Wednesday, June 23, 2021

World Covax ‘massive failure’ due to eff-ing Anglo-US selfishness

MM Online:

Minister Khairy tells World Bank to speak out against vaccine inequity, calls Covax ‘massive failure’

Minister of Science Technology and Innovation Khairy Jamaluddin speaks to the media at the Covid-19 vaccination centre in Bukit Jalil June 21, 2021. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 — Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin urged the World Bank today to speak out against global Covid-19 vaccine inequity amid mounting concerns that hoarding among richer economies would widen existing economic divides.

Khairy spoke off the cuff at the launch of the World Bank Malaysia’s Economic Monitor report this morning to tell the global institution that it bore some responsibility to ensure poorer and developing countries had equal access to Covid-19 vaccines.

Khairy also said the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access (Covax) programme, set up to ensure the people in poorer countries were not left behind in efforts to inoculate them against the coronavirus, has been “an abysmal failure.”

“We set up Covax in global solidarity, as a mechanism to ensure vaccine equity but that has been an abysmal failure,” the minister said.

“And I think the World Bank owes it to developing countries to be a strong voice for vaccine equity at the global stage, to remind the rich advanced countries that what has taken place over the last few months fell short of being respectable and responsible,” he added.

Khairy has repeatedly blamed rich countries for Malaysia’s slow Covid-19 immunisation rate. He said vaccine hoarding has caused severe supply shortages, and hindered the government’s effort to roll out the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme on schedule.

The criticism echoed concerns raised by public health advocates from around the world, and the warning that failure to address vaccine inequity could widen the north-south divide and threaten political stability.

Countries like the US and United Kingdom have bought enough vaccines to inoculate their citizens three to five times over, they noted, while highlighting how middle-income countries like Malaysia are struggling to get sufficient supply.

Khairy, when delivering his keynote address at the World Bank event this morning, raised the same criticism again.

“Many vaccine factories are also located in Europe. So they are able to hoard much earlier,” the minister said.

“Meanwhile countries in Asia, including Japan which is a very developed nation, are well behind in their vaccination rate compared to Europe, the US, Canada and the UK.”

Khairy, currently the minister overseeing the NIP, has pledged to ramp up the vaccination rate to about 250,000 doses daily by the end of June amid mounting criticism that the programme is moving too slowly.


  1. Khairy Jamalluddin is Kerbauing to cover up and deflect accountability from the PN-UMNO regime's vaccine failures and mismanagement.

    No Purchase Orders were placed by Malaysia on vaccines until very late, when other countries were far ahead in the line.
    The world's largest vaccine manufacturing capacity are not in Europe or USA, neither of which before Covid-19 have been major exporters of vaccines.

    The main exporters in the last 10 years have been India and China.

    EU replies their manufacturers delivered millions of doses to Malaysia, no Malaysia-purchased vaccines have been denied or delayed.

  3. The Pharmaniaga roundabout process, primarily a rentier profiteering arrangement, added weeks, and goodness knows how much added cost to the Malaysian vaccine rollout timeliness.

  4. Somebody TIPU...

    EU ambassador denies KJ's 'vaccine-hoarding' claim, says M'sia received millions

    Published 23 Jun 2021

    The European Union (EU) has denied allegations by coordinating minister of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP), Khairy Jamaluddin, that the bloc was hoarding Covid-19 vaccines.

    EU ambassador to Malaysia Michalis Rokas said the claims were baseless because the EU’s actions proved that it was very concerned about the issue....

  5. Wakakakaka…

    Even this oxfart educated product can get it wrong!

    Either he is acting blur or he just want to saying something irrelevant to that meeting to get some political mileage.

    Covax is under the jurisdiction of WHO. World Bank has nothing to do with it, though it could add a few cents of verbal pressure!

  6. The World, as they say, is round, like a wheel.
    Sometimes you are on top, sometimes you are down.

    Up till just a few months ago, a lot of Asians were quietly or not-so-quietly sneering at how the Yanks and the Brits had thoroughly Fucked Up their management of Covid-19.

    On-Line Wolf Warriors trumpeted the uncontrollable Covid-19 infection and mortality rates in the West as the Fall of Western civilisation.
    Your Time is Over, I remember one Wolf Warrior wrote, addressing the Yanks.

    No doubt much of Asia handled Covid-19 rather well , up to end 2020, using Social Distancing rules, Mask wearing etc, and strong cultural compliance to those rules.

    The downside as a result, was much of Asia, Malaysia included, was complacent about securing Vaccines As Soon As Possible, and As Much as Possible.

    The Yanks and the Brits, on the other hand, understood their social systems made it near impossible for strict or prolonged social controls. Their only way out of the the Covid-19 crisis was through science, with the vaccines.

    Malaysia ordered its vaccines, too little , too late.

    I remember people were screaming at Khairy Jamaluddin last year, back in 2020, how come you only ordered enough vaccines for 10 Million people ? What about the rest of Malaysians ?

    Nobody purposely held up the delivery or supply Malaysia's vaccine orders.

    So who is to blame ?

    1. So u don't understand hoarding?

      Mmmm… maybe that's how yr family fortune us been accumulated!

      Yaloh, who to blame?

      Typical hierarchical fart!

    2. Nobody forced Malaysia to only oder 10 Million vaccine doses...back in 2020

      So you don't understand what is complacency ?

    3. Complacency?

      Even if u ordered more but can u get just half of the quantity?

      Even country like Germany ordering more & yet still getting nothing via arm-eisting hijacking by uncle Sam & auntie pommie!

      Mfer, back to hoarding & controlling interest lah!

    4. You are rehashing stale news.

      Back in January, February, Germany and EU in general had some backlog in vaccines, again because EU made the purchase decision late ( not as late as Malaysia). Government by Committee is the EU.

      As of today, Germany has administered 65,000,000 doses,
      Of which 23,000,000 are fully vaccinated with 2nd doses.

    5. Mfer, reread yr Gary first before talking about who was rehashing stale news!

      "Back in January, February, Germany and EU in general had some backlog in vaccines, again because EU made the purchase decision late"


      Where did u dig this cesspool concentrate?

      From that fart filled well?

      Suggesting u search the court case between EU & Pfizer about their dispute!

      U would have gott a clearer picture about yr f*cking lies!

    6. Know-nothing fool just bullshiting,
      as usual CCP liars do.

      There is NO court case between EU and Pfizer over vaccines.

      The contractual dispute was between EU and Astra Zeneca over AZ failure to deliver vaccines on time.

      The USA is totally uninvolved in the AZ issue, because the AZ vaccine is NOT approved in USA.

    7. Lies?


      EU and BioNTech/Pfizer clash over reduced vaccine deliveries


      Caught u!

  7. useless umno minister, typical communist mindset accused the west.

    1. Communist kindest?


      Incubated via yr pommieland's demoNcratic system mah! Thus either a spurious one or another f*cking lie coming out from a katak-ised mfer.