Thursday, May 24, 2018

Constitutional monarchies?

Perlis has a monumental problem with its selection of a MB following GE14.

Not too long ago, Pahang also had a delay in the Regent approving the BN appointed MB but for a different reason - because HRH wanted time to get to know the MB and exco better. I have never heard of such a reason nor do I believe the Regent of Pahang has such a constitutional right.

Both Perlis and Pahang are coincidentally BN controlled states.

But to show that the issue is not so much in the politics of the party which controls the states, Selangor, a Pakatan ruling state, has an even more bizarre problem.

Its outgoing MB Azmin Ali is supposed to/has vacated his MB position to take up a federal appointment as the new Economics Minister, but he has no replacement for a few more weeks. Why?

let me think - hmmm 

According to Azmin, HRH is reviewing the list of suitable replacements. And according to Azmin, a few weeks for that?

The three states are obviously Sultanate states where in each, the ruler (or regent) has been the apparent cause of the delay in appointing a new MB, or in the case of Selangor, as so claimed by Azmin Ali.

Methinks the HRH's might have exceeded their constitutional powers in delaying the appointment of a MB when such an appointment has been already selected by the respective ruling party. And indeed, such an appointment is vital to the effective and efficient running of the respective states.

Now, why is the PM who has been renowned for his royal dentistry (to wit, de-fanging awkward sultans, wakakaka) and/or Pakatan (so fond of correct due process) keeping quiet in the face of such constitutional irregularities and/or defiance by royals?

Time to crack the constitutional whip.


  1. Old scores to settle?

    More likely the Royalties are told politely not to appoint any MB in BN states cos it may be a futile exercise and undermine their rule.

    As for Selangor, it may just be a case of unsuitable candidate proposed by the Dwarf. PH may have to propose another one.

    1. Most probable reason for delay is the Sultan only got 1 candidate name when he requested for options. Until this impasse ends, Azmin is tied.

  2. There r time to deal with each & every possible issues facing M'sia just after ge14.

    One step at a time.

    Economy 1st.

    Then administration, then bluebloods' fang baring lah!

  3. selangorian seem fine with it, choose a good one, no hurry.