Monday, May 14, 2018

Perlis follows Pahang's delay in MB swearing in - why again?

In Peninsular there are ONLY two states which have been won by BN and thus that coalition's right to form the state governments. The two states are Pahang and Perlis.

In Pahang we saw the regent seemingly dragging his heels in swearing in the new BN MB with HRH's statement that he needed to know the ADUN better. Please see my post
Pahang regent delays swearing in of MB - why?.

Some of you have provided explanations which have not been very commendable on HRH.

Now the remaining BN-controlled state also sees its Raja Perlis need[ing] more time to review MB candidate.

Extracts of that NST's report tells us:

KANGAR: Raja of Perlis Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail needs more time to know the Menteri Besar candidate and other elected representatives as chosen by the state Barisan Nasional (BN).

Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin urged the people of Perlis to remain calm since he needed more time to acquaint himself with the names which has been submitted by state BN chairman, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim.

“I know that the people are eager to know who will be the next Menteri Besar for Perlis, but how am I to choose, if the names submitted to me, I do not recognise at all.

“I hope the people will remain patient and not to worry because I will not stray from the constitution and the law,” he said.

The situations in both Pahang and Perlis are NOT similar to the situation facing HM the Agong on the night PH won GE14, nor to that of HRH Sultan Selangor when PR won the state in 2008, because both Pahang and Perlis are won by BN and not a loose unoffical coalition but by a group of separate parties whose designated leader had to be ascertained to avoid the political-Adorna case.

But what is similar is that both are BN-controlled states in a PH-controlled federal government.

Oh, how the winds of change has affected HRHs to an extent they now need to know the DUNs better before swearing in the respective MB.

But constitutionally, even as a Chinese Malaysian, I am beginning to lean towards Bakri Musa's opinion, one which ONLY Malays should have, and non-Malays should keep out.


  1. What happens next is UMNO branches close as members switch to Pribumi. After a year or two we are back to where we started.

  2. Replies
    1. plus c'est la même chose

    2. Wakakakakaka……

      Doubling of the double of the alter ego!

      Wondering who starts all this?

      And for what?

  3. Looking at the website, the BN majorities in Perlis and Pahang look kosher. No doubt at all they have the right to form the State Government.

    These States have effectively No Government right now, which is not right.
    There should be no delay in swearing in the respective state governments.

  4. Huh? Cheebye kaytee....what the fuck kinda conclusion us that?

    One malay should have what fuck?

    My yingerand catches no bola2

  5. I opine that Bakri Musa is more inclined towards the Nons. I can understand because he is living in California now, and he doesn't like the Monarch since young when he was living in Sri Menanti. How could he write such an article?

    1. Bakri Musa might have republican feeing, having domiciled in the USA, but in his heart he is a melayu tulin. He doesn't like Chinese

    2. The very FIRST truth written by kt!

    3. No way will he get the support of the Malays. He is indeed part of the problem. Period.

    4. U should have attended one of his frequent talks in US.

      Most of the audiences r young melayu, highly educated & speaks like Yanks.

      And they ALL applaud energetically after the talk.

      This is the opposite of the melayu herds lead by the zombieic hadi!

      Clash of the Malay civilisation - no telling who will win.

    5. I myself have met some of the "young melayu, highly educated & speaks like Yanks"

      Oh yeah...they were a different kettle of fish indeed...and if compared to Unkown/hasan/john, then our choirboys here will be the new rural kampung folks, hehehehhe, and they the modern, educated enlightened cosmopolitan urbanites.

  6. Ceasar must have issued his warnings and all human beings on Earth shudder at what Ceasar can do.