Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A leopard doesn't change its spots (2)

MM Online - Dr Mahathir plans to develop island in Singapore Strait:

KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — Malaysia’s prime minister said today the government plans to form a small island on an outcrop of rocks near the eastern entrance to the Straits of Singapore.

Ownership of the strategically located islands in the area was previously disputed by Singapore and Malaysia, with an International Court of Justice ruling in 2008 awarding the Middle Rocks to Malaysia and nearby Pedra Branca island to Singapore.

“It is our intention to enlarge Middle Rocks so we can form a small island for us,” Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said at a news conference. — Reuters

He hasn't changed. Probably still mad at Najib for selling off KTM land to Sing.

OK, no bridge for us, no HSR for you (though Sing travelling to Malaysia brings with it economic benefits (just like tourism).

And to fCk the Sings up a wee bit, build an island which process will cost Malaysia hundreds and hundreds of millions, apart from suggesting the Sing voters may wish to vote out the PAP - what a lovely diplomat worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize, wakakaka.

feeling hurt - I thought you bodek-ites was gonna vote for me like you did before

The silly petty inferior-complex one-upmanship against Sing continues.

And the Hell-Hounds plus the dCk-sucking dedak-makan-ing acolytes will blindly defend his sinister silly scheme as absolutely brilliant.

brilliant brilliant fCking brilliant

Wakakaka, the leopard sure hasn't changed its spots.

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  1. The poker game has only just begun. This wily leopard is three steps ahead of everyone. He’s already thinking about the money corrupted Malaysians are hoarding in or have funnelled through SGP banks, institutions, property etc and how to get it back. Not his, if any, of course. Every bit helps as we inch towards 200B.1MDB for starters only. Timber money next ala Global Witness. SGP has to coorperate because not doing so would spoil their clean reputation.

  2. Now that we have a Harapan Fund, GST lovers can continue to contribute 6% and help pay off that Pavilion, I mean Trillion.

    1. no, we are going to leave it to you Hell Hounds to help your icons, wakakaka

    2. What's that do to yr claimed support for that 6% fame?

      Tok kok, yes?

    3. I thought kaytee is antheist. What happen?

    4. No way Ktemoc will chip in for the TabungHarapan fund la...his hard earned dedak, at the risk of his reputation, willing to brave the brickbats for turning coat and turning traitor, way will he chip in a single cent. If anything, he will run down kaw kaw the new government, the country can go to hell, as long as his Najib and wifey can get away cleanly.

  3. Shelving MRT3 is probably a good idea. Before we start spending anothet 30B it is wise to see how the launched MRT1 performs FINANCIALLY. MRT2 is already committed. But let’s wait before we sink more money into MRT3 and have a few more PRASARANA on our hands.

    1. Its foolish to expect MRT1 to get profits. No effective public transportation in the world can perform FINANCIALLY. Not even Sinkie.

      KT can vouch that travelling by Metro in Sydney isn't cheap either, at $2.00 per station.

    2. MRT is a necessity.
      The MRT 3 would probably get reactivated once the country's finances are in a more responsible state.

      The HSR is NOT a necessity for Malaysia, and better be able to pay for iteself through cash flow.

    3. The HK mrt Corp is the only profitable mass rapid operator in the world. Though the train operation contribute insignificant margin compare with the rentals generated via business premises.

      By removing the booked initial cost of construction, S'pore mrt is also profitable, purely on operation!

  4. Why jumped to conclusion so fast uncle ......... wakakakaka. He also declared he would be the Education Minister ler and then ..... let see first lah!

  5. What was the cost-benefit analysis of the HSR again ?
    For RM 100 Billion cost (interest on loans included) , it had better be bloody fucking good, something like RM 130 Billion cash flow over 20 years, including tourism. That is RM 6.5 Billion per year.

    Where is that cash flow coming from ?

    1. The Isthmus of Kra will cost about RM112.0 billion before cost of funds. Ask Thailand how she would pay for the project?

      [Thailand's Kra Canal: China's Way Around the Malacca Strait

      A 200-year-old dream might finally become a reality under China’s Belt and Road.

      The possibility of the Kra Canal becoming a reality has been greatly increased by China’s Maritime Silk Road initiative and the Thai Canal Association (TCA), a group of influential former top brass soldiers advocating for the project. Based on reports, the canal will cost approximately $28 billion and take a decade to complete. China is reportedly willing to supply the financial and technological support to Thailand in hopes that the Thai canal reaches fruition.

      While the Chinese government has refrained from making any official claims, reports state that China and Thailand signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the canal project in Guangzhou in 2015. The MoU was signed by the China-Thailand Kra Infrastructure Investment and Development company and Asia Union Group. Apart from the Chinese interests in the region, however, the Thai government is trying to attract other international funding from Japan, South Korea, India, and ASEAN countries.]

      Read more at this link:

    2. One just CAN'T expect profitability purely from the train operation of the HSR.

      To be profitable in such an operation, the operator MUST think out of the box, just like the Hongkies.

      The numerous major city stops within M'sia, r gold mines waiting for explorations. Both business & employment.

      That's also not including the transitional indirect so-econ benefits generated. This so-econ spillovers r hard to evaluate BUT definitely exit if been given to creative entrepreneurs to explore!

      On the RedDot, she is already factoring in the possibility of the Jurong lake district as a 2nd business centre via the HSR terminal in Jurong East terminal.

      How come the Singgies can think this fast & far, in terms of business opportunities, while the bolihlanders can only think in terms of direct dollar&cent?

  6. Another facepalm idea from PH is to rob Petronas to cover the GST shortfall. That's like robbing your retirement fund to pay for your brand new Mercedes. Such shortsighted thinking by Ong Kian Ming is worthy of a Ignobel Prize for best Economics Idea.

  7. loose, beware, mahathir n his cohort lks will kick u singaporean ass kaw kaw, my advice is u better join kt in aussie, or ck in communist china.

    1. Moron, I left China longer ago by choice & opportunity.

      Now, I enjoy my Aguardiente in remote high attitude Andes.

      Eat yr heart out - dreamer!

  8. I bet you Kaytee That TDM is sore because Singapore refused to cooperate on the repatriations of stolen or laundered funds from Malaysia while awaiting criminal charges. They have the list of all the accounts and not freezing them immediately is not being friendly.

    The amount runs into billions and Singapore wants to keep that whether it's from crooks or criminals.

    No need drag other issues and twist it to show TDM has not changed his previous leopard spots.

    All will be fine when the amounts are tallied and criminal charges laid and request for seizures of such funds are requested. Hopefully such funds are not again transferred out of Singapore before it happened.

    Money Money Money. Got no Money. It's a rich man's world.

    1. There is also the rumoured dinner photo that would blow the mind of many jibby sycophants!


  9. The robbing of Petronas has been going on since 1974.

  10. Talk is always cheap, KT..
    As an old man, you should be older but wiser. Always have a clear mind with broader view of situation. Don't compare apple with rotten banana. Don't be a second R*K overseas.