Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Anwar - the ghost of 1998

MM - Why Anwar’s freedom may open old wounds (extracts):

Anwar’s release would be a moment to celebrate for a group which laboured in Opposition for decades and faced constant pressure from those in office — he’s been jailed twice on sodomy convictions and also for abuse of power. Still, while a pardon would in theory clear the way for him to resume a political role, the move may exacerbate tension within the fledgling government.
That’s because Mahathir, 92, promised during the campaign to stand aside for Anwar once he was pardoned but is now pushing back the potential timeline by a matter of years.
Failing to make room for Anwar would highlight the extent to which the durability of the coalition rests on a continued rapprochement between the two former enemies.

“There is this give-and-take that the two must abide by,” according to Sivamurugan Pandian, a professor of political sociology at Universiti Sains Malaysia. “The longer the wait the greater the animosity among Anwar’s supporters, but at the same time they understand that the unifying factor that led them to win the election was Mahathir.”

Mahathir said today that Anwar will need first to contest a parliamentary seat, and potentially then take a Cabinet role.

“In the initial stages, maybe lasting one or two years, I will have to be the prime minister and I will have to run the country,” Mahathir said via video conference to participants at a Wall Street Journal event in Tokyo.

The relationship between Anwar and Mahathir has been marked by decades of bitterness and public attacks, stemming from Mahathir’s decision during a prior stint in power to sack Anwar as his deputy amid a dispute on how best to respond to the Asian financial crisis.

After he was fired in 1998, Anwar was jailed in the majority Muslim nation for committing sodomy and abusing power, charges he denied. He is currently in jail on a subsequent sodomy conviction and would require the royal pardon to bypass a five-year ban on re-entering politics.

There are already signs of tension in the four-party coalition in the election aftermath, including public squabbles over the way Cabinet posts are decided. The Pakatan Harapan (PH) grouping includes one mostly representing ethnic Malays, and one representing Chinese.

“I expect some resistance,” Mahathir said of differences related to Cabinet appointments. “So far we have been able to resolve. It is accepted that the final decision will be made by me.”

Anwar should be, if there is no sabo, released by this afternoon.

The more intriguing question is: Will a released Anwar sit still for 2 years?

His PKR people are notorious for their impatience, so will he buat diam diam as Mahathir PM's away?

Will he be subjected to the same party pressure (last time from his UMNO faction, this time from his PKR) as he was in 1998?

Will he succumb to the temptation to prematurely oust Mahathir again?

The permutation in PKR dynamics are staggering when you consider that within Anwar's party there also exists factions which are bitter to each other, and bizarrely this intra-party acrimony includes Chinese and Indians.

Not forgetting that on top of PKR's own fracture, there would be The Great Race between Pribumi and PKR.

But Wan Azizah, having met Lau Mah, behaves with extraordinary caution, first saying Anwar won't immediately be the PM, and now, saying there will No by-election planned for Anwar.

What was said between Lau Mah and her that she is now very guarded?

We know she, as the wifey of a husband, incarcerated for years in a on-off-on state of persecution, just wants freedom and peace for hubby and family. 

But again, the question that will bedevil Wan Azizah and family, will Anwar's PKR-istas remain kuai kuai for 2 more years?

Knowing the behaviour of the PKR-istas, I doubt it.


  1. Anwar SHOULD remain kuai2 for the duration that mamak took to 'right' the malfeasances facing the country.

    Physical, he needs out of jail rejuvenation. Just look at his recent photos, how physically drained & wasted he appeared!

    Mentally, he would be in no position to make ANY big decisions.

    1st, body affects mind. 2nd, during his incarcerated period he inevitably accumulates feelings of owning gratitude to many people who help him even though with selfish udangs. This feelings will cloud his judgement. 3rd, any outside infos he gathered r all third-handed, deprived of the consideration of timing & spontaneous circumstances that ONLY an involved party can experience.

    All things indicate he has NO stomach to do the 'dirty' but necessary actions that the mamak is doing now.

    Just wait on the sideline, let mamak finishes his 'missions' of purging umno/jibby's whatsoever poisons.

    Mamak has to retire, time IS just not on his side & it will be soonest than anybody care to realised.

  2. Mahathir: "The last 20 years was all a dream. We're back in 1998, and I'm still calling all the shots."

    1. Continued:
      Thanks to the party that was originally created to oust me and the person whose black eye gave that party its symbol.

      I eat ironies for breakfast!

    2. As they say: "you can't make this stuff up" ...

    3. Back in the 1980's there's a popular show called Dynasty and in it, all the later plot twist and turns was later deus ex machina'ed by a "it was all a dream" plot twist. We're really going back in time. All these decades was just a dream... just a dream...

    4. While we are on the 80's

      Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon
      You come and go, you come and go

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  3. will cheebye kaytee going to spin out of this

    "Despite UndiRosak, GE14 spoilt votes among the lowest in decades"

  4. Methink all these worries/scaremongering/fake news about past TDM vs AI squabbles are all hogwash now after they made an agreement before even GE14 so that TDM can lead the coalition PH into battle.

    Allowing TDM to lead the combined army PH is already a sign that a pact has been made. This pact also includes allowing TDM to rule for at least 2 years before handing over to AI if the GE14 is won, pardon obtained and he is finally qualified as an elected MP.

    The question is "Why did AI surrender to TDM in allowing his party PKR to be in a coalition and to be lead by his No 1 enemy? (DSNR was NOT his No 1 enemy)! The possible reasons could be at that Moment in Time as follows:

    1. AI felt his political career is Finished being incarcerated in prison and even after his release he may not have the time and will to be able to rise again.

    2. AI feels the possibilty of toppling BN is quite impossible after the failure of GE 2008, GE2013 and even trying to make a comeback at Selangor State level via the Kajang Move which was finally squashed by DSNR.

    3. Family ties and emotions which are too strong and pulling and the desire to be released to be reunited once again became more important.

    4. AI feels the chances of PH winning GE14 might just be possible with TDM's leadership skills.

    5. AI needs to swallow the bitter pill of personal enmity with TDM inorder to save the Nation from pending disasters.

    Now, methinks, the last reason was probably the highest priority among all the others which led to him agreeing to the pact made with TDM. Why? Because when the country has failed, as politicians, there is nothing more to fight for politically. The country would be governed by the hands of banks, creditors, foreign govts and parties.

    So, you must respect the courage of TDM and AI in making their pacts even though they are immortal enemies to each other in politics cos of their Love for the country.

    Sacrifices? Who sacrifices more towards this pact?

    Methinks, it is AI because TDM knew he needs AI and his party PKR and coalition more to win this GE14 and there was no other alternatif, even with his new party PPBM formed.

    So today, Malaysians must celebrate his Freedom cos that FREEDOM was what he sacrificed and gave to all Malaysians to save the country.

  5. Wakakakaka……

    Sacrifices? Who sacrifices more towards this pact?

    None other than DAP & the cinapeks!

    DAP winning most of the state seats in most of the state assemblies & yet kuai2 remains at the background, letting the melayu heading the top post!

    For what? The ketuanan constitution & to placate the siege mentality of the blur-sotongs & the ketuanan freaks.

    The Cinapeks, for knowing the needs of the ketuanan clause & yet still going all out to vote for a change that they cannot lead!

    That's sacrifice for the GOOD of the nation to satisfy the current level of melayu emotional quotient!

    1. No sacrifice from DAP.

      If they can lead, like in Penang and Singapore, they will.

      If they don't lead, it's because they can't, the Malay MPs and ADUNs have alternative political configurations.

    2. Maybe DAP should contest as an independent party in GE15 just like PAS, PSM, PRM and what it has been doing in GE14 before the tie-up with PKR&PAS to form PR in 2008.

      And see how far DAP can achieve compared with what they have achieved in GE14.

      At least there is now hope of a better Nation with more justice and equality compared to before.

      No point blowing trumpets when it is clear DAP on its own will never have the power nor numbers required to be able to take over the Federal Govt.

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    4. 马后炮!syiok sendiri hindsight.

      All the P Malay states, except Penang & Malacca, has a ketuanan state constitution stating clearly ONLY Melayu (palsy & ruling) can be the menteri besar, unless with the consent of the state sultan.

      In fact, the ketuanan freaks have unilaterally change that requirement of Yang di-Pertua Negeri of Malacca too!

      Thus, 100% out of 100% DAP can't lead in these states.

      Not bcoz of capability. Simply bcoz of that inbreeding siege mentality melayu bolih(?!!!wakakakaka).

      This isn't about blowing trumpets. This is ALL about meritocracy - selecting the best for the good of the people.

      Instead, u get selecting based on skin & religion just to syiok the ketuanan ego.

      What a bull!!

    5. The one party that did not sacrifice anything and lost nothing is PAS - the true winner on PRU14.

      It is the only party that did not do anything that it would find too embarrassing to tell its members' grandchildren.

      The demographics of Kelantan and Terengganu are the future demographics of the whole country.

      In PRU14 it compromised nothing and sacrificed nothing. So it will be tied down by nothing. All it has to do is wait.

    6. Pas was contesting 157 & won 19 parliamentary seats. A poor 12% successful rate!

      In the ADUN contests, the result is 90 over 391. A meager 23% successful rate.

      90 pas contestants of both P&S lost their deposits!

      By contesting in those seats, it compromised party finance & sacrificed resources that can be better deployed in winnable areas.

      So how to tell it's members & their grandchildren about wasting their financial contributions?

      Embarrassing izznt it?

      The party is not careful with their money by spreading the contests too wide to include non winnable seats!

      The party is a winner??


      Kauxai & bodoh sombong analysis!

    7. Cucu, your grandpa put into power the man who jailed him without trial, and who committed crimes I publicly accused him of. I now sit next to him and smile like a good boy.

      I bequeath to you a heritage of servile venality.


    8. Correct about PAS. It won big without sacrificing its principles, stand, agenda, party symbol, traditions, integrity. It showed that it can win big without selling its soul.

      Some said PAS didn't win majority of seats it contested but that wasn't the purpose it competed. It's because the Government structure of the day is Western democracy and therefore PAS supports this structure by participating because democracy only works with participation. Otherwise, its just authoritarianism disguised as democracy.

      As for the money, it was a necessary evil in elections but most are donated by members hence they understand the necessity and wasn't bothered about the outcome. They're a patient lot, and PAS is a patient party. It waited for 60 years, and it can wait for another 60 to take over. Money is just a transient thing, you can't take it with you to the afterlife despite some believe that it can done by burning it. So why put importance into something that has no meaning in the next life?

    9. "a heritage of servile venality."


      That phrase implies the recycling of the olds.

      Is it?

      Yet to play out!

      How about this is the infallible enlightenment of politikus reality in a changing bolihland environment?

      Eat yr heart out le!

      Wakakakaka…… AGAIN

      If craving for the afterlife 72 virgins r so intense & strong WHY get involve with the present life nitty-gritty of all levels?

      Buat seppuku NOW & be done with that craving lah. No need to wait for another 60 yrs!

      The money donated by the zombies r their hard-earned pittances. Yet the party wastes it so brazenly & out of proper considerations.

      The zombies understand the necessity and wasn't bothered about the outcome. Remember they r zombies!

      The party alphas eagerness to win(??? - in their orgy dream) by spreading the bullets everywhere (johor - 46 out of 51 list their deposits) r the sign of irresponsibility to the tilt!

      Principles, stand, agenda, party symbol, traditions, integrity r ALL down the longkangs of the east coast darul zombies!

  6. I am adding this entry to the online urban dictionary:

    "Doing things the hard way"
    See "Anwar Ibrahim".

    If he had just sat on his ass for 5 years he could have been PM in 2003. Instead he chose this long convoluted and complicated path where he **might** just be PM in...2020!!!


    1. Notwithstanding the rumours that he couldn't leave other people's asses alone.


    ... the crew of a spaceship ... arrive at Centaurus after hundreds of years, only to find it settled by people who arrived in faster ships.

    Futility, thy name is Anwar...

    1. Fate works on her own ways & time frame!

      Man proposes, God disposes has many examples in humanity history.

      Time travelling is postulated to be constrained by temporal exclusivity similar to The Pauli exclusion principle.

      Thus time travelling allows convergence of the same destination/event IFF their temporal nodes doesn't crossed.

      Otherwise, the inconsistencies of The grandfather paradox WOULD prohibit its happening!

      Read more lah BUT use yr railroaded brain a lot more before u act like tin kosong.

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  8. Though I epect this cheebye Kaytee would spin over DAP Melaka Exco, I am very happy that Kerk Kim Hock's son has gotten the exco post. As expected, DAP Melaka has gotten less than what they expected for the sake of the greater good

    Do hope that DAP Melaka to get speakership in Melaka

  9. unless mahathir have the support of dap n some in pkr, or else he lack cant do much pertaining to anwar, unless using force. pas definitely rather work with anwar, n many in umno not easy to reconcile with mahathir, they may choose anwar as well. thus i hope mahathir realize the reality n really do something good for msian.