Monday, June 21, 2021

Najib: Help tenants, impose moratorium on eviction during lockdown!

Focus Malaysia:

Najib: Help tenants, impose moratorium on eviction during lockdown!

FORMER Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak urged the Government to impose an “eviction moratorium” during lockdown period to deter tenants from being evicted by premise owners for failing to pay rental.

“Several countries such as the US have imposed a temporary law barring premise owners from evicting tenants who are unable to pay rental during lockdown.

“Malaysia should enact such legislation on a humanitarian basis, especially with our Government imposing multiple movement restriction with no end in sight.

“Besides, premise owners should understand that it’s not like they are going to easily get new tenants after evicting the previous ones, given our economic climate,” he said in a Facebook post.

During the Donald Trump administration, the US Government enacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium to bar premise owners from evicting tenants during lockdown imposed due to COVID-19.

The US Government also allocated US$46.55 bil to finance the measure, albeit criticism on its slow delivery system.

However, in his last days in office, Trump added more restrictions to the measure, making it tougher for Americans to access the aid.

Touching on the matter, Najib lauded the Government’s move to allow special tax relief on premise owners to reduce rental by at least 30%, for the next six months, under the Pemerkasa+ stimulus package.

However, he opined that the scheme would only benefit premise owners, not its tenants.

“We should come up with schemes that will encourage premise owners to reduce rentals. It will be better if we can match it with loan moratorium,” the Pekan MP noted. – June 21, 2021


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  2. Jibby Manyak Pandai Cakap, Mana 4 Billion wang pesara?

    Najib says he 'didn't know' where SRC funds went after KWAP disbursement
    Emir Zainul & Timothy Achariam
    The Edge Financial Daily
    December 12, 2019

    KUALA LUMPUR: Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday claimed he did not know how funds in SRC International Sdn Bhd were spent after the RM2 billion loan was disbursed by the Retirement Fund Incorporated (KWAP).

    When pushed by Attorney-General Tan Sri Tommy Thomas, Najib said the movement of the money was an operational matter, and that as the finance minister and adviser emeritus of SRC, he was only concerned with policy matters.

    Thomas: I put it to you that you were not aware [where the money went] shortly after the government guarantee was given. Were you no longer interested in SRC?

    Najib: No, this was [an] operational matter.

    Thomas: No, are you saying to His Lordship [Justice Mohd Nazlan] that after the money came in, you were not interested with where the money was disbursed and what SRC did with the money?

    Najib: This was [an] operational matter.

    Thomas: Are you saying that you were not interested in the company?

    Najib: No, I don’t get involved in the management of the company.

    Thomas: I put it to you that you were closely following the money from KWAP to SRC and later from SRC outwards.

    Najib: I disagree.

    During the prosecution stage, former SRC chairman Tan Sri Ismee Ismail had testified that Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil — the ex-managing director and chief executive officer of the company whose whereabouts are currently unknown — had referred to minutes dated Sept 7, 2011 of a meeting between himself and Najib where the former premier had asked him to transfer RM1.8 billion of the funds abroad.

    The prosecution had tried to have the minutes admitted as evidence, but it was disputed by the defence, so the court eventually classified it as ID499.

    Earlier, Najib clarified that the RM2 billion fund SRC received from KWAP was initially being set aside for investment purposes. Six months after that, another RM2 billion loan application was made to KWAP.

    “[It was set aside for] planning for immediate investment. That was what I was told,” Najib said.

    Thomas then asked Najib if he knew whether this meant that the first RM2 billion remained as cash in bank.

    Najib: I was not sure. But when I asked them, they said it was for investment purposes.

    Thomas: Did you ask them [where the money was]?

    Najib: I didn’t ask them where the money was. They said for investment.

    According to Najib, the process to table the government guarantee for SRC International’s RM2 billion loan to the cabinet in 2011 was rushed because there was an investment opportunity waiting for the company.

    The whole approval process by the cabinet was done in two days, as per the testimony by previous witnesses involved in the process.

    “[The rush was] because they said there was an investment opportunity, thus there was a need to work on SRC funding. That was why this was done [hurriedly].

    “And I want to state here that it was not unusual for the need of any companies to be worked on in such a short period of time,” Najib added.

    However, when Thomas asserted that the disbursement of the first RM2 billion loan in late 2011, following the expedited cabinet approval of the government guarantee for the loan, was due to the former premier’s personal involvement in the matter, Najib disagreed.

    He explained that he wanted SRC to fulfill the national energy objectives, one of which was to diversify the nation’s energy sources, as Malaysia seemed to be too reliant on oil and gas.

    For that, Najib said SRC was to invest in coal and uranium. The company also wanted to study the viability of nuclear power in the country.

  3. Najib, who is a definitive elite Fat Cat, doth try too hard to appear to be a populist.

    Taking a page from the Donald Trump playbook, I suppose.