Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Israeli gunfire vs Palestinian stones in Gaza - 58 massacred

BBC - Gaza violence: Fresh protests expected after deadly clashes:

Fresh protests against Israel are expected in the Palestinian territories, a day after Israeli troops killed 55 people in Gaza.

Tuesday marks the 70th anniversary of what Palestinians call the Nakba, or Catastrophe, that saw thousands flee amid the creation of Israel in 1948.

Tensions will be particularly high in Gaza where funerals for those killed on Monday are due to take place.

The violence came as the US opened a controversial embassy in Jerusalem.

The move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv has incensed Palestinians, who claim eastern Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

They see the US move as backing Israeli control over the whole of the city, which Israel regards as its indivisible capital.

Palestinian officials said that, as well as those killed, about 2,700 people were injured in Monday's violence. It was the deadliest day in Gaza since the 2014 war.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said his military was acting in self-defence against Gaza's Islamist rulers, Hamas, who he said wanted to destroy Israel.

The Palestinian Authority's leader condemned a "massacre". The UN spoke of "outrageous human rights violations".

What happened at the Gaza border?

Palestinians were demonstrating on Monday as they have been for six weeks as part of a protest, orchestrated by Hamas, called the "Great March of Return".

However, Monday's protests - and those planned for Tuesday - are the culmination as they mark the anniversary of Israel's creation in 1948 and commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who subsequently fled their homes or were displaced in the war that followed.

Monday also coincided with the dedication ceremony for the US embassy.

Israel said some 40,000 Palestinians had taken part in "violent riots" at 13 locations along the Gaza Strip security fence.

Palestinians hurled stones and incendiary devices, while the Israeli military used tear gas and live fire from snipers.

Mr Netanyahu defended his military, saying: "Every country has an obligation to defend its borders.

"The Hamas terrorist organisation declares its intention to destroy Israel and sends thousands to breach the border fence in order to achieve this goal. We will continue to act with determination to protect our sovereignty and our citizens."

An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman said soldiers had fired on those engaged in "terrorist activity and not on demonstrators, who were dispersed by usual means such as tear gas and according to the rules of engagement".

Announcing three days of mourning, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said: "Today once again, the massacres against our people continue."


  1. Semites kill Semites in a savage faraway land.
    If the tables were turned, the other side would do exactly the same.

    Nobody is really right, Nobody is really wrong.

    Frankly my dear, I Don't give a Damn.

    1. "If the tables were turned, the other side would do exactly the same. "

      This applies closer home too you know...

    2. What can you expect from Monsterball who is an advocate of white supremacists.

      I am just wondering what is the comment from TDM or Azizah or from the new Minister of Defence on this killings.

    3. nah he is not an advocate of white supremacist. He is just a right wing Christian devotee of Israel and USA, wakaksks

  2. Go go to isreal tp fight against the isrealis.

    All kaytee need to do is to convert your citizenship into aussie one

  3. If it was still the old Government, it would have kau-kau condemned this violence and setting up of USA embassy there. But as we know, this Government is now beholdened to the Hallelujah Horde, so not a single pipsqueak coming from them. Oh how the oppressed no longer have a voice in this region. The Rohingyas too, will soon be forgotten. Its sickening.

    1. Why bother? What about PRC tekaning the uryghur and Malaysia said nothing?


      Go kill Chris Chappelle.....hahahahaha

    2. The difference is, the Uighurs weren't systematically slaughtered wholesale, denied a home and land, and even citizenship, not to mention no representation nor voice.

    3. Really? Wanna go there and find out yourself? And the other hand....hahaha