Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Great Race

MM Online - Pakatan takes Perak after BN defections:

Back in 2008 in Perak, even when Pakatan Rakyat was already governing the state, Anwar Ibrahim continued his frog business, describing the revolving door frog, Nasarudin Hashim’s defection as reflecting “... the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave.”

Yes, Mr Man Man Lai was not only hard up for frogs but he had to single out Nasarudin’s defection as that of a new wave of Malay voters tsunami-ing over to his banner.

Well, today, it may well be true that the current BN defections over to PH in Perak could well be “... the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave”, thus fulfilling Anwar Ibrahim's 2008-hope.

Earlier this morning, MM Online also published Three Johor reps cross from BN to Pakatan (extracts):

Three Johor Umno assemblymen and 40 other members switched allegiances to Pakatan Harapan (PH) today, following the Barisan Nasional’s crumble in the 14th general election.

The assemblymen are Rasman Ithnain (Sedili), Rosleli Jahari (Johor Lama) and Alawiyah Talib (Endau).

All three have stated their decision to quit Umno and join Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) for the sake of the people they represent, and also in the spirit of Malay unity.

Wakakaka. The froggie season has started.

And yesterday we had:

(a) Supporting the One Belt and One Road Initiative (OBOR) with still no end to the problems of the Froggy Land.

(b) Improved 916 Mark II.

Can we make something out of the post-election second wave of the Malay tsunami?
My matey provided the following approximate stats:

PKR - 49
DAP - 42 (including Sarawak DAP)
Pribumi -12
Amanah - 10

GE14 gave us the following tally:

UMNO - 54 out of BN's 79
PAS -18

It would seem now it's going to be a great race between PKR and Pribumi to see who harvests the most number of frogs, wakakaka, for non-halal 'sweet-chook' broth.

Natalie Wood starred in The Great Race

the late actress was once America's sweetheart, and Anwar, who knew something about psychology (wakakaka) 'confessed' to Americans that he fantasised marrying Natalie when he was young

Out of UMNO's 54, say, 25 jumps over to PKR. That will give PKR a total of 74. Amanah adds another 10 to the lot, and we have 84. If PAS wants to play, then that makes the total 102. By this stage, it's near kowtim or at least PKR attaining dominant powers in PH. And if we add the frogs from across the China Sea, olala.

Good Lord, PKR may yet become a new new UMNO Mark III complete with its own pseudo-MCA (headed by Tian Chua) and pseudo-MIC (headed by Sivarasa?).

OTOH, Pribumi may have a few strategies in mind to cope with this lompat-ing phenomena.

Last year I posted Mahathir's legacy - a Greater Pribumi? in which I visualised and predicted such a scenario of frogology but with Pribumi the principal beneficiary, but if PKR beats Pribumi to the gun, it may well be that Mahathir's legacy of a Greater Pribumi may be inherited by Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka.

Won't that be the sweetest irony.

But one thing I know for sure, the current embarrassing and massive change of party loyalties has been driving BERSIH and Ramkarpal Singh mad.

Both have advised PH to reject any defecting BN state and parliamentary elected representatives into the coalition as such a move would be ill-advised.

BERSIH said that would also be a betrayal of the people's trust.

But I doubt Mahathir and PKR will listen as these two parties have different vision for the intermediate future, basically DOMINANCE.


  1. I hate the frogology
    I am 100% sure there was corruption involved in enticing them over.

    I can still remember the smell of tear gas. We didn't fight this fight to get more corrruption.

  2. y the finance minister n his dad so quiet one? dah makan dedak like u did?

  3. As usual that cheebye kaytee mention nothing on najib, that show who this cheebye is beholden to.

    Of course, till today kaytee has no cojones to show his photo or tell us his credentials

    And regardless of the froggies session, the one controlling federal government is mahathir

    Kaytee should be more worried if he can get his australian citizenship as he may become a stateless citizen very very soon

  4. "Finally I salute PAS for staying true to its course and behaving as the most principled party this election." ~ Helen Ang

    Well said Helen. What more could I say.

  5. even if there is malay umno mp frog into pkr, they r still more multiracial than that chindian party (tis is where i disagree with zaid, who label dap a chinese party) that lead by an asshole (not my word) n his not a chinese son (also not my word).

  6. I was grumbling to DAPA people last night about frogs and Why Pribumi takes the lead in Perak.
    Some of their explanations made sense BUT it is not pretty.

    Someday , we may learn to see each other purely as Malaysians , but we are not there yet....not by a long way...

    The fundamental problem of optics that Pakatan faces in Perak in 2018 is the same as in 2008.

    A Malay-majority state, a Malay Sultan, but with a heavily Chinese state government. Sounds so ugly to write this, but that's the hard truth.

    Amanah is seen as too close to DAP. Mat Sabu is real buddy-buddy with Lim Guan Eng.

    It makes sense to let Pribumi take the lead. DAP will be there to ensure the Nons interests are properly taken Care of.

    Look, the Chinese really do not want political power. Their three pillars are a level economic playing field, Education and protection of their cultural and religious rights.
    All the political games , the Malays can have it.

    1. I have yo agree with Monsterball's last 3 para

    2. "Look, the Chinese really do not want political power. Their three pillars are a level economic playing field, Education and protection of their cultural and religious rights.
      All the political games , the Malays can have it."

      is tis not mca ideology along the years?

    3. MCA got lost starting from the 1970's into a servile relationship to UMNO.

      THAT is what DAP must avoid as it embarks on its journey as a full fledged partner in the Malaysian Federal Government.

      Inter-Racial politics in Malaysia at a government level inevitably involves compromises. DAP already has 10 years experience of this in Selangor state. Azmin Ali is not easy to deal with wakakakaka...

      The key issue is at what balancing point do you agree on the compromises.

    4. See hy.....why are you losing to kaytee? Kaytee is great! He made u hate dap so that najob survives

  7. Mat Sabu is Defence Minister.. hahaha.. he is the least military type I can think of...

    Of the Cabinet members announced Mat Sabu is the one I would enjoy most having a teh-tarik with...too bad he doesn't drink beer.

    Lim Guan Eng is boring..all business..

    1. One blogger's take on Mat Sabu being appointed Defence Minister

      "Mohamad Sabu, popularly known as Mat Sabu, is perhaps one of the cleanest, principled and liberal MPs alive. The defence ministry urgently needs an overhaul after 61 years under Barisan Nasional. As defence minister for 12 years, Najib had corrupted the institution to the core. The inexperienced yet simplistic, approachable and incorruptible Mat Sabu are what deteriorating Malaysian Armed Forces needs now."

  8. "PAS yang sudah bersih daripada bakteria perosak terus melangkah dengan tenang dan bergaya melalui lorong-lorong politik yang matang dan sejahtera." ~ HARAKAH

    "Tiada ahli parti lain yang boleh melawan kerja-kerja yang ahli PAS lakukan untuk parti mereka. Mereka bekerja tanpa upah dan taat kepada pimpinan." ~ Profesor Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim

  9. Politicians and Principles? Frogs? Lets see clearly, ok.

    When did ever politicians ever had principles when we are talking about Power and Positions.

    Changing sides for the common good of the country, state blah blah blah etc. What hogwash. It sounds nice only when each party or coalition knows they need Frogs to attain their goal of becoming the ruling Govt. and then justifying them with such sweet and patriotic words.

    It's forever the voters who are Suckers whether we are looking at state or federal seats who voted them in based on their candidates and party's standing on principles or ideals.

    What horse trading shit for the good of the Rakyat are we talking about when it involved no one side having the majority to form the State or Federal Govt and need Frogs jumping?

    It's as clear as Day to me, when no one has the majority that another election be called whether at State or Federal if need be in the constituencies concerned so that the representative or party is clearly the one chosen by the voters of that state or Federal seat concerned. It is not the preorgative of the ADUN or MP elected to choose himself or herself to be a Frog.

    Nothing wrong waiting another 30-60 days without a State or Federal Govt. and the only impatient ones are the politicians all the time.

    Change the system to make it mandatory for a Bye-election whenever any wakil rakyat wants to be a Frog.

    1. Nostrog piggy piggy pig talking about principle

      Show me proof......nostrodamus

      I know u wont

  10. If they are mature they would have concentrate in their religious works and stop meddling with politics.

    If they are "smart" they would have saved their effort and money and use them to do more productive works like helping the single mothers, the poors in the kampong, spend on education for the disadvantaged.

    They contested in 157 parliament seats and won 18 knowing very well in most of them (up to you to estimate 50%, 60%, 70&) they would not have a ghost of a chance to win yet they still obtinately insist on entering the contest. Why? doing god's (or Ah Jibgor) works?

    "Mereka bekerja tanpa upah dan taat kepada pimpinan" ...... this is so dangerous. If you ask me, the correct thing should be to educate the followers, to teach them to open their minds, to learn and study to improve themselves. Not blindly listen to the leaders like blurr sotong.

    1. PAS is not involved in 'this' The Great Race (money, position and power) as per this post. We have alredy started to plan for GE15.

      As exppressed by Helen Ang, in this GE14, and indeed we agree with her, that PAS members are the most principled race.

    2. Wakakakaka if u believe in ha, then u must also believing in joceline tan.

      Both claimed to have the right cable & insights in bolihland solo analysis.

      How many basket of the broken glasses they need to pawn now after ge14?

      Perhaps, u & they should share some broken mirrors, courtesy of kt?

    3. Unknown.....nik aziz told me u go to neraka.....

      I have proof. Find me.

  11. BN Redux!

    UMNO regrouping in Pribumi. DAP to the next MCA. A few terms later, electoral disaster will cause them to give up the Finance Ministry. Syabas UMNO!

    1. When has it never been Umno vs Umno ? Why state the obvious ?

      Anwar Umno is ex Umno with Umno dna intact (the nons inside just window dressing)

      Najib Umno is current Umno who got itself vanquished

      Dr M Umno (the father of Umno )

      So when Najib Umno has soiled the diaper beyond redemption, the only way to oust him out is to call in the Father Umno (Anwar Umno in lock-up, his macai outside not efffective )

      So under the umbrella of PH, Father Umno managed to get rid of Najib Umno

      Now Father Umno putting in the controls, with Anwar Umno chaffing at the bit...two years is a long long time in politics....the PM dream might slip away from him again, so near yet so far, (a recurring nightmare)

    2. could be cheebye kaytee himself. Find him and i will gut him. I will start cut kaytee kukuciao

      I have spoken to pauline hanson. She will never let go kaytee