Wednesday, June 23, 2021

U.S. Pullout From Afghanistan Aims to Refocus Assets For Military Pressure on China

Military Watch:

U.S. Pullout From Afghanistan Aims to Refocus Assets For Military Pressure on China

U.S. Marines with V-22 OspreyUSMC/Kyle Talbot

Following the announcement by President Joe Biden that the U.S. would be withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan by September 11th, the reasons for this sudden change after almost 20 years of American military involvement in the country have been widely speculated. With the Biden administration moving to accelerate the refocusing of U.S. attentions towards East Asia to counter China, and to a lesser extent North Korea, the withdrawal from Afghanistan and moves to improve ties with its neighbour Iran may well be intended to play a part in this.

China’s economy overtook that of the United States in 2014 in size by measure of of PPP-adjusted GDP, and the country’s spending on military acquisitions surpassed that of the U.S. in 2020 - with a much greater share of American spending going to administrative costs, veterans benefits and maintenance for its hardware which is on average much older. China's far larger industrial base has also made its defence acquisitions generally much more cost effective. Eliminating the expense of continued deployments to Afghanistan will thus be a welcome development for Pentagon efforts focusing on East Asia.

Chinese People's Liberation Army Ground Forces

An unnamed ‘senior Biden administration official’ quoted on the White House official website on April 15th noted regarding the Afghan withdrawal’s important to a broader U.S. strategy aimed primarily at China: “One of the reasons why the president and his team has taken the careful steps on Afghanistan is actually to free up the time and attention and resources from our senior leadership and our military to focus on what we believe are the fundamental challenges of the 21st century and they lie fundamentally in the Indo-Pacific.”

Ultimately with the U.S. economy still in decline following a crisis in 2020, and with China showing record growth rates in the first quarter of 2021 after being the only major economy to see growth in 2020, refocusing of resources from Afghanistan is alone hardly expected to be sufficient to reverse the current power trajectories that bode ill for continued U.S. and Western hegemony in East Asia.

The future of Afghanistan itself also remains highly uncertain, with the Taliban, the Islamic State terror group and the current Western backed Afghan government all expected to be major contenders for power. The fate of Afghan minorities such as the Shiite Hazara also remains uncertain, with these having been targeted for sectarian reasons by the Taliban in the past and expected to again face prospects of war if the Taliban or IS come to power.


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      Mfer, within those 'kmt' fights with the Japanese, there were many CCP patriots. U have conveniently ignored this FACT that at that time ccp & kmt were joining forces to fight the invading Jap.

      In fact w/o the heroic efforts of many of the CCP fighters many of the battles would have simply lost bcoz many of those kmt commanding officers were just shitting in their pants when hearing the opposing enemy was Jap!

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      This is a FACT that no Asia countries should have ignored, the currently genuflecting SKorea & Nippon Yankee vassals included.


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  2. 5,000 yo Bullyland military know nothing about proper warfare. They only have experience bullying weak neighbours. Tibetians, Xinjianese, Honkies etc. When push comes to shove their soldiers will be pushover. And all their flashy military hardware is untested in real warfare situation against proper opposition.

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    2. Wakakakaka, you are either still living in the 80's or is in a dream. Wake up man.

      For your reminder, when China were even not so advance, they defeated US in the Korean war. Remember, they captured so many US pilots and army personnel who were used to exchange for the return of Chinese scientist Qian Xuesen

    3. With the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, 500 yo Bully liberated 5000 yo Bullyland from the cruel and evil Japanese Imperial Army.

      Immediately after WW2 Bullyland was born and then began the annexation of the neighbours (Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang). But they never say Thank You. Still want to fight them in Korea. BTW there was no winner in Korea. Stalemate.

    4. As usual, this Si TipuBanana sails on merrily with his tipu lies. America did not save China. They were reacting to the bombing of Pearl Harbour by the Japanese, although this account have nuances that's more than meet the eye.

      Without the Chinese strong resistance against the marauding Japs, without having the Chinese engaging the bulk of the Japanese armies in China, the US may not win the war. More Americans would have died. As always, the Me-First Americans claimed all credits to itself, throwing out the huge and absolutely critical contribution of the Russians and the Chinese in WW2. In fact, the CIA even have plans to nuke the Russians and the Chinese after having dropped 2 bombs on the Japs. It was only because of unsettling reports of the devastating aftermath of the radioactive effect on their own country that held their hand. The US then, as is now, is the biggest terrorist of the world.

    5. Blurred mfer twisting history to dress up its americana fart!

      There were indications that the Jap military might was at the tail end after the defeat of his two axis members in the western fronts!

      The Jap were tired, resources depleting fast, most of all - losing battles at many fronts, especially those at the China territories!

      The deployment of the two atomic bombs was unnecessary in both humanitarian ground & war strategy!

      But the hawky Yank wanted a show-off. Especially to intimidate the Soviet about its atomic weaponry.

      The two atomic bombs deployment had done totally nothing in helping to win the WWII. Especially the second bomb deployment! It just expedited the unavoidable Jap surrender as a waylaid benefit in scaring the hell out of the Soviet high command.

      The Chinese would have won the Jap invasion sooner or later in views of the Jap military bottlenecks & morale depletion.

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    6. From Wikipedia : History of the administrative divisions of China before 1912 § Provinces and Feudatory Regions under the Qing dynasty, and Qing dynasty in Inner Asia Qing China reached its largest extent during the 18th century, when it ruled China proper (eighteen provinces) as well as the areas of present-day Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Outer Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet, at approximately 13 million km2 in size. There were originally 18 provinces, all of which in China proper, but later this number was increased to 22, with Manchuria and Xinjiang being divided or turned into provinces. Taiwan, originally part of Fujian province, became a province of its own in the 19th century. So for your information, the people of Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang are very happy to be known as Chinese citizen and they do say thank you, China.

    7. "the CIA even have plans to nuke the Russians and the Chinese after having dropped 2 bombs"

      Actually I read before but I am not sure of its accuracy i.e. US demanded Japan to surrender immediately if not they would drop the 3rd bomb over Tokyo. The reflection of Paul Tibbets, the pilot who flew that bomb over Hiroshima say "Luckily for the world, Japan was frightened enough to surrender, if not the war would go on don't know for how long because US had no 3rd bomb at that time, it would take them great effort to make that 3rd bomb, it's not like making a cake"

    8. Both Xinjiang and Tibet are invaded and conquered territory, taken and held in bondage by military force.

    9. As according to yr regurgitated lies leaking from that fart filled well!

      Not in the same mold as of Guam & Guantánamo Bay hijacked by yr uncle Sam.

    10. "Both Xinjiang and Tibet are invaded and conquered territory, taken and held in bondage by military force."

      That I am not sure but I sure know this, USA, Canada and Australia fall into your description, especially the ethnic cleansing :


      A mass grave containing the remains of 215 children has been found in Canada at a former residential school set up to assimilate indigenous people.

      The children were students at the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia that closed in 1978.

      The discovery was announced on Thursday by the chief of the Tk'emlups te Secwepemc First Nation.

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it was a "painful reminder" of a "shameful chapter of our country's history".

  3. China companies operating in Afghanistan are actually a major beneficiary of the American security presence in Afghanistan.

    That's the problem with this "Military Watch" website.
    It's anti-American and anti-Western bias to the point of suppressing facts.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      What kind of the f*ck logic?

      Yankee Doodle asslicking!

      Many of these Chinese companies, if they r still operating in Afghanistan, started their businesses long before the Americana 'invasion'!

      So what benefits have the current presence of the American security helping their businesses?

      Old moneyed mfer, the American security ruined their businesses by causing civil wars, tribal infighting amongst the various warlords, backed by geopolitical interests & zombieic cults.

      That's the FACT that u r helping to suppress.

    2. Wakakakaka, both sides also accused the other side as bias and suppressing facts, propagating false and fake news, it's up to the readers/users to discern.

      US accused Iraq of having WMD and carried out MD in Iraq. I know you guys believe that! So what is the truth?

      On Xinjiang :


  4. Eric Li's interview here is definitely worth a good listen to :

    The subject title is : China's meteoric rise is impossible without the achievement of Mao's era

  5. @ Peter - [ Actually I read before but I am not sure of its accuracy i.e. US demanded Japan to surrender immediately if not they would drop the 3rd bomb over Tokyo. The reflection of Paul Tibbets, the pilot who flew that bomb over Hiroshima say "Luckily for the world, Japan was frightened enough to surrender, if not the war would go on don't know for how long because US had no 3rd bomb at that time, it would take them great effort to make that 3rd bomb, it's not like making a cake" ]

    Among others, one article at had this to say :

    "Another deeply held American belief is that our elites always hold high moral standards, value lives and are compassionate. In September 1945, merely one month after Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the US military drew up plans to drop 204 atomic bombs on 66 cities in the USSR, who was our ally during World War II and still an ally at that time!

    Then a decade later, in 1956, the US military had detailed plans to drop 2,000+ atom and hydrogen bombs on 1,200 cities in Russia, China and Eastern Europe. This would have immediately killed 500 million people, 99% innocent civilians. Think about what kind of evil monsters and sociopaths would come up with such genocidal ideas. Also, if they had carried out their psychopathic plan, the nuclear fallout might have ended the entire human race."