Monday, May 21, 2018

Chua Soi Lek's "I told you so".

MM Online - Soi Lek: MCA like ICU patient getting wrong diagnosis:

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said MCA is in critical condition and yet still did not understand what went wrong. — Picture by Saw Siow Feng

KUALA LUMPUR, May 20 — Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek gave a damning appraisal of MCA’s future today, saying the party was in critical condition and yet still did not understand what went wrong.

In a Facebook post defending his previous stand for the party not to accept any Cabinet post after the 13th general election, the former MCA president said this would have allowed the party to renew itself from within.

He also insisted that MCA did not have any moral standing to claim Cabinet posts on the pretext of representing the Chinese community when the latter clearly rejected it at the ballot box.

It's Soi Lek's "I told you so" moment, wakakaka.


But based on his diagnosis (not forgetting he is a medical doctor, wakakaka), that the MCA could NOT even understand what want wrong in the recent general elections, the future of the MCA looks iffy.

For example, t'was said that (Malaysiakini) MCA president Liow Tiong Lai had attributed the party's defeat to PAS splitting votes, MCA's opposition to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Bill 2016 (Act 355) and billboards that said "voting BN equals voting Najib and wife".

Aren't those denying the truth why MCA was demolished kaukau by DAP and PKR?

Anyway, just a quick recollection on why CSL departed MCA, Wiki tells us:

In the Malaysian general election, 2013 MCA only won 7 of the 37 federal seats and 11 of the 90 state seats it contested. In the general election in 2008, it won 15 parliamentary and 32 state seats.

Chua said MCA remained adamant in not accepting any government post at both state and federal level, following its dismal performance in the just-concluded 13th General Election. The poor performance in the election led to calls for Chua's resignation.

Chua did not enter the following party poll for President, and in December 2013, Liow Tiong Lai was elected the President of MCA

CSL resigned twice, the first time because of his personal affair and then again after the MCA's disastrous 2013 performance which saw it's meager achievement in the previous 2008 GE being halved.

Recently, his son Chua Tee Yong was defeated in Labis by Pang Hok Liong, a retired DAP veteran called out for party service again. That defeat epitomised the MCA's pathetic standing amongst Chinese.

old cock beating young chook 

Though the MCA might have served the Chinese community significantly in the distant past (eg. obtaining citizenship for Chinese, vernacular education, etc), in recent decades, in fact since 1969 when it was overshadowed by its rival in BN, the Gerakan Party, it had already lost most Chinese support.

Dr Lim Chong Eu, ex-MCA president and former Gerakan Boss

he defeated MCA
 kaukau in Penang in 1969 

That's half a century ago. Admittedly it made a resurgence in the 1982 GE when its president Lee San Choon accepted a challenge from the DAP and contested in a large urban Chinese majority seat, namely Seremban, and defeated the incumbent DAP Chairman Chen Man Hin.

Not only did Lee won his challenge, his party won 24 out of 28 allocated parliamentary seats and 55 out of 62 state seats. Chinese like a man with balls, and Lee San Choon showed them he had the gonads, wakakaka.

But after that, in 1983, unexpectedly Lee San Choon resigned his presidency and cabinet post for unspecified reason. T'was said he didn't get along well with Mahathir just as another MCA bright boy Tan Koon Swan didn't gel with Mahathir.

It did give Chinese the impression Mahathir didn't like MCA's bright sparks who could be too independent for his comfort.

The next resurgence was in 1995, when Ling Liong Sik led MCA to its best electoral performance, winning 30 of the 34 allocated parliamentary seats and 71 of the 77 state seats, and secured a majority of Chinese votes at the expense of DAP.

Ling Liong Sik

"once I was PM of Malaysia" (for a day), wakakaka

MCA did well again in 1999 when following the Anwar 'black-eye' episode, it saved Mahathir's 6 o'clock, wakakaka.

The 2004 GE was its last ever good performance, thanks in large part to what many people believe to be the resignation of Mahathir as PM, wakakaka.

Chinese Malaysians were so rapt at the departure of someone they saw as an unfriendly-to-Chinese person  that they voted MCA in to win 31 of the 40 parliamentary seats and 76 of the 90 state seats the Chinese-based party had contested. Their children today think otherwise and have now placed Mahathir on a pedestal where once Anwar stood.

As mentioned, that was the LAST decent election performance by MCA, when thereafter the party slid all the way down to near-oblivion.

Its virtually total loss of popularity with the Chinese community could be attributed to the following:

(1) UMNO undermining it in the eyes of the Chinese as cowardly, servile (yes-men) and spineless [I don't mean to hurt my mateys in MCA but that's the truth],

This would be the BIGGEST factor for the Chinese community scorning and rejecting MCA, and in parallel, the Chinese community flocking around the DAP.

It's irrational but it reflects the Chinese humiliation, hurt and huff over UMNO-issued policies which they hurl at MCA as both the surrogate and actual target.  

(2) Poor leadership [eg. Liow Tiong Lai was a joke],

(3) MCA's purchase of the independent daily Nanyang Siang Pau which embittered Chinese journalists, Chinese NGOs, a large segment of MCA and the Chinese community. T'was considered as a loss in freedom of the press.

(4) Chinese community's perception of MCA as a corrupt party, beholden to only Tai-Koe UMNO for its leaders' own gains. This image of MCA has stayed with the Chinese since 1969.

(5) Ignoring the public's wrath at the scandals surrounding Najib & family and the GST, and lacking adequate defence of them (regardless of whether the public anger had been justified, instigated or provoked). 

Whether correct or otherwise I invite MCA people to consider the above painful points.

But MCA still has deep pockets and I hope it will put that to good use to rejuvenate the party, bearing in mind the above criticism, namely, if in a coalition be an equal partner, choose good leadership, and stay clean.

But the old formula of either Perikatan or BN will no longer work, so think outside the box.


  1. MCA should reinvent itself as a Chinese-based NGO, doing community-based work.

    When the MCA-ised DAP eventually falters, it will be time to strike, as the Saviour of the Chinese community....


    1. If later DAP falters and become another version of MCA, then who is the new Umno that will pat the new MCA on the head and throw crumbs to keep it MCA-ised ? By then, Dr M would have given up his seat to Anwar. Abim head has emerged to urge Anwar to 'continue where you have left off'. So let's be patient and see where this new government will lead us. The important thing for now is whether it will continue to allow the voices of the public to ring is only barely a dozen days into the new governance.

    2. If Pakatan Harapan fails, the next Malay ruling party will be PAS or some other extreme Islamist version.

    3. Any meaningful teguran by DAP at this point in time will be seized upon as being trying to assert itself since it is now the so-called second strongest in terms of seats won. Now is NOT the time for DAP to make 'noise'. We just do not want another revisit of May13, where the Chinese was accused of being arrogant in victory.

      There's one blog going by the name of Life of Annie. "She" is considered one of the rare pro BN bloggers who allows free for all comments and from what can be seen, at least 90% of the comments inundating her comment section are from pro PH supporters. Of course 'she', like the rest of us, is as equally as gobsmacked the whole of Malaysia by this great election result upset. And she suddenly loses her cool...

      DAP territories
      I can sense that many were not very happy when I highlighted the truth about

      Pribumi Bersatu's strength

      Yes, the truth is the party is not strong at all.

      True, many voted for PH because of Dr Mahathir and the need to get rid of Najib and gang.

      But Pribumi Bersatu on its own is actually nothing. Really, nothing.

      It doesn't have the number in parliament or any of the state assemblies.

      Except maybe in Perlis if Shahidan and his BN gang all jumped to Pribumi Bersatu later.

      That's the truth which many were angry that I highlighted.

      And this is another truth which many, especially DAP supporters, do not wish to be highlighted;


      DAP, in contrast, controls PH in Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, and Johor.
      Yup, that's really the scenario.

      Lets go through those states again;

      Penang - DAP 14, PKR 14, Pribumi 2, Amanah 2 / BN2 Pas 1

      Perak - DAP 18, Amanah 6, PKR 4, Pribumi 1 / BN 27 / Pas 3

      Negeri Sembilan - DAP 11, PKR 7, Amanah 2 / BN 16

      Malacca - DAP 8, PKR 3, Pribumi 2, Amanah 2 / BN 13

      Johor- DAP 14, Amanah 9, Pribumi 8, PKR 5 / Pas 1 / BN 19

      See, that's the truth. DAP is the leading party for PH in those states. (continue in next post...)

    4. (continue from above..)

      "Okay, in Johor three BN assemblymen jumped to Pribumi, making it to have 11 but still behind DAP which has 14.

      And yesterday it was announced that DAP got four of its assemblymen appointed as exco members. Johor has 11 exco seats.

      I have received information that DAP had actually demanded five exco seats. I guess the replacement was that one of them is to be a deputy speaker of the assembly.

      Not bad. What DAP wants, DAP gets in Johor....almost.

      How about Johor tiang seri DAP? Nice or not?

      Then this is the story from Malacca,

      Half of new Melaka executive councillors from DAP

      I think they should give the Malacca chief minister post to DAP too. Really, to be fair.

      May as well turn the state into another Penang.

      Something like New Straits Settlements.

      Penang, Malacca.....Singapore???

      And this is the story from Penang.

      Penang CM defends exclusion of
      PAN, PPBM assemblymen in exco lineup

      Ya la.

      How to give those Pribumi Bersatu and Amanah people exco positions.

      They got so few seats, okay.

      I really like this picture of LGE and new Penang CM Chow. So mesra and manja.

      Meanwhile, for Perak, we got this story;

      DAP leading race for Perak exco spots?

      Speculation is rife that DAP, who swept all 18 of their contested state seats in the election, will be allocated the largest number of posts in the new Pakatan Harapan (PH) line-up.
      Political observers believed DAP will receive either four or five exco posts compared to Parti Amanah Negara and PKR, which could get between three or two seats after their solid performance in the polls.

      I wonder what takes them so long to get the exco lineup done.

      Same like in Negeri Sembilan,

      10 Exco kerajaan Negeri Sembilan diumum minggu depan

      But I'm quite sure for Negeri Sembilan too half or more will be from DAP.

      So, you all want to get angry with me for highlighting these or not?

      Last time you all said you want the truth, so this is the truth la.
      Posted by Annie"

      Annie is not gangster like that Jamban guy or those Umno goons...but if even "she" can so riled up like this, then it make sense for DAP, which represents the Chinese, for better or worse, to zip up NOW so fresh from this victory to avoid another scenario ala that May day in 1969.

      So DAP under the leadership of wise and be stringent to sound out this warning to every level of the DAP not be reactive even if you encounter snide remarks of being the running dog of Dr M or the government...just keep your cool until the dust settles. By the by, I do think DAP endorsing Dr Maszlee as Ed Minister is a gem...although there's still something fishy about him that cannot be dispelled. Way to go extra careful now.

    5. If u read Annie, then u should follow Shuzheng.

      They r the perfect mirroring match of the opposite kind - the bigoted one with bruised ego to grind.

    6. Yup..had visited Shuzheng in the past, not often though...made quick exit after a brief drop-by !

  2. Nice written analysis of the downfall of once a grand party representing the Malaysian Chinese back then. But I think you left out 3 other contributary factors namely:

    1. Leaders still standing in mixed seats with high percentage of Malay voters and seen as cowards and humiliating when UMNO leaders were openly saying they can survive on their own in forming the Govt. and perhaps a more Islamic Govt. with PAS without MCA and thus acknowledging that MCA MPs are just lackeys to UMNO and won't be able to represent their concerns and interests.

    2. A very stupid and humiliating appeal to voters to choose MCA so that they can be represented in the Cabinet and Govt. when common sense says "What For?" if the Chinese can have better representation thru DAP or PKR if PH wins the GE.

    3. Cannot even speak about rampant Corruption, thievery and justice for murdered and kidnapped victims when it does not even touch on Ketuanan Melayu and Islam and which are just basic human moralities. It was just so shameful to be even associated with anything MCA.

    Kaytee. I am waiting for your analysis on why UMNO, PSM, Gerakan, MIC and PBB lost badly also.

    1. Nice writeup.....nostro piggy piggy pig pig

      Come on la! Nong nong time ago, lky called mca a eunuch party.

      Ask this motherfucker kaytee tells what we dunno

    2. Hopefully he won't go back to tantrum throwing...hopefully by now, he has finished venting his bile out because his beloved Najib tumbled so shockingly from the great fall. The mothership has sunk and we will soon see the rats leaving the shipwreak in droves. Our ex dear leader are still babbling nonsense...he said it was slander that had brought him down, and yet at the same time scolding his troop for failing to alert him to the real situation; and he still persists he never stole a single cent. He basically needs to sleep off his shock and not give nonsensical interviews in such blur stage. It is good he gets to touch base at Pekan recently so that he won't go completely off the rail...

    3. I am waiting for kaytee to vomit tons of blood till death


    Tan Koon Swan was cursed by the Chinese working-class for his role in the collapse of the MCA-linke Multi-Purpose Holdings and the Kojadi education fund.

    1. Ya ya....even singapore stock exchange gotta close for a day for this cheebye act....sorry sorry....he is bornt again christian

      Tan kwan soon is cleansed. As for kaytee, he can jump into yellow river and die there

  4. The Chinese rejected MCA not because it refused to take on UMNO by the balls, but instead because it refused to take on DAP by the balls. It is ball-less with the current crop of cowards as their leadership, and only Wee Ka Siong dared to take on DAP which in no small coincidence won him his battle against their state chief nonetheless.

    If you watched his videos, he was daring, confident, even slightly crude against LGE, and perhaps the Chinese community wants these kinda leadership, but MCA leaders & members (bar WKS) have proven to be ball-less chooks who refuse to even engage with DAP flowers, much less take their brutes to the cleaners. Chinese history have always been about strong leadership and MCA provided only short burst of it in its history. When it was meek, the community rejects it (case in point: only 2 years on from Merdeka (GE 1959), it already lost a number of seats & popularity to the Socialist fronts).

    It was a party of gentlemen trying to fight a dirty war, and it should reflect on either being a party what the community demanded for, or it should just be a welfare party concentrating on TARUC & UTAR. WKS can be a worthy leader but I can't say the same for its party leadership and echelons. Sparing them the firing squad only prolongs their misery of cowardice & failures.

    And the Chinese community hate those 2 traits.

  5. TARC and UTAR should be supported by non-political foundations, which will receive strong support from the Chinese community.

    DAP is on record saying a Pakatan Federal Administration will continue to support UTAR and TARC.

    1. Its because of political support that TARC AND UTAR existed in the first place! And its because of political support that its very very affordable for even poor students to attend, unlike the so-called Islamic unis here which charge private institution prices.

    2. John should take to hadi awang instead

    3. Oil royalty still not returned to East Coast states as rightfully theirs, so where to get the money to setup higher learning institutes? At most Hadi can do with current financial constraints is setup sekolah tahfizes.

    4. Fuck u john. If i were ph, i will withhold the fund and make people riot against hadi awang

    5. I would assume you don't speak for PH nor their wider followers. Otherwise, I can safety assume that PH didn't fight to change for the better but to change to the same ol, same ol, "good" times during Mahathir's ironfisted and cruel rule.

    6. Yes....and john is definitely speaking for hadi awang

    7. I speak about Hadi on good faith which He most probably won't mind, but you speak about PH followers on bad faith which most probably they DO mind.

  6. Let's not forget DAP's original incarnation - the PAP.

    There, the usual sequence is become Minister, then if you are suspected of corruption, before even going to court you commit suicide.

    Things have changed a bit in the versi Malaysia. Get charged in court for corruption, then become Minister. Wakakakaka

    1. DAP is conditioning its supporters for low expectations and high pom pom factor.

    2. In most countries, you become a Minister first before you go to jail. In PH country, you go to jail first then you become a Minister.


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