Sunday, May 27, 2018

Just 2 weeks to resolve a 40-year old problem (1981 - 2018)

NST - Najib: In just over two weeks economy changed? (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak took to Twitter tonight to comment on Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng's remark that the country's economy remains strong with solid fundamentals.

Referring to a news article published by The Star, Najib said he found it odd that the country's economy went from being in crisis to remaining strong in a short period of time.

"I find it odd how fast the country's economy changed from apparently being in crisis and a failure before the 14th General Election (GE14) to being strong and solid.

"In just over two weeks?" Najib wrote on his account @NajibRazak.

Lim, yesterday, told reporters that Malaysia's economic fundamentals were still intact, noting that the new government would strive to make the country's fiscal position more sustainable.

"In the finance sector, for example, it is still strong and banks are stable because of (having) high capitalisation and with low non-performing loans...and liquidity in the funds or capital market are high,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

world's best finance minister?

hmmm, perhaps next to anwar ibrahim


Can't we argue it's the miraculous financial-economic acumen of our new Finance Minister which solves EVERYTHING in just two weeks?

I am confident we can.

Oh, Guan Eng also has the same national debt figure as Najib, at 680+ billion, and not 1 trillion as someone else "moaned" to the world.

does the trillion include above follies? 


  1. Lim Guan Eng exposed Najib Gasak's creative accounting.

    Official Government debt figure + RM 320,000,000,000 in liabilities which the Malaysian Government is legally liable to pay up in cold hard cash, but was never declared to the public.

    Almost all created during Najib's tenure.

    1. Not only my children but Even my Grandchildren will be paying for Najib Gasak's greed and thievery until 2039 - that's the payment deadline for some of the 1MDB debts which Najib Gasak "forgot" to list as a Malaysian Government financial liability.

      Creative Accounting bullshit.

    2. your over-eagerness to demon-ise everything Najib is not rational but in fact obsessive, as if you fear the TRUTH. You avoid the obvious topic in this post (as well as other posts) and goes off a tangent to be a Hell-Hound. You lack the 'balance' and 'fair-mindedness' to provide constructive comments or fair assessments.

      I wonder how much dedak you receive

    3. As if you never demonise lim kit siang....motherfucker kaytee

      You call lim kit siang traitor....cheebye kaytee

    4. I know I know - the Truth always hurts

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    6. Ya, thw truth about how crooked Najib Gasaj is hurts, hence smoke screen must be created by demonizing Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng.

    7. Because it seems kaytee has man menopause issue due to sudden loss by Nazik Razak. Basically, kaytee has gone banana

    8. you're accusing Kadir Jasin of demonising Guan Eng, wakakaka

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  3. Najib is upset that his Transformation Plan as presented by PEMANDU’s Idris Jala was for Malaysia to become bankrupt in 2019 then become a developed nation in 2020. One whole year! Tokong LGE only needs 2 weeks.

  4. Creativity is the key word here.
    Just like calling a house a " villa, superlink, garden home etc etc" doesnt change the fact it is a terrace house.
    Terrace house is a terrace house, liability is a liability and debts are debts. End of bullshit.

    Apparently, creative accounting only works for the PM. Anyone else who does this gets hounded to death by LHDN.

    1. Creativity is also buzzword for kaytee. Sometimes i got to admire the tenacity of kaytee willing to die for najib. Kaytee must have owed najib lotsa money

  5. TDM could always offer to give up our claim over Pedra Branca for cancelling the HSR.๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

    1. Nah! Just extent water agreement another 50 years

    2. No need to cancel HSR. But definitely need to terminate ecrl!

      HSR is more commercially viable then ecrl. The spillover businesses r aplenty than the 'isolated' ecrl.

      Think creatively to squeeze more econ benefits, direct &/or indirect, from the HSR. Maybe take a page out from the HK mrt Corp.

      To reduce fiscal impact, trade the ecrl contract with the M'sian portion of the HSR contract with the Chinese.

      The Chinese will be very gung-ho as they can see the business viability of HSR vis-a-vis ecrl.

    3. Yah, of the two, HSR is the Less Bad Project, and can probably generate some revenue and some objective economic benefits.

      ECRL is a disaster in progress.

      But knowing Mahathir, he will work on squeezing the Sings first.

      Malaysia unfortunately needs to be much more careful about offending China on ECRL.

    4. Hahahaha......nah! more like win win la. Last time round ended badly for Dr M. Dr M still wanna attend NUS alumni one you know......hahahaha

  6. My friend told me this story once.

    "I owe RM 600 (real debt to friends from whom I borrowed thru IOUs), RM 300 (debts I have to pay for son's debt as guarantor if he defaults) and RM 200 (daughter-in-law debts at Banks for the house all of us are staying in). My friends only knows me as owing RM600 and do not know my son nor daughter-in-law nor their debts, and am quite sure I can repay them slowly.

    I can continue slowly paying the RM 600 monthly to friends but will struggle to pay additional RM 300 debt if the son cannot pay and not forgetting an additional burden monthly of RM 200 to pay the housing loan.

    How much debt do I really owe to be paid when a solicitor's letter come to me as guarantor to pay up for my son's debt when he default on his debt payments?

    Idiot, lying, good for nothing son jolly all the loan monies he took last time, bluffing me it was for some big projects to make all of us rich and finally absconded overseas."

    So I replied " You also have to do some creative thinking now before all your friends, your son's creditors and the banks get worried you can't pay. You can sell or refinance your house, can't you? Don't forget also to hang your son."

    1. An economically-informed friend told me this.

      "Laymen usually can't grasp economic concepts. To them: Income - Spending = Savings. However, for the macroeconomy: Income - Spending = 0, i.e., Income = Spending.
      The corollary of this is: Financial Debt = Financial Savings. For us to be able to save, someone must be in debt, and that someone has to be the govt. If the govt was to be in surplus, we have to be in debt.

      We blame the govt for being in debt. Wait till the govt starts saving, we'll be cursing the govt like hell. Either way, the govt is always at fault. You can never satisfy people who are uneducated"

    2. That is what the Rah-Rah Dungus don't understand.

      An undeclared liability sounds sexy... until it comes back to bite you. 21st century accounting yah...

      Before the US Sub-prime crisis of 2008 exploded, many of the institutions which held the housing assets on their books thought they were real...until they turned out to be empty husks.

      Now.. I believe many of those institutions had reason to suspect the problems, but they pretend Dunno.

    3. Its because of your self-admitted old school thinking, that you're unable to grasp the difference between the microeconomics and the macroeconomics.

  7. lge is pretty ignorant, in fact most in dap r half a bucket of water, they r here solely bec of mo1, they shd thank him for that.

    1. I think credit is due for both sides.

      Mamak garnered the needed melayu vote bank in the face of umno & pas.

      Dap secured the Nons portion to angle the base.

      One w/o the other, there will not be a 509 change!

      Keep yr hatred for dap to yr bedroom & cry over it.

      The new M'sia has no place for yr cinapek apologi-itis!

    2. if both dap n mahathir r without mo1, they r still whacking each other today. u shd give credit to mo1 for killing off bn, almost.

      new msian dun need authoritarian apologist like u, u shd migrate to communist china wakaka.

    3. HY.....Your antics are helping kaytee. makes you stupid. Be a good boy la. Nah! the pacifier

    4. He is just a waylaid bleeding heart.

      Authoritarian apologist?

      Wakakakaka…… do tell any countries on earth is not in a manner authoritative in order for the governing system to work!

      Ooop…… Taiwan's ๅฐๆฐ‘็š„ๅฐŠไธฅ isn't authoritative, right? Hence her state of 'hidup segan mati tak mahu' nowhereland!

      BTW, Colombia can be considered as authoritative but it's much much better now than before when there were no enforcible governing at all.

      Bleeding heart like u, can NEVER understand this fact of life as u drown in yr utopian dream!