Friday, June 25, 2021

Japan donating 1 million doses of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine to Malaysia, but there ain't no free bento-box

Does anyone know why the Japanese government has been so generous as to donate 6 million dosage of AstraZeneca anti-Covid19 vaccine to Taiwan and SE Asia, to wit, 2+ million each to Taiwan (population 24 million) and Vietnam, but only 1 million each to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia (population 270 million) and the Philippines (population 110 million)?

Well, Reuters reported (via Malay Mail):

Japan is drawing on 120 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine it has reserved, as it has no immediate plans to use the shots at home amid lingering concern over international reports of blood clots.

Then, Reuters also reported:

A Taipei-based official familiar with Japan’s two vaccine donations said while the Japanese government has been subtle in its offers, mainly focusing on Taiwan’s urgent medical need, there was a broader message.

The donations are actually an important move to echo the US campaign of a free and open Indo-Pacific region to counter China’s geopolitical clout in the region, the person said, speaking on condition of anonymity as they were not authorised to speak to the media.

Hmmm, coincidentally, Taiwan and Vietnam aren't exactly pally buddy with China and indeed, coincidentally again, both like Japan encircle China too, wakakaka - nice forward locations for the US military or the US nefarious schemes.

Yes sirree, there ain't no free bento-box.


  1. Spoken like a true Red Zombie.

    Some people had multiple orgasms when CCP announced 500K vaccine supply to Malaysia, but somehow turned to condemnation and sneering of Japan's multi million dose vaccine supplies to Asian countries .For me , I just say Arigatogozaimas.

    No need to defend up stale Banzai posters.
    There is practically no one left alive in Japan from that generation.

    1. I'll let Malay Mail know of your ire at its publication

    2. "ain't no free bento-box" and
      "both like Japan encircle China too, wakakaka - nice forward locations for the US military or the US nefarious schemes."

      - are what I term condemnation and sneering and nothing in the Malay Mail article.

      Spoken by a Red Zombie indeed.

  2. U first to mentioned those AZ vaccines r near their expiry date!

    The high fatality rate exhibited amongst the older Taiwaneses who have been inoculated with this AZ vaccine indicated there were no with this batch of vaccine that Jap obtained from india!

    Moreover, AZ vaccine has been proven to be ineffective against the virulent Delta valiant!

    Nippon-ised Samaritan move - donating 'sub part or highly suspicious goods to outsiders.

    First - to gain international goodwill.

    Second - to test the 'doubt' about the efficacy of the vaccine on oversea guinea pigs.

    Same MO of the Yankee doodle in donating his hoarded AZ, J&J vaccines to other nations. BTW, these vaccines ain't even been approved to be used within US!

    1. Fact is, of all the various vaccines from various countries, CCP sourced vaccines are the least effective, hence the biggest threat from the Delta variant

    2. U have the efficacy data of China-made vaccines against the Delta strain!

      Ooop… on second thought, just pure cesspool concentrate.

      UK & US r now facing the onslaught of the Delta valiant. Both have high vaccine inoculation rate using Modena, Pfizer or AZ. Yet, the covid transmission is spiking!

      What tells?

      DemoNcratic individualism?

      Or vaccine ineffectiveness?

      Keep farting. & don't forget to reject inoculation using China-made vaccines. Keep to yr word!

      & die standing, liken to those poor gullible Taiwanese.

  3. KT so Busuk Hati.

    First he accuse other countries of hoarding. Kedekut, Selfish. Then when other country want to donate he accuse they have ulterior Udang Disebalik Vaksin.

    Why KT got nothing to say about Sinovac donation but all must pass through Pharmaniaga and magically no protest over Bullyland incursion into our Tanah Air?

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, jealous in multiple ways.
      Fact is, of all the various vaccines from various countries, CCP sourced vaccines are the least effective, hence the biggest threat from the Delta variant.

    2. Wakakakakaka…

      U know virus behaviours?

      Spike protein specific vis-a-vis whole virus DNA!

      Constant pike protein mutates in order to help virus propagation. But no matter how the virus mutate, they retain their core DNA!

      Know-nothingness isn't shameful. But pure egoistic stubbornness would bring u dead!

      Virology from that fart filled well states that target specific vaccine works forever irrespective of virus mutation.

      Stick to yr fart. U deserve what u r asking for.

    3. article from west propagandist nyt:

      In the Seychelles, Chile, Bahrain and Mongolia, 50 to 68 percent of the populations have been fully inoculated, outpacing the United States, according to Our World in Data, a data tracking project. All four ranked among the top 10 countries with the worst Covid outbreaks as recently as last week, according to data from The New York Times. And all four are mostly using shots made by two Chinese vaccine makers, Sinopharm and Sinovac Biotech

    4. Regurgitating farts from New York times, using twisted facts!

      Vaccination has no 100% prevention.

      Besides, the duration between the two jabs & the ambient environment while waiting for the full immunization to take effect!

      And DON'T just recycling about efficacy with the original SARS-CoV-2. The most virulent strain is Delta & soon to be Delta+.

      Spike protein targeted vaccines WOULDN'T show expected efficacy as claimed due to further attachment mechanism mutation.

      When the spike protein mutates into new form these uniquely targeting vaccines cannot induce the body to generate the required antibody & T-cell to fight these newly mutated virus with different spike protein.

      No matter how much the virus mutate, the core DNA remains.

      That's where the deactivated whole virus derived vaccines work the magic of immunization. The antibody & T-cell generated by the body recognize the whole virus structure!

      Ooop… remember to stick to yr fart for u to die standing.

    5. rebut with number n data la.

      one ccp professor recently claim overthrowing einstein theory of relativity using marxism, n the other one pn minister claim success bec msian no fear of wuhanvirus while u r the one implying 50.000001% is better than 95%.

      all 3 communist tongue equally hebat.

    6. cf:

      Delta coronavirus variant: scientists brace for impact - Nature

      Wakakakakaka…. Mfer, this is not for u! Too deep for yr katak brain.

      There r many conjectures in science, yr current lies ain't even worth the ink used to print the dot.

      BTW, stay on course with yr 'wuhanvirus'. It's the strain zero that's no longer exist due to mutation.

      But, judging from yr know-nothingness about virus behaviour, go begging for yr western concocted vaccines when Delta or Delta+ hits u.

      Pray that the Pfizer vaccine u do craving for could at least reduce yr suffering of lung drowning!

    7. confuse when cant convince, typical communist tongue.

    8. Confused for u!

      Stay the course. U deserve to die blur-blurly standing.

      Typical small katak mind.

    9. Do not be taken in by the twisted matsalleh reporting. For example, see the difference in the report by CNN and the Jakarta Globe on the same topic :

      From CNN -

      And this is from Jakarta Globe on the same issue -

      SAME NEWS, SAME PLACE, but the US media skewed reporting to negativity towards the Chinese vaccine.

      And these kwailoh angmo sai media did the same butcher job on Mongolia and Chile. Full of spins and omission-lies. Get the real news from the horses mouths :

      Mismanagement Fuels Mongolia's Covid19 Spike :


      And in Chile, read the real news here :

      Batty as usual tries to deceive with parrot-echoing of twisted news slant but unfortunately for the likes of this batshit moron, the truth backfires right smack on his ugly batshit head

  5. Democracies with free open societies and Rule Of Law need to stand together to make clear their shared values.

    Fuck the authoritarian dictatorships that are right now claiming they have a superior system and they are the future.

    1. What claim?

      Mfer, seeing is believing!

      Physical exhibitions r more believable than verbal diarrhoea.

      Ooop… in that fart filled well, diarrhea is food of thought!

    2. Hehe...Numbskull Monster gone completely servile and a true lackey of the corrupt white supremacists ... mouthing their very exact words " free open society", "rule of law" "shared value" and such bullshits and acting as though he really believes in these hollow fake words...or worse, he REALLY TRULY believes !
      more fool him, when 'they' are quietly sniggering at the success in brainwashing all these bananas and their own dumb-down sheeple.

      Look at how the US is using the words Democracy and Freedom as a disguise ( now too well worn ) to impose their hegemonic will on the rest of the world in its imperialistic greed. To those countries that the US had directly bombed mercilessly or via proxy wars, this is their real message they get out of it :

      " Your country has too much oil. It needs some freedom and democracy ". Wa Ka Ka Ka. And that oft quoted " Rule of Law " ? Whose law ? The law from the US (its vassals) which they can discard and change willy nilly when it suits them. Fuck their shit law !

      Wasn't it Winston Churchill who said : The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

      China is unlikely to ever have a western-style democracy, even if the Chinese Communist Party is not ruling China. Most Chinese are convinced that western-style democracy is simply a device to get the Chinese fighting among themselves again so that China can be exploited as a nation by Westerners.

      Monster is wrong to say that China is "right now claiming they have a superior system...". China made no such claim ( although many admirers did claim that, hehe ).The position that China aims to occupy in the world is one among equals, for which the US can NOT allow ! China's system cannot be exported nor are they interested in imposing their system onto another country.

      The false impression that the US and the West paint China as totalitarian, oppressive and lacking freedom and human rights or dignity is not doing these Westerners any favour.

      The zero sum game against China is not going to get them far. All we hear from them are propagandas, trade wars, sanctions, embargoes, military alliance and encirclement of China. ( These are their 'shared values', because their democracy and human rights claims are fake ).

      On what rights and on what moral grounds do the US and her lies have to contain the rise of China ? China has all the rights to defend herself against foreign aggression and interference, to build a better country and a better life for her 1.4 Billion population.

      China is doing RIGHT for its people now, better than any time in its history. That is why as high as 95% of the Chinese are happy with CPC and the way China is governed.