Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Starting young, at only 3, on online orders, for 100 bowls of noodles

MM Online:

Three-year-old in China accidentally orders 100 bowls of noodles because ‘she was hungry’ (VIDEO)

The three-year-old accidentally ordered 100 bowls of noodles after she pressed the zero button twice. — Screen capture via YouTube

KUALA LUMPUR, June 23 — A three-year-old girl in Jilin, China accidentally ordered 100 bowls of zha jiang mian (noodles with soybean paste) with her father’s mobile phone. reported that the girl’s father had initially thought she won the noodles from ordering at the platform but a check on his phone revealed that his daughter had accidentally pressed the number zero twice.

When asked why she ordered so many bowls, the girl sheepishly answered she was hungry.

It took at least seven trips for the delivery man to send the noodles to the man’s house located on the 13th floor.

The man, who uploaded a recording of his house filled with noodle bowls that has since gone viral, said it was lucky his daughter only ordered 100 bowls.

“If she had pressed the zero button four times, the house would not be able to fill it,” he said in the clip.

The man kept eight bowls to be shared among the family members while the rest was distributed to cleaning workers in the area.


  1. oh great, a 3yo under ccp know how to make order online.

    emperor xi wansui.

    1. poor HY, even a 3-year old is not spared your anti CCP diatribe tsk tsk, wakakaka

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