Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lau Mah & LGE vs AI & Miaow2

FMT - Wan Azizah didn’t want Chinese finance minister? What lies, says PKR leader (extracts):

Balderdash, said a senior (unnamed) PKR leader. He asserted that the claims in the ST article were “completely fabricated and false”.

“We strongly believe that the finance portfolio must be based on ability,” the leader said, adding that PKR believed Lim, an accountant by training, was suitably qualified for the post.

“But we don’t appreciate the narrative and claims being made against PKR, painting us as troublemakers.

“We believe this report is part of a concerted attempt to drive a wedge between PKR and the people, and PH, to push us out of the pact.”

But FMT also published:

Universiti Malaya analyst Azman Awang Pawi said it would not come as a surprise if PKR had been hoping for its jailed leader Anwar Ibrahim to be given the finance portfolio as he was formerly a finance minister.

“The finance ministry is extremely important in politics. You can see how important the portfolio was to Umno in the Barisan Nasional-led government.”

But he said PKR should not worry about not getting the portfolio as Anwar could make changes once he becomes prime minister.

“Giving Lim the finance portfolio may not sit well with Malay conservatives, but they don’t have to worry as the Council of Elders will advise him.”

It seems there are two issues, namely:

(a) in the eyes of Malay conservatives a Chinese Finance Minister is just a bridge too far, after 44 years indoctrination that only an 'orang kita' be in the seat, thanks ironically to you-know-who's legacy, wakakaka, and

(b) allegedly PKR wants that post for political ends such as, presumably patronage and enhanced political powers.

The jungle drums have been beating that Anwar wants, or at least PKR wants him, to be in the cabinet a.s.a.p, perhaps not as PM as Tai-Koe is still in the seat but as Finance Minister.

Needless to say, much as some PKR (unnamed) 'senior leaders' might have protested otherwise, the party strategists have been manoeuvring to effect its desired outcome, namely, for the Finance Ministry to be in PKR hands.

The jungle drums have also been telling us that another solution would be to insist Anwar become the PM immediately, and then he as numero uno of the cabinet re-shuffles the ministers to kowtim and realise PKR's No 1 desire, wakakaka.

You know something?

It seems the only thing preventing Lim Guan Eng from losing that high value ministerial position is ironically Lau Mah, wakakaka again. But have you been hearing Daim saying it's still too early to make Anwar the PM? 

Hmm, maybe I am wrong? Wakakaka.


  1. Well, Daim is in the Council of Cronies, I mean Elders, which shapes the policies of their Government, hence have a significant weight to his words.

    1. And Tan Sri Robert Kuok would give his elderly advise from Hong Kong.

    2. the role to advise pm is supposedly belong to hadi wakaka

  2. Kaytee, where's the analysis on what caused The Malaysian Tsunami? or

    UMNO internal politics and power jostling? or

    What is the fate of BN and her component parties? or

    How PAS managed to capture 2 states? or

    How East Malaysian politics will play out?

    Those topics are better for discussions rather than still throwing slingshots which is leading nowhere.

    Ceasar just started his reign and so no point trying to cultivate Brutuses so early.


  3. Hahahahaha.....lets the cucuking begin while Najib and Rosmah quitely planning their escape.

    I have an idea......


    I wanna see kaytee's reaction when that happens

    Kaytee.....Fuck you on due process! I just wanna see you cry......an chua

    hehehehehe (evil laugh)

  4. PM and and his backers not sitting still. The hint is strongly out that Dr M will finish his 2 years and now...there's words to the effect that 'if need be, it might extend to the 3rd year' in view of the massive cleaning up to be done. Hahahaha...so in this situation, let's see who will prevail...wakkakakaka.