Sunday, June 27, 2021

Perak Harapan announces new leadership line-up, minus Nizar Jamaluddin

Perak Harapan announces new leadership line-up

Perak Pakatan Harapan has elected its state leadership council line-up on June 24 after Amanah vice-president Mujahid Yusof Rawa took over the leadership.

Mujahid was appointed as Perak Harapan chairperson by the presidential council last month, replacing former Perak menteri besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu, whose party Bersatu quit Harapan in February 2020.

Perak Harapan's allies - DAP's Nga Kor Ming, Amanah's Asmuni Awi and PKR's Farhash Wafa Salvador - remained as state deputy chairpersons while Batu Gajah MP V Sivakumar was reappointed as secretary.

Meanwhile, Perak PKR Youth chief Mohamad Hairul Amir Sabri is appointed as Perak Harapan Youth chief. He will replace Amanah's Hasnul Zulkarnain Abd Munaim, the Titi Serong state assemblyperson who joined Bersatu in July 2020.

DAP's Wong Mei Ing will continue to helm the Perak Harapan Wanita. Perak PKR vice-chairperson Tan Kar Hing will remain as state treasurer.

The committee members are DAP's Ngeh Koo Ham and Wong May Ing; Amanah's Fakhruldin Mohd Mohd Hashim and Ahmad Termizi Ramli; and PKR's Baldip Singh and MA Tinagaran.

Former Perak Amanah deputy chief Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was dropped out from the state leadership council and is replaced by Ahmad Termizi, who was once named by the coalition to stand in the 2016 Kuala Kangsar by-election.

"Perak Harapan has reached an agreement on the new structure of Harapan, which was finalised at the state leadership council meeting recently," its communication and publicity director Muhaimin Sulam said in a statement.

"The meeting (on June 24) also instructed that all Harapan secretariats at parliamentary level be mobilised. This is in preparation for any possible latest political situation and to look after the welfare of the local community.

"Perak Harapan will focus on handling the Covid-19 pandemic," he said, pledging that the state coalition will remain committed to preserving Islam as the religion of the federation.


  1. Nizar lost the election for his leadership position in Amanah's Gopeng division - his own area, which makes it very difficult for him to retain the State leadership.

    It seems Nizar has his own personal leadership issues, that creates problems in Amanah, though DAP is very positive about him.

  2. pity la ini harapan, hari hari kena komit islam ni islam tu, guna la nama seperti pakatan islam campur cina india lebih senang sikit.