Thursday, May 17, 2018


Malaysiakini - Anwar: Daim can contribute, but must be mindful of past scandals (extracts):

"Daim can contribute but he must be aware. People appreciate that he has joined, but people are also expressing deep consternation that he has been unable to explain some major problems in the past.

"People say there's no need to bring old baggage, which is true, but to me, if you want to talk about democratic accountability, it must not stop at (former prime minister) Najib (Abdul Razak).

"Although I don't think (it should go) to the extent of a vendetta, and endless witch hunt," Anwar said in an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini at his residence today.

It's interesting to hear Anwar say "I don't think (it should go) to the extent of a vendetta, and endless witch hunt" because I reckon that have been going on against Najib.

MM Online informs us via Lawyer: Najib’s home raided over money-laundering probe, handbags seized that the police raided and search Najib's house for more than 6 hours in a money-laundering investigation, but made no arrest nor took away any documents except handbags and clothing.

The Star Online reported:

Najib’s lawyer Datuk Harpal Singh Grewal told the media at 4am on Thursday (May 17) that police had searched Najib’s house in Taman Duta.

He said the family were cooperative.

“No documents were taken, nothing of note, only personal possessions including bags.”

“It's a big house so they had to search each room. That's why it took so long.”

“There are no arrests now and no indication that there will be an arrest” he said.

No charges were mentioned, although Harpal believes that it could be under the money laundering act.

He also confirmed that police had also searched an apartment in KL.

Meanwhile Malaysiakini reported:

once a proud Bugis warrior, now sadly down and out 

The police's marathon search of former premier Najib Abdul Razak's residence along Jalan Langgak Duta in Kuala Lumpur has raised the ire of those close to him.

A source told Malaysiakini that conducting such an operation on the first day of Ramadhan was unwarranted.

He also shared a photograph of Najib falling asleep on the sofa as police officers from the federal commercial crimes department combed his house.

He pointed out that as a former premier, the latter should be accorded due respect regardless of the circumstances.

“This is uncalled for. Why couldn't they conduct the search earlier? He has to prepare for Sahur (pre-fasting meal) soon,” he added.

The source also criticised Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad over the operation, which came exactly a week after Pakatan Harapan won the 14th general election.

“Looks like Mahathir's revenge has won. I hope he is happy wherever he is sleeping,” he added.

the fury of vengeance

Alas! the gods have lured me on to my destruction. ... death is now indeed exceedingly near at hand and there is no way out of it – for so Zeus and his son Apollo the far-darter have willed it, though heretofore they have been ever ready to protect me. My doom has come upon me

— Iliad, Book XXII


  1. Cheebye Kaytee.....Didn't you call Lim Kit Siang Traitor? Vengeance? If not, what else?

    When are you going to apologise to LKS?

  2. hahahahahahaha.......Kaytee.....when are you going to come clean yourself? Even Chee Soon Juan was summoned to parliamentary select committee.......Perhaps you too?

    and this......If only Najib can allow this, BN wouldn't have lost

    Chiam See Tong is akin to Tan Chee Koon. Mr Opposition (Singapore)

  3. If BN had won GE14, Najib would definitely not enforce the law against TDM, Tun Daim, TS Rafidah etc for going against him. All will be forgiven and forgotten, even scandals from 20-30-40 years ago. All his opponents will still be able to speak freely and travel overseas. No raids, fake news investigations, election law transgressions, harassment etc. Absolutely no vendetta. Believe that?

    1. Najib destroyed or attempted to destroy many individuals in his quest to protect himself and his cronies from 1MDB scrutiny.

      Ktemoc was completely silent on the vendetta pursued by Najib at the time.
      Now he is Sooo protective of Najib.

      Double standards, No Standards.

    2. You mean after all their scandals that was exposed by the very people you worship, should be let scott free just because they're on your side now? Ever heard the word, hypocrisy?

    3. Ever understand what repent means?

      Perhaps it's too early to say that for mamak.

      But judging from his prevailing behavioural trends in tackling sopo-econ issues affecting the countries & his high-handed resolves in doing dirty but necessary actions demanded by the rakyat, mamak COULD very well be a changed man!

      Just wait lah, while u eat yr heart out to expect the same old same old mahathir to emerge.

      Meanwhile look into yr house mirror to find a true munafik who would 'parade' his religion belief just to masquerade his split identity.

    4. Repentance is not for you to decide. Its the courts responsibility.

      No matter how long ago the crime was, justice must be served even if he's became a monk/priest and only talk about holy things.

      I agree, you should look into the mirror and see whats a piece of hypocritical, double standard munafik zombie.

    5. can najib choose to repend now?

    6. Why not? During puasa month, Muslims must seek repentance and forgiveness from Allah. Puasa is holy month not just to cleanse the body but the soul as well.

    7. Repent memang boleh..puasa month or not...anytime pun boleh repent after committing crimes. But just remember, after your repentance, kuai kuai submit to the rule of law...take your due punishment meted out by the courts.

  4. Najib's house may well be holding evidence on his kleptocratic and related money-laundering activities.
    This is nothing compared to the vicious abuses of power which Najib ordered in his obstruction of justice activities back in 2015/2016.
    One Finance Ministry official who was part of the original 1MDB task force support staff had her home ransacked at midnight, family terrorised and when they couldn't find anything threatened to be deported to Singapore immediately (she is a Malaysian Permanent Resident).

    However, my view is the police could have done this during daylight hours.
    There was no need to do a night time raid on his home.

    A bit too much...

    1. Old habit dies hard!

      Can expect speedy changes in police SOP that have been meme-ed into the very bones of that orgsnisation.

      Moo, over to u!

      And do keep reminding yrself about NEW Media constantly & continuously.

  5. Time for Najib Razak to watch this film. If Admiral Kolchak was brave enough to face the enemy and gunned down......


    I am waiting for kaytee Mock to perform seppuku

  6. Monsterball, you have accused Najib of kleptocracy, money laundering, corruption whatsoever. Where's the evidence?According to the teachings of the Holy Qur'an, all your accusations are FITNAH until you can show the evidence. You should just kill Najib, it would be a lesser sin/evil than FITNAH. Ramadan Kareem to all Muslims.

    1. Wakakakaka……

      Fitnah as to be denounced by 4 male witnesses?

      Just wait lah. The evidences r slowly coming out now as u fart!

  7. What nonsense Vendetta stories?

    Putting a photo of a suspect of crimes sleeping comfortably slouch on a settee with SPECTABLES on and hoping to get some sympathy or instigating an uprising by still emotionally charged loyal thugs and hypnotised followers?

    How morally low can you go justifying this story?

    If he is also a suspect responsible towards all those murdered, kidnapped, convicted in kangaroo courts, instilling bigotry etc, the Vendetta has not even started.

    So, what Vendetta has all those victims done yet when it has not even started?

    Are you trying to be an accomplice towards covering up crimes against fellow Malaysians and humanity?

  8. Witchhunt - ticked
    Selective persecution - ticked
    Kangaroo court - next
    Mass execution - coming soon

    Didn't I say Mahathir went straight for the Reign of Terror? Now I told you so. Hohohoho!

  9. "once a proud Bugis warrior, now sadly down and out"
    My version of the caption....once high-flying pirate , now getting a taste of what he dealt out to others....

  10. The New York Times dubbed it "The Downfall of Malaysia's Man of Steal"

  11. I got an earful from one of my Penang UMNO contacts.

    You guys have been screaming about Human Rights and due process for years and years.

    Najib's rights are being violated. Where is the due process ?
    But you guys have gone quiet.

    My answer to him was - where are the UMNO guys ? Not defending him ? Only fair weather friends ?

    When Mahathir had Anwar Ibrahim arrested 20 years ago, 10,000 , no ...100,000 people came out in KL to protest , braving tear gas and arrest. That is how Reformasi was born.

    Where are your people to show their support of Najib ?

    1. Its bad enough that one side is uncouth, unruly bunch of hooligans and gangsters. UMNO members doesn't need to stoop that low and let justice takes its course.

    2. Again, you should study more quran and refrain from even giving your fucking comment.

      Nik Aziz told me Allah guarantees that you won't get your virgins if you refuse to do so

    3. umno member is much worst. it seem sometimes u just argue for the sake of argue.

    4. Much worst how? I have never heard of xenophobia cases from UMNO members that almost threatened the good relations between 2 nations.

      As for Looes, you still own me the 4D winning number. If Nik Aziz talks to you, surely you should know. Now spill it.

    5. one can felt what i mean by worst if one is not a malay n muslim, u cant?

    6. Red shirt not umno thugs?

      Jamal ikan bakar not umno hire-hand?


      Reading deficiency in terminal phase!

    7. They're thugs alrite but their actions hardly threatened the good relations with countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. This unlike PH thugs.

      CK, you should really fix that learning disability of yours. You don't seem to comprehend anything. Hohohoho!

  12. John, ever heard of incredulous sarcasm?

    1. Ever heard of Double standards?

    2. didnt we said let the thief catch the thief? tis is what happening now, n thief where got std one?

    3. Thieves have code of honour, but hypocrites have none. A hypocritical thief? That's worse than scum.

    4. i dun know whats a thieves code of honour bec i am not a thief. but i can agree a hypo thief is worst than scum.


    Ketua Umum PKR says - Retry the Altantuya Murder case

    This may be far more dangerous to Najib personally than 1MDB.

    But Malaysia may have to provide iron-clad guarantees to Australia not to apply a death sentence to Sirul in order to get him back.