Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Russian Intelligence Chief: U.S. Creating 400,000 Strong Military Force for Asia-Pacific War on China

Military Watch:

U.S. Creating 400,000 Strong Military Force for Asia-Pacific War on China - Russian Intelligence Chief

U.S. Marine Corps Exercises with V-22 OspreyU.S. Marine Corps/Sgt. Kyle C. Talbot

As the Joe Biden administration makes countering China its primary foreign policy priority, it has drastically increased military activities in the East and South China Seas and escalated efforts to great a power bloc to maintain American hegemony in the region. Chief of the Main Directorate of the Russian General Staff (GRU) military intelligence agency, Igor Kostyukov, reported that the United States has created a 400,000 strong force for the Asia-Pacific to target China.

Speaking in Moscow at a conference on international security on June 23, Kostyukov said Washington was demonstrating that it is was not ready to engage in equal dialogue, and sought to pull India into a NATO-style alliance to dominate the region and isolate Russia and China. He stated to this effect: "The United States, obsessed with the goal of global domination, is demonstrating its unwillingness to engage in equal dialogue. US doctrinal documents enshrine the methods for building relations with other countries from a position of strength.”

Three Nimitz Class Supercarriers Exercise Near Korea (Credit: U.S. Navy)

According to Kostyukov, the Pentagon plans to create a task force in the Pacific specifically aimed at containing China in south and east Asia by 2024, and will set up two brigades for cyber operations by 2028. Hypersonic missiles will also be deployed to the region by that time.

China became the world’s largest economy in 2017, and has been the primary focus of American military attentions since 2010 when the Barak Obama administration launched the ‘Pivot to Asia’ initiative. China has notably outspent the U.S. in new military acquisitions from 2020, and its defence sector is able to provide new armaments at a small fraction of the cost in part due to its far larger industrial base.

China’s J-20 stealth fighter, for example, has a research of development cost before entering service of just $4.5 billion - while its lighter America rival the F-35 which has similar technological features cost approximately $55 billion to develop. This discrepancy has forced the U.S. to rely on building coalitions to try to maintain a balance of power in the region that favours American and Western interests.

The majority of countries in the region, however, attribute much more importance to their trading relations with China than with the U.S., and have been reluctant to enter into an anti-Chinese partnership despite considerable Western pressure. Others such as Cambodia, North Korea and Russia are much more likely to align against the U.S. if forced to choose.


  1. India already exposed the J-20 "stealth fighter" as easily detected on Indian radar.

    Some things in life are good, some things are cheap.

    Cheap and Good, does exist but really Rare.

  2. What is objectively true is CCP is flying 50 warplanes sorties a day into Taiwanese airspace.

    That is really preparing for War against Taiwan.

  3. We must sapot this buildup sepenuh penuhnya, to protect ourselves from 5000 yo Bullyland. If Southern Seas is under dispute then RUNDING lah. Don’t build military bases.

    Build military bases means you don’t dispute. It means You Oredy RAMPAS.

    Satellite imagery reveals China building 'full-blown military bases' in disputed sea

    By Richard Wood - 4 months ago

    Foreign Minister Marise Payne has met with US officials to discuss China military measures.
    New satellite imagery points to China building "full-blown military bases" on artificial islands in the South China Sea.

    Construction of radar antennae mounts on Mischief Reef could be part of a military installation, a report by geospatial software company Simularity claims.

    The ring-shaped reef, 250 kilometres from the Philippines, has been claimed and occupied by China since 1995.

    China is greatest threat to freedom - US intelligence chief

    You will certainly dismiss this as propaganda, coming the US Intelligence Chief.

    But hey, is the quote from the Russian Intelligence Chief any different ?

    1. So?

      What do mfering katak need to croak?

    2. Who cares what the US intelligence chief says ?

      When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

      A world-wide survey was done, asking which country is the greatest threat to peace ? No prize for guessing correctly : The fucking USA ! It is the biggest terrorist of the world and half the time, its own citizens are oblivious to its evil shenanigans. Read here to see the kind of evil depravity its intelligence agencies had done and will continue to do, in order to retain its monstrous bullying hegemon position.

  5. Ultimately, whether we like it or not, the US is about the only country that can counter China militarily.

    But having to fight away from home, will mean the US will be at a great disadvantage unless its allies step up.

    We in Asia must brace ourselves. A dominant China in the region has shown it disrespects the small countries in the South China Sea (SCS).

    The fact that China has built full blown military facilities on some of the disputed islands despite agreeing to talk and negotiate shows its intention to grab and take total control of the SCS.

    China has shown the finger to the countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia knowing we can do nothing against this behemoth.

    And I believe China, once when the aircraft carriers are sufficient in numbers, will move on Taiwan.

    And that is when the fireworks will start. I believe we don't have much time to prepare for this but we must start immediately both as a nation and individually.

  6. "its intention to grab and take total control of the SCS"


    Mfer, do u know how big the area is SCS?

    If u meant total acreage, then how do all those ships, commercial & military, sail through that area?

    China ONLY want to keep what's hers! Nothing more nothing less.

    If China truly has shown the finger to the countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia, then what r ALL those negotiations on the 'disputed' territories surrounding the SCS worth?

    To please those countries, which have zilch historical claims but still gaming on quoting the UN - The Law of the Sea Convention - by China?

    Or those nations to placate China?

    "we must start immediately both as a nation and individually"


    Speaking truly & honestly as a 黄皮 - forever in fear of a conquering-mad & expansionist China!

    U rather genuflecting under the dominant control of a demoNcratic US, liken to Nippon & SKorea, then under the non interference policy of a socialistic China!

    Do prepare to brace for yr prayed US intervention & face the known consequences of Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan!

    1. CK, this guy reads only the the Western media propaganda and coupled with his moronic level 'analysing' skill, he is now running around like a chicken with its head chopped crying " I believe we don't have much time to prepare for this but we must start immediately both as a nation and individually."

      Haha...the 'fireworks' are just all in his addled head.