Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fengshui lesson for myPPP

Malaysiakini - MyPPP not joining Harapan, will be independent: Kayveas (extracts):

stop imitating Azmin Ali, wakakaka

MyPPP maintains its stand that it will be a party independent of any coalition, including the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH), said party president M Kayveas.

Speaking at a special press conference at Wisma MyPPP today, he said the party had no intention of joining Harapan after having left BN.

“Right now, we are focused on restoring the party leadership. Honestly, I am disappointed with the treatment accorded to the party when it was in BN,” he said to reporters.

Kayveas spoke to the media after chairing the inaugural meeting of the newly-appointed 22-member supreme council for the 2018-2023 term.

He said the appointments were made in accordance with the powers vested in the president by the party constitution.

The appointments include five vice-presidents namely Gandi Muthusamy (senior vice-president), Zakaria Abdul Rahman, A Chandrakumanan, Soma Sundram and Gilbert Goh Kian Puay.

I have 3 things to say to Kayveas:

(1) I'm glad you made the decision not to join any coalition because none will have you, wakakaka,

(2) Your 22-man supreme council looks fantastically and pompously impressive that I feel like joining your party (if not for Point No 3 which follows),

(3) Do you know why the popular Indian film "Singh is Kinng" is spelled with 2 n's in the word 'Kinng'? It was an Indian fengshui master who persuaded the producer to spell the title like so, for good luck and prosperity.

Thus I want to say to you that the spelling 'myPPP' could be bad fengshui. considering you party went from 'go to woe'.

Think of the Seenivasagan Brothers' days when your party name had the simple but powerful abbreviation 'PPP' and how those Indian brothers were the political royalty of Chinese dominated Ipoh and the Kinta Valley. Not even the DAP could suck their whatever.

DR, the more fiery and popular of the brothers 


Matey, it's all about fengshui. so think seriously about that. And also change PPP from People's Progressive Party to Peninsula Progressive Party.

Peninsula will be okay as you won't participate in Sarawak or Sabah, well, not for the next 50 years or so. And get rid of People as it sounds too communist.



  1. A cheebye kaytee who knows nuts about ppp wanna give advice.

    I also advise kaytee to come clean with his fucking identity and his unwavered support to najib

  2. Zero support now, no Parliamentary nor State seats.

    The party will not survive without handout funds since it had left BN and not accepted into PH. All this while, this party muPPP has only lived on handouts from Ahjibkor which will be shown when more dirt are revealed. Ahjibkor purpose was solely to weaken Malaysian Indians from uniting under a common Indian front and maintain MIC survivabilty to make BN look good. Same modus oprandi was used for accepting Hindraf at one time.

    Same political manoeuvering was repeated for Malaysian Chinese, East Malaysians and hence the continued existence of MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, LDP, UPKO, Star, PBS, PBDS etc. East Malaysia has the extra element of maintaining a Moslem agenda via tribal desegregation.

    Greed is a common denominator in all of these leaders in this puppeteer scheme and their ability to hoodwink their supporters is this game is the only reason why they are supported by largesse from BN.

    When the funds from BN dry up, most will now seek from PH and continue the game for their own self preservation.

    All these greedy leaders should never be accepted into PH and should be left out in the pasture to die for betraying their supporters, race, tribes and religion.

  3. PPP should just re-focus on their roots in Perak. They and Gerakan's deaths were because they left their power base to move into nationwide politics. This alienated their grassroots, giving chance for DAP to entice them and now their power base became DAP's power base.

    1. PAS should just disband and just become NGO. Hahahahaha!

    2. Perhaps, but only if DAP agrees to do so first.

  4. Coming soon...rebranded myUMNO.
    It will have a Kelab Penyokong UMNO, open to all races. Ktemoc will be Member Number 00001.

    1. He will go further than just 00001. He loves MO1 so vely vely much that he will go the full nine yards.... potong his kk bird and be full member of myUMNO...from atheist to muslim and would come to love even Hadi Awang...see, even now, no more carping and dissing of that holy man, waakakaka. But guaranteed his hatred for LKS and Dr M will increase thousand folds by then, esp poor LKS....

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