Friday, May 25, 2018

Remember principles, democracy and majority?

Malaysiakini - Kit Siang and Perlis mufti moot fresh polls to solve Perlis crisis (extracts):

cina mudah lupa 

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin believe that conducting a fresh election in Perlis is one way to resolve the ongoing crisis in the state.

"One way to resolve the unseemly constitutional crisis in Perlis is for (Perlis menteri besar) Azlan (Man) to request the Raja of Perlis to dissolve the Perlis state assembly to pave the way for a fresh state general election," said Lim in a statement today.

This is in the wake of Perlis being plunged into political turmoil after Azlan was sackedfrom Umno just hours after being sworn in.

Perlis Umno chief Shahidan Kassim and nine BN state assemblypersons had refused to back Azlan and had boycotted the swearing-in ceremony.

Although BN won 10 out of 15 state assembly seats in Perlis in the general election, Lim believes that fresh polls will likely see a change of government in the state

And that is what Lim Kit Siang hopes for, a second bite at the cherry until his side wins all. Why not also have re-elections in Pahang and Sarawak as well?

I need to get to know the MB and ADUN well before I approve their installations as members of the state exco, initially for just 2 years (instead of a whole term)
in accordance with my new procedures

But tell me, when a party has won 10 out of 15 seats, what does democracy say?

It says: Lim Kit Siang has been tokking kok.

The problem in Perlis now is that HRH Raja Perlis installed Azlan Man against the wishes of the BN majority party.

Hasn't that been exactly what HRH Sultan Selangor did when he ignored Pakatan Rakyat's (not Pakatan harapan's) proposed candidate for MB after the 2013 GE?

HRH Sultan Selangor instead approved and installed Azmin Ali who was NOT the PR's nominee. And what then did PR say about HRH?

Today Lim KS has the brazen hypocrisy to suggest exactly what DAP had criticised HRH Sultan Selangor for. But even with Azlan Man being together with PH and PAS ADUN, the odds will still be 9 BN versus 6 PH-PAS-Azlan-Man.

Unless you are mathematically-challenged like Hannah Yeoh, wakakaka, you would agree 9 beats 6 by a bloody mile, so what fCking re-election is Lim Kit Siang mumbling about?.

Let's have a wee bit of principles and exercise of constitutional democracy, assuming the mongrels still remember what those two words, principles and democracy, mean?


  1. a new election wont solve any problem, i can agree lks tok kok.

  2. Aiyah...its called "proposing a solution which likely benefits my side."

    Lim Kit Siang is a politician, you know....

    1. Where was kaytee when he refused to hold Najib accountable vehemently over the perak illegal takeover?

      Fuck kaytee la

    2. Eat enough De Dak, and you will fall into a Deep Coma

  3. So what is your solution then? The Raja of Perlis holds two trump cards. He has the power to appoint the MB of his choice or he can dissolve the state assembly. Actually the state assembly has not even been convened yet. Like it or not Harapan may get a second bite at Perlis. Shahidan Kassim himself asked TDM for help. But Tun is a little busy so LKS lent a hand. He is quite free these days.

    1. Constitutionally the Raja of Perlis has to appoint the person who has the confidence of the most number of ADUNs to be MB. He knows that but he is behaving unconstitutionally, believing he can now give two fingers to the BN. On principles and the constitution the federal government must remind him of his limits.

      Yes, he can dissolve the DUN on the recommendation of the illegally appointed MB but that will be blatantly against democracy when at least 9 BN Adun (minus Azlan Man) will be against that.

      Let's see how the NEW Malaysia behaves constitutionally, wakakaka.

    2. LKS is preparing for his retirement. His job is done

    3. The FACT of the matter is state bn executive council, perhaps with the backing of the national bn, has to bring up this constitutional issue DIRECTLY with the blueblood.

      Unfortunately, the current bn leaders, state &/or national, have NO teloq to raise this challenging constitutional issue of appointing the person who has the confidence of the most number of ADUNs to be MB to the newly mint power exertive blueblood.

      Tough luck!

      U want Federal govt (say it loud & clear lah, mamak - the only one who has the ball) to lay that fact to the face of the blueblood!

      The federal government CAN only reminds the sultan of his limits when the state govt requests the help. Otherwise, it's an interference of an stately affair of an opposition member state.

      Check past Oz govt documents for this clear demarcation of federal & state (especially an opposition one) interactions on constitutional matter lah.

      Likewise, check how UK past govt resolved such messy interferences between the Scotland & the central govt as a guide lah.

      Perhaps, dissolving the current state govt to elect another more exertive ADUN is the lesser evil.

      Bcoz, if such issue is been somehow settled (?? Pacifying the blueblood with certain incentives that he couldn't refuse), then there is no guarantee another crownish flare would happen in the future.

      Then what? A Malay referendum to resolve the issue once for all!

      Wakakakakaka… if that's the case, at least the fall of jibby has done something significant for M'sia.

    4. LKS has finally completed the highway for his dynastic legacy. Now its time for him to return to the party and clean up any remaining dissidents towards Lim Dynasty. TSG & Dr Boo will be the next target.

    5. What about perak, cheebye kaytee? The works of master, najib razak! Cheebye kaytee talks cheebye mor kok la

    6. Ktemoc always Lembik when it comes to holding Najib to account.

  4. You erred in the article. HRH Sultan Selangor DID elect a PR nominee, but it was a PR nominee from PAS list instead of DAP/PKR list. The Perlis one was left field, as HRH Raja Perlis made an arbitrary choice.
    I would prefer he chose a PAS candidate to placate both sides, wakakaka, but que sera sera....

    1. not for HRH to elect. up to PR

    2. Constitutional he may be, but the HRH has the power to reject the candidacy if he feels the person may not be working for the best interest of his state. And as mentioned, he wanted options that PR is satisfied with, and PAS gave him that option. Don't forget that PAS was part of PR then.
      It's not like the current situation where the HRH selected someone not chosen by the MPs nor selected a member from the opposite side.

    3. And not up to you to comment. Fuck back to australia.

    4. I had a call from Pauline Hanson. She's looking for you, looes, and your very long long tongue, wakakaka

    5. Watch this before see Dr who (That's me always win)