Sunday, May 20, 2018

Today's 'Heroes'?

MM Online - Kembara Kitchen swings by Najib’s house to feed ‘heroes’ on watch duty (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 19 — Social enterprise founder William Cheah and his crew from Kembara Kitchen surprised policemen and journalists keeping watch on Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s house in Taman Duta here today with parcels of piping hot food just before buka puasa.

After hours of the blazing hot sun followed by rain, those on duty broke into wide smiles as they accepted the proffered packets containing seafood fried rice, tofu, and lor bak with gratitude.



One group don't need it as they were alleged to have self-fed themselves with chocolates and other goodies from Najib's family fridge (and even alleged to have ordered the host to prepare food for them), wakakaka again.

And the other are what would be termed in the West as professional ghouls, rather than heroes.

Definition of a 'ghoul' (noun):

1. an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.

2. a person morbidly interested in death or disaster.

BTW, I hope the lor bah was made from chooks, naturally headless chooks, wakakaka.


  1. Not too long ago the ex-FT Minister wanted to shut down all soup kitchens in downtown KL and ask them to move further out. Not nice for tourism they said. Now we see they provide an essential public service to media and police personnel in the very downtown and very very swanky Duta area, in the month of Ramadan. Nice move Kembara, you've made your point. Shame on the previous administration.

  2. Today's Warriors.

    Public hysteria, mob rule and online lynch mob's trial and decision: Najib is a thief (for stealing RM42.0 billion from 1MDB) and also a murderer (for Altantuya's death). Accolades, kudos and cheers to the chief/co-chief adjudicators - Monsterball/CK. Wakakaka...

  3. The police and journalists outside Istana Duta are just doing their jobs, don't condemn them.

    One or two ordinary Mata-Mata ,hungry at 3 am in the morning ( their last meal may have been 7 pm ) , overcome by the opulent splendour of the Alladin's cave that they were in , helped themselves to some chocolates in the fridge.

    It's not right , but don't go overboard condemning them. They didn't steal a Billion Dollars.

  4. Maybe it's because of the month of Ramadhan that some kind souls decided to do a good deed for those highlighted everyday on TVs doing their jobs and perhaps a little bit of publicity to their cause.

    As to those police officers stealing chocolates and asking for food to be prepared, it is of course a blemish on the professionalism of the PDRM.

    But i would like to ask the following:

    1. Knowing it is Puasa month, was food prepared for those working into the wee hours of the morning for Sahur? if not, why? It is just insensitive to order a moslem to forego his fast for the day if he miss his Sahur because he needs to work.

    2. Were there any senior officers watching discipline over the men while searching the premises or were they also involved and closing one eye?

    Whatever the circumstances, what I am most surprised about is "Why make a mountain out of this partaking in food (trivial compared to the Loot)" by Ahjibkor and Kaytee and the media?

    It just show the hidden attempts at portraying the suspects being searched as civilised, honourable, innocent victims and the PDRM as uncout, ill disciplined and revengeful authorities to the public.

    It reminds me of the show of Mr. MAGOO.

    Lim Kit Siang declined to join the Cabinet.
    DAP has tons of talents in its leadership ranks to be selected for the Government Front Bench.
    I think Lim Kit Siang will focus on DAP party matters as well as governance issues , as he has for 50 years.

    Ktemoc has painted Lim Kit Siang as a power-hungry ogre.

    What say you ?

  6. On the subject of Loh Bak one should also ask if handbags made of crocodile or other unknown animal hide also halal ? We need a fatwa on this.

    1. haram to eat, not haram to touch

    2. Whoah! Kaytee wanna enter the council of religious harmony set up by mahathir hah

  7. Today's heroes, yesterdays terrorists.
    Yesterday's heroes, today's terrorists.

    History is shaped and written by its victors.


    Akakaka.. looks right there really are ghouls gathering around Istana Najib... not there on duty or job assignment.

  9. The truth about this piece of sh*t-rant!

    Before the police raids, someone caught with video about some salvaged operations to transport bags (the expensive kinds) & luggages from 11 Langgak Duta in Taman Duta to Pavilion Residence using unauthorized pm department's van!

    The captured video will be a concrete evidence that those confiscated ITEMS r originated from 11 Langgak Duta in Taman Duta.

    Thus, proved solidly they r not the ptsonal processions of the occupants of Pavilion Residence as claimed by jibby!

    Oooop bodoh lagi bodoh.


    1. Kaytee will say....fake news....fake news

  10. the same hero that chased us during bersih march?