DAP chief stressed, however, that the political scenario in the next five years is still unpredictable, and the possibility of a third force rising to challenge Harapan’s hold on power cannot be ruled out.

On the other hand, the problems that the new government needs to tackle - institutional and economic reform, as well as issues pertaining to race relations - should take precedence, he believes

I really admire Liew Chin Tong who has proven himself to be a real pakar strategist for DAP. As far back as 2015 he had already predicted the 'Malay tsunami' and by whatever different name or degree we may today wish to attribute to that Malay support for Pakatan, Chin Tong has nonetheless been spot on.

He has also been correct about Johor falling to Pakatan, a feat many at the time of his prediction had questioned for its improbability.

To sum it, Liew Chin Tong gives prescient prediction and advice. It would be wise to listen to his words.

He has just given his advice to the Pakatan Harapan government, namely, to tackle institutional and economic reform, as well as issues pertaining to race relations.

Institution reforms - Constitution, Judiciary, Senate, Civil Service, EC, ISA, etc were all mutilated and misused by Mahathir in his reign as 4th PM.

They had in their original forms provided check and balance to our government and also impartial elections, but which Mahathir in his former regime saw as impediments to his imperialistic plans.

I love to see this new government come to grips with them.

Economic reforms - Mahathir was a proven disastrous juggernaut in his style of cutting corners to hopefully achieve his style of economic and technological advancement. Let's have no more of his bullshits.

Race relationship - was worsened under the Mahathir regime when he was the 4th PM. Firstly let's get rid of the BTN as I had blogged 3 days ago in Get rid of BTN and JAKIM as well.

That was 3 days ago but 3 years ago I posted Bastardizing The Nation (BTN) in which I wrote (extracts):

The blog Loyarburok posted Pagar makan padi on 12 Dec 2009 informing us (extract):

In another report headlined "Dr M transformed BTN to a super-racist agency, says former director", The Malaysian Insider (now inoperative) quoted Datuk Johari Abdul, a former BTN director who is now the PKR Member of Parliament for Sungai Petani, as stating that ‘it was former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who transformed the BTN into a full-fledged racist indoctrination agency.’

PKR's Nik Nazmi, who had attended one of BTN's racist courses, has also called for an end to the BTN in MM Online's Scrap ‘racial, politically-motivated’ BTN, PKR MP urges.

Like JAKIM, another agency which should be disbanded because the Islamic religion is each state's preserve and should NOT be interfered with by the federal government, the BTN has a yearly budget of RM1.1 Billion. Dismiss both and the government save RM2.1 Billion each and every year.

Why is Mahathir quiet on his two pet organisations whilst dismissing so swiftly less harmful ones like SPAD, Pemandu, etc?

Liew Chin Tong has called for the new government to focus on reforms, but it seems the government has ignored him and is instead focusing on revenge.


  1. I wonder what Andy Mukherjee will say to his bank manager if he took a housing loan for 680,000 and was then sent a statement saying he now owes 1,000,000 because of some hidden clauses and fine print. Will he be nice, polite and tactful to the manager or will he really tell the manager what he thinks of the bank ? Vent his feelings perhaps?

    The bottom line is, it is Malaysians who will have to pay the 1 trillion debt, not Andy Mukherjee, whom I assume does not pay Malaysian tax.

    1. Try calculating your house loan (if you have one). The loan of 680k you took, won't be the figure that you're gonna pay anyway. You still haven't factor in bank's interest and the OPR. Typically, you'll pay about 25-30 percent for the interest itself.

  2. Not revenge, Reform must include holding accountable those who committed the worst acts of corruption and abuse of power in the immediate past. Otherwise its all business as usual.

    The dissolution of BTN, I am sure will come

    As I have written before, JAKIM needs to be handled carefully.
    There is a very Large number of Muslims in the country whose views range from very conservative to Extremist.

    Their vision of Malaysia is not compatible with the reality of a country with a 40% non-Muslim population.

    Najib, in reality a morally corrupt man, was trying to milk this population for political gain. Like trying to get to town by riding a tiger.

    There is an urgent need for a Reset of Islamic religious conversation in Malaysia. Somebody has to do it, preferably a proper organisation which can reach the whole country.

    Can it be done by a reformed and reinvented Jakim ? Maybe a task to be given to Amanah.

    If they succeed, they will replace PAS with a gentler , more inclusive view of Islam. That I will salute them.

    And Mahathir would have earned his place in Paradise...wakakakaka...

  3. mahathir is working hard to save msia, its dap include father son gang tok kok everyday, this chin tong is the best kok talker. no wonder he cant beat a mca eunuch.

    1. The MCA eunuch proved to have more balls than LGE.

  4. LGE's constant poking at BN in general and Najib in particular, is part of a strategy to break Najib's defence to get full understanding of the national debt. Not seeking revenge. First off the rank is 1MDB but eventually other debt sinkholes like ECRL, HSR, Felda, TH etc. The old "Boffin Boys Gang" as named and boasted by RPK was shielding and strategising for Najib is now no more. Actually they should have been known as the Bodek Boys and now we know how smart the were don't we? They are now nowhere in sight because they know once the truth is out they will be deeply embarrassed. And with Najib now on his own he will eventually crack, and will surely start to point fingers at the management, BoD of 1MDB, Jho Low etc etc. Anybody but himself. His best defence will be along the lines of "I was misled", "I made the decisions based on advice given to me", "I had the nation's best interest at heart" etc.

    1. And I also accepted the $681 million because I was misled by the that fei lo...when he donned that tablecloth on his head, I really really thought he was a Saudi prince. I also accepted the 42 or is it 46 million ringgit found in my account because I really really do not know who had so kindly banked it into my I took my wife on a shopping spree...see, check for yourself, all my credit card bills in the millions...I sincerely thought it was early X'mas pressie.

  5. Focus on Reforms not Revenge!

    It's a very misleading title! What revenge?

    While I do agree the PH Govt. should focus on reforms, it should also at the same time bring blatant criminals, fraudsters, corruptors, abettors to crimes etc to book in accordance to the Rule of Law. Bootlickers or Night soil Carriers or Poh Lam Pah types can wait their just desserts cos they themselves might be reformed later if not involved in any criminal wrongdoings.

    The profligration of blatant corruption, abuse of powers, crimes, close one eyes etc before was due to non-adherance to Rules of Law and hence no fear of being brought to account.

    This virus must be stamped out immediately by bringing all those guilty of such crimes to book and shown to the public and Govt servants to strike fear into the hearts of all that Crimes do not Pay and everyone is subjected to the Rules of Law.

    Without removing the virus so deeply embedded and spread during the previous regime, no amount of reforms can bring the desired results wanted.

  6. Liew Chin Tong should be made Senator and appointed Minister or Deputy as soon as possible. And he may be challenging the result of his seat contest against Wee Ka Siong. I suspect Wee wouldn't mind losing so he won't have to be the Lone MCA Ranger in parliament for the next 5 years. That can't be fun.

    1. Isn't one of PH manifesto is to stop electing losers into the Senate?

  7. Whatever the national debt is I hope all you supporters of GST continue to pay the 6% to Treasury from June 1 onwards. I will be most grateful. You can even start a crowdfunding effort specifically called JomSokongGST (not the general one already created).

  8. Aahhh, so our national debt is really 1.3 trillion.😁

  9. The latest joke going around now is the Malaysian math: what comes after hundred is thousand, followed by million, then billion then Trillion then Pavilion.

  10. Ya lor the Chinese saying 擒贼先擒王 roughly translate : to eradicate all the "scumbags" you first catch the king of "scumbags" in order to strike fear in the hearts of all the "scumbags" wakakakaka ........

    1. But the king of scumbags is the PM now.

    2. is fine as long as hes our scumbag, dun jealous wakaka

    3. Mamak was past tense in term of "rotten eggs" the clear and present rotten eggs is #YourPm lah wakakakaka .......

    4. PH must be very magical kinda groupies if it can turn "rotten eggs" into fresh eggs. The clear and present rotten eggs is #YourDelusionalPM lah wakakakaka .......