Tuesday, June 22, 2021

US Commerce Department rescinds TikTok, WeChat prohibited transactions list

The Edge Market:

US Commerce Department rescinds TikTok, WeChat prohibited transactions list

China's foreign ministry described the move as 'a positive step'.
(Photo by Reuters)

WASHINGTON (June 21): The U.S Commerce Department said Monday it was rescinding a list of prohibited transactions with TikTok and WeChat that were issued in September as the Trump administration sought to block new U.S. downloads of both Chinese-owned apps.

The withdrawals came after President Joe Biden this month withdrew a series of Trump-era executive orders that sought to ban new downloads of Tencent-owned WeChat and TikTok, and ordered a Commerce Department review of security concerns posed by those apps and others.

During Donald Trump's presidency, the Commerce Department had also sought to ban other transactions that would have effectively banned WeChat's use in the United States and later sought similar restrictions that would have barred TikTok's use.

The department did not immediately comment.

China's foreign ministry described the move as "a positive step".

"China has been urging the U.S. side to respect market economy principles and international trade rules, to immediately stop stretching the concept of national security and stop wantonly abusing state power to suppress China's tech companies," spokesman Zhai Lijian said on Tuesday in Beijing.

The Biden order directed the Commerce Department to monitor software applications like TikTok that could affect U.S. national security, as well as to make recommendations within 120 days to protect U.S. data acquired or accessible by companies controlled by foreign adversaries.

WeChat, which has been downloaded at least 19 million times by U.S. users, is widely used as a medium for services, games and payments.

Biden's executive order revokes the WeChat and TikTok orders Trump issued in August, along with another in January that targeted eight other communications and financial technology software applications.

The January Trump order directed officials to ban transactions with eight Chinese apps, including Ant Group's Alipay and Tencent's QQ Wallet and WeChat pay. No bans have been issued to date.

The Trump administration had appealed judicial orders blocking the bans on TikTok and WeChat, but after Biden took office in January, the U.S. Justice Department asked to pause the appeals.

A separate U.S. national security review of TikTok, launched in late 2019, remains active.


  1. a communist give lecture to usa whats market economy as if zombie can do tube fb twit blog google etc

    exactly like islamist plotter calling others plotter

    communist n islamist 2x5

    1. Mfer, looks at it this way.

      How about US removes all those preposterous trade sanctions, ridiculous tax imposed on China based on its fancy?

      U know marketing economy?

      U know fart about tit for tat!


      R u not cursing in front of yr cracked mirror?

    2. ccp do differently wrt australia? usa is a bully, ccp is doing what bully did. ccp no mirror wanna lecture others like u did?

    3. Mfer, remember tit for tat?

      Marketing economy?

      Perhaps under that fart filled well, mirror is of no use. Too dark. Neither is that pool of darken water u swim around.

  2. Sonny Hunter Biden is heavily compromised by CCP and its proxies.

    Don't know about the father Joe Biden, but worth watching him to see how soft he goes on the CCP.

    1. U want to know?

      Check yrself out in front of yr cracked mirror!

      Ain't u too soft too with yr uncle Sam?

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  3. So will Bullyland un-ban Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp....etc?

    1. Ditto the reply with that 犬养mfer!

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  4. In the Wikipedia it commented : Social media is one way governments try to inhibit protests. In many countries, governments shut down certain sites or blocked Internet service entirely, especially in the times preceding a major rally.

    If China had not done what it had done, "Arab Spring" would be repeated in China. China would remains dirt poor and backward, 800 millions Chinese would still remain below the poverty line. There will be no Chinese Space Station, no WeChat, no Tik Tok, no Huawei, no 5G and of course no Chinese and dogs allow into this restaurant.

    1. y communist/authoritarian country people always look forward spring?

    2. Everyone look forwards to spring!

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  5. China is a sovereign country answerable to herself. She has every right to determine WHO can operate within her jurisdictions.

    Just like u have control over who can enter yr house.

    Information access via any applications, be they FB, Google, YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp, MUST subject to local rules. Pure & simple!

    FB, Google, YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp r NOT banned. They r been barred to be accessed within China purely bcoz they r not willing to follow the governing rules within China about information propagation.

    Yet there r liars propagating lies about these 'bannings' of free flow of infos!

    If one read deeper into why US is so jumpy about Huawei doing business in US or critical about its technological advancements one can realize that it's bcoz Huawei has become a roadblock to the unlimited info access/propagation that US has so used to.

    Besides most of the currently available & popular internet access tools r all US based & control. US govt can easily manipulate these internet access tools & tight-gripped control to its political advantages.

    Apple phone tappings on foreign politicians by CIA r just tip of the iceberg.

    AND many of those messages distributed using these internet mediums r one-sided, fabricated & totally benefit to the underlying political game plans of US.

    TikTok, has server centres based outside China thus can't be easily access by China authority but neither can US utilizes its popular power youth platform for political afvantages. Trump had had a very bad experience with TikTok with many of his presidential campaigns.

    Similarly, WeChat is using technologies that r alien to the conventional US known platform. Controlling WeChat messages transmission/monitoring by US CAN'T be done as easily as with FB, Instagram, WhatsApp.

    Besides, there is a hidden threat that the US govt is worrying about. The Chinese might play the same tricks with these uncontrollable China apps to upstage the political games that uncle Sam has been puppeteering for so long hiding under the name of freedom & equal rights!

    1. USA is a sovereign country answerable to herself. She has every right to determine WHO can operate within her jurisdictions.

      Just like u have control over who can enter yr house.

    2. So what's yr fart about who (WHO) control who (WHO)?

      Confused? U bet. WHO is not uncle Sam's diaper wearer!

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  6. This is called (崇洋媚外) fawning on foreigners, wakakakaka. All lies spew by the west are taken in as truths without verifying.

    1. The Tiananmen Square protests - the west claimed 10 of thousands of Chinese were crushed to death by war tanks yet they can have the video showing the tank trying to negotiate pass one guy without crushing him but until today no video and not even a PHOTO to prove the crushing or the after crushing, meaning with death bodies lying in the square. Mind you, none! Yet so many believe the lie until this day.

    2. The Xinjiang forced labours and 1,000,000 in concentration camps and whatnot. No proof whatsoever todate except that odd one man and one woman making up faked stories which were well refuted but simply dismissed by those who simply preferred fawning on foreigners. Meanwhile Xinjiang is opened to all and is flourishing as a tourist attraction destination. Its residents are enjoying improved living standard which they have never before but 'friends' here are still preferred to believe in the lies of the west.

    3. Allegation Huawei equipment got 'backdoor' and posed security danger. 3 years on and still no proof but Australia immediately banned Huawei from participating in its country 5G infrastructure development. When China imposed tariff on Australia wine, it cried like a baby implying that only they have right to sanction China but not the other way round.

    And so many many more, wakakakaka.