Monday, May 14, 2018

Ambiga Sreenevasan - as AG? and her citizenship?

Sun Daily - Bar Council proposes Ambiga for AG:

PETALING JAYA: The Bar Council has proposed its former president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan for the post of attorney-general.

Its president George Varughese said Ambiga would be a perfect candidate to ensure the independence of the Attorney-General's Chambers since she wasn't a politician.

"If Ambiga is appointed as the new AG, she would ensure that the chambers would be free from political influences and interference," Malaysiakini quoted him as saying today.

"Ambiga enjoys the confidence and support of the Malaysian Bar should she be chosen for the post."
He earlier urged the new government to remove the public prosecutorial role from the Attorney-General, saying it is a necessary step to strengthen the independence of public prosecutors.

Varughese said it was crucial to separate the office of the Attorney-General from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, with the Attorney General only acting as adviser to the government, and a separate Director of Public Prosecution making decisions on matters of prosecution.

I support both proposals, namely, that Ambiga Sreenevasan be appointed as the new Attorney-General, and that Public Prosecution Dept be separated from the AG Office.

But did you know that Mahathir had once called for Ambiga Sreenevasan to be stripped of her citizenship?

Yessiree, in 2013 Ibrahim Ali and Mahathir wanted to have Ambiga's citizenship stripped for being involved with BERSIH, which Mahathir himself subsequently participated in, wakakaka.

Shouldn't he strip himself of his own citizenship? Wakakaka.

It was in 
early 2013 that the Star Online reported that, in Laws to protect your citizenship (extracts):

Many individuals, including Ibrahim [Ali], ........ and even former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad have called for Ambiga’s citizenship to be revoked, following her involvement with Bersih.

In reaction, Penang Gerakan leader Baljit Singh demanded for Ibrahim’s citizenship to be revoked, saying the Perkasa chief has committed treason in questioning the “King’s decision to grant a royal audience to Ambiga”.

Earlier this year, Dr Mahathir reportedly said the Government needed to amend the constitution if it wanted to strip the citizenship of lawyers such as Ambiga.

Just last year FMT reportedA retired judge has alleged that Mahathir and former attorney-general (AG) Abu Talib Othman were behind the amendment to the Federal Constitution in 1988, which removed the judicial power of the courts.

Gopal Sri Ram said this came about after the then Supreme Court ruled in the case of Public Prosecutor v Yap Peng that the AG, who is also the public prosecutor, could not at his discretion apply to transfer criminal cases for trial.

In 1987, the apex court in a majority 3-2 ruling held that the public prosecutor’s move to use Section 418A of the Criminal Procedure Code was against Article 121 (1).The majority held that the power to transfer cases was an exercise of judicial power.

Sri Ram, who represented Yap Peng in the trial, alleged Talib had informed the government that he could not function as “judges were giving him a lot of problems and the solution was to introduce legislation”.

He said the government then organised a series of highly-charged road shows for about four to five months to inform the public that the judiciary had no business to interfere with the powers of the AG.

“As a result, Article 121 (1) was the first in a series of Mahathir’s amendments in 1988.

“It has nothing to do with the 1988 judicial crisis where three Supreme Court judges were removed from office. It has to do with the ego of two men,” he said at a forum yesterday on Judicial Independence and Separation of Powers titled, “A New Hope in Light of Semenyih Jaya?”

Wakakaka, another of his multifarious amendments of the already much mutilated Constitution lah!

So, do you think Mahathir will accept the proposal by the Bar Council, to wit, to make a great lady the new Attorney-General, a woman he once wanted to strip off her citizenship, and who (in 2014) said the Government needed to amend the constitution if it wanted to strip the citizenship of lawyers such as Ambiga.

What do you reckon he had meant by the phrase lawyers such as Ambiga?


  1. Yayayayaa.......Mahathir called for the flogging of kaytee as well.....hahahahaha

  2. i dun trust mahathir but i will give him benefit of the doubt for at least 6 month to 1 year. i hope he is sincere to make changes and at the same time he would need to care how malay perceive his every action, its not that simple we all suddenly become non racial, but we try.

    secondly i dun know if mahathir would keep his promise pertaining to anwar, history might repeat but i think he lack time n energy. pas n the post najib umno might side anwar.

    if mahathir can appoint lge to become fm, y not ambiga? did he have many good words toward lge in the past?

    u can sound critical base on what he did now, not fair to judge him base on his past action.

  3. Still waiting to find out Jho Low’s citizenship(s). Don’t cancel his Malaysian citizenship because our prisons are the best.

  4. Rosli Dahlan - Winner of The Interlaw Award 2015.

    "The Interlaw Board also recognised Rosli's commitment as a human rights lawyer in Malaysia, noting that he had fought against religious bigotry and corruption, and advanced constitutional and fundamental rights and sought to uphold the rule of law without fear or favour, even at his own peril."

  5. I also dont trust anwar. Definitely cheebye kaytee is not trustworthy

  6. Is the M'sian Bar now a cybertrooper?

    1. Unknown @ 7:08pm is just the man on the Clapham omnibus who is a regular visitor to this awesome blog to read, to reflect, to laugh and to exchange views.

    2. BAR has always been partisan. They never did denied that.

    3. Huh? I forgot. Hadi awang also partisan. He love to commit politicsl adultery. I thought that is haram in yislam

    4. Of cause the BAR had always been partisan, partisan to justice & fairness. You too are always partisan but the opposite side only lah. Wakakaka................

    5. Ahh, so as being partisan to hypocrisy, double standards, revenge, lynch mob justice, witchhunt persecution, and I-say-so fairness. Now I geddit. Wakakaka..........

    6. You are talking yourself.....Go swear to your Allah. I guarantee you will go to neraka. Nik Aziz told me to tell u

    7. Again I'm still waiting for your Nik Aziz to give me the 4D number! Clock's ticking! Where's my fucking 4D winning number!

  7. The Bar Council should be wary of rushing into new roles and advocating personalities and the president, in particular, for who should be AG.

    Comments from Manjeet Sing Dhillion, former President of the Malaysian Bar Council

    1. Hadi awang should stick to being a kampung preacher. Pas should be dissolved and stay as ngo

  8. Ambiga should not be the AG. ....though I hold her in such high esteem.
    She is best in her role as an eminent person keeping the Government of the Day honest.
    Mahathir , of course, must be watched carefully for his authoritarian tendencies..

    1. and you people should stick to your pig farms. Your politics is as stinky and muddy as a pig sty.

  9. Zahid Hamidi (still delusional?) quote:
    “Umno and BN will gather our strength to hold negotiations with any parties in regard to the formation of any form of government or Opposition,” he said. The supreme council members have given me the mandate to proceed with negotiations and further actions.”

    Besides Perlis and Pahang under UMNO/BN, and their Disneyland Sabah "government", Zahid still has delusions about taking over other states and/or Putrajaya? Or is this just the dying flayings of a gasping fish out of water? Even Sarawak government is showing cracks. And I doubt even PAS would want to cooperate with them now.

    1. A wounded animal is one of the most dangerous creatures you can encounter.

  10. Zahid still trying to manoeuvre behind the scenes... but now he has limited room to move. UMNO no longer controls the Federal Government, and only controls 2 states.

  11. Currently , the AG posts is one appointed by The Agung just like the EC post for a certain term based on the names submitted for considerations by the PM.

    This power of the PM to submit names should involve an endorsement by Parliament before submission to HRH.

    Hopefully, this change can happen to avoid biasness in PM's selection of the right candidate or to avoid a Dedak AG.

  12. I am all for Public Prosecution Dept be separated from the AG Office.

    But not the one who bowed before U.S. imperialist warmonger Hillary Clinton as AG.

    Or from European imperialist France.

    No way!

  13. I do wonder why this cheebye kaytee never mention about Tony Fernandes


    I would be writing a cheong hei on Tony Fernandes and how this can relate to cheebye Kaytee

    Plus Australia Budget has been released quite some ago. Those that catches my eyes are as follows:

    1) 530 tax rebates to Aussies earning up to 90K
    2) More Tax benefits to the old folks
    3) Big tax cuts to big business

    I wonder which category kaytee falls into. CK may have privy to this cheebye kaytee background......

    Come on! Be as brave as your matey Mariam Mokhtar. She is a lady. You can do better than that if you wanna be part of the Council of Eminence

    To Mariam Mokhtar from another Perakian.......

    The song


  14. Yes a pro-Pakatan AG for a Pakatan government. A partisan AG, as is our way, as it has always been.


    Ambiga tapped for Institutional Reforms Committee.
    I agree this is the best role she can contribute - advise to the Government on what we need to fix with the nation's legal system, but not part of the Government, so she is free to speak.

    Previous attempts by BN on getting input from Civil Society on legal reforms can to a standstill because the Ketuanan freaks had no real intention to reform.

    Hopefully we can move forward this time.
    The is a deafening mood for change in the country.

    1. "the more things change, the more they stay the same,"
      -Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

    2. plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

    3. aneh who pretends to be a chinaman talks french.

      CK......spare me the suspence.....expose him!

    4. There's always wiki lah, grow some brains Looes or you'll disappoint your father KT. Wakakaka!