Sunday, June 27, 2021

Hong Kong police chief blames media for public hostility, calls for fake news law

Hong Kong police chief blames media for public hostility, calls for fake news law

Raymond Siu says cops ‘absolutely welcome’ legislation amid crackdown

A police cordon in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay shopping district ahead of a pro-democracy protest. Surveys show public trust in the force has declined since 2019. – AFP pic, June 26, 2021

HONG KONG – Hong Kong’s new police chief called for a fake news law today and blamed the media for plunging trust in his officers in the politically polarised finance hub.

His call comes as authorities carry out a sweeping crackdown on dissent and just days after outspoken newspaper Apple Daily was forced to fold following the freezing of its accounts under a tough new national security law.

Surveys show the police have been the least popular disciplinary service in the city since Hong Kong was rocked by huge and sometimes violent pro-democracy protests in 2019, during which allegations of police brutality emerged.

Police chief Raymond Siu said much of the blame lay with the media.

“I understand that there are residents who are still hostile towards us. In this regard, I told my colleagues that many of these torn relationships and hostility against the police are due to fake news,” Siu said at his first media briefing since taking office.

“There is no legal definition of fake news at the moment, but if there is any legislation that could help us bring these people to justice, as law enforcers, we absolutely welcome it,” he added.

Hong Kong’s demonstrations subsided last year due to mass arrests, the coronavirus pandemic and Beijing’s imposition of the security law, which critics argue has been used to curb dissent.

Three former police officers were yesterday promoted to key positions in government, with former security minister John Lee becoming the city’s new number two official and an ex-police chief stepping into Lee’s security bureau role.

Last Thursday 500 police officers raided the newsroom of Apple Daily as authorities froze the company’s assets under the security law.

Five executives of the paper were arrested and two were charged with conspiracy to collude with foreign forces.

Apple Daily’s lead editorial writer was also arrested on Wednesday and the paper was forced to fold, saying it feared for the safety of staff.

Siu however said police were targeting national security offenders and not the news media. – AFP, June 26, 2021


  1. Bullyland simply not grateful to Honkongers who worked so hard to make HK the Nambar1 gateway, help build Bullyland develop and grow in the 70s, 80s, 90s etc when Bullyland was populated by turnip pullers and donkey slappers. Now super rich, got Huawei and can fly to Mars they turn their backs on Hongkongers, impose all kinds of laws. Cannot wait till 2047. Even Grandma Wong kena arrested for waving yellow umbrella. It’s like Malaysians today show no gratitude to the immigrant Chinese and Yindians who came and helped build our country.

    Only option for Hongkongers may be to emigrate, like so many Malaysians did, to Sydney etc but still blog and hentam homeland kerajaan.

    Hong Kongers moving to UK may sell $25.6 billion of homes in 2021

    Hong Kong is expected to see about 13,100 to 16,300 households move to the UK via their British National (Overseas) visas in 2021.
    APRIL 27, 2021

    HONGKONG (BLOOMBERG) - Hong Kong home owners may sell as much as HK$150 billion (S$25.6 billion) worth of property this year when residents emigrate to the UK.

    The city is expected to see about 13,100 to 16,300 households move to the UK via their British National (Overseas) visas in 2021, Bloomberg Intelligence said in a report on Tuesday (April 27). The number represents 0.9 per cent to 1.1 per cent of households living in privately-owned homes.

    If all of them sell their properties to fund their move and living costs, they could generate a maximum of HK$150 billion in 2021 alone, Bloomberg estimates show.

    The UK government's plan to make it easier for Hong Kong residents with BN(O) status to obtain citizenship is prompting a migration and rise in home offers. Property listings at Centaline, Hong Kong's largest real estate agency, surged by 44 per cent from a year earlier to more than 40,000 homes.

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  2. Any criticism of CCP must be considered Fake News , I suppose.

    Even the Brits didn't go to that extent during British Colonial Rule.

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      No need to search do far back to colonial rule. Just check those farts from one Patten! Not that bloodthirsty US general but the useless pommie clone!

    2. Patten was sent as the last British GG to con the THEN 6-million Brit citizens into fighting for independence & democracy which those idiots didn't ever enjoy under the British colonial govt. He succeeded into convincing those morons to fight for democracy and an illusory independence which of course they were NOT allowed to do so under the Union Jack

    3. The ulterior motive of course was to ensure those 6-million Brit citizens stay back in HK and NOT enter Britain as were their rights as Brit citizens. The Poms even changed the Home Entry Rules to bar any (unwanted) Brit Hongkies from entering Britain willy nilly, but after returning HK to China, reverse those same laws to allow White Falklanders and some Brits citizens in the Caribbean to be able to enter Britain - Yellow-skinned citizens not welcome lah! Patten did a good job for Mother England and was made a Baron

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    5. Did the Patten regime arrest anyone for criticising the British Colonial Government actions and policies?

      Even going back to the 1960s , the Brits did arrest violent protesters, but there is no record of newspapers and journalists being suppressed, which is what is happening in Hong Kong now.

    6. At the time just before Patten sailed away into the sunset, Her Majesty's Royal Hong Kong Police was one of the most esteemed institutions in Hong Kong.
      Ordinary people respected and trusted the police as protectors of society.

      Police TV dramas were very popular in Hong Kong at the time - and it was no accident. To be a policeman was considered a respected profession.

      Fast forward 24 years, and the Hong Kong Police Force has gone from Hero to Zero.

      Except among the minority of CCP Fanboys, the Hong Kong Police is sneered at, disparaged and regarded as little more than CCP lackeys.

      What a shame.

    7. Thanks Monster for stating the obvious - Hongkies loved being under British colonial rule, hence the police then were good British policemen

    8. The arrest is not due to criticism. It is the criminal promotion of riot and seditious separatism.

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      The news finally broke when the victoria harbour were laid waste to corpses.

      The Seamen's Strike of 1922 began on 12 January 1922. The strike was declared illegal by the Hong Kong government. Many Chinese medium newspapers were told to down played the news. A few reporters were arrested & some tabloids were forced to stop publications!

      The Independent Commission Against Corruption ( ICAC) of Hong Kong was established by Governor Sir Murray MacLehose on 15 February 1974. It has nothing to do with Patten.

      "Fast forward 24 years, and the Hong Kong Police Force has gone from Hero to Zero"

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  3. Any different than OUR polis chief and OUR fake news law? If OK in HK then must be OK here?

    New fake news law allows police to take ‘immediate’ action, says IGP
    Shaq Ismail - March 12, 2021

    IPOH: The Emergency Ordinance criminalising “fake news” on the pandemic and emergency proclamation, which comes into effect today, makes it easier for police to take action against those who spread false information, said Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador.

    With the ordinance, he said police would not have to apply for an order to investigate (OTI), which previously took a long time for approval.

    “There is actually a team that monitors whatever is posted on social media for 24 hours (a day),” he told reporters here today. “We will try to detect posts that we have categorised as fake news, which is aimed at provoking anxiety, public uproar and anger.

    “I welcome the government’s decision as such offences no longer require the police to obtain an OTI.”

    He said without having to apply for an OTI, spreading fake news was now an offence that people could commonly get arrested for.

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  5. That HK now wants a fake news law is inevitable.

    HongKongers must realise the reality that mother China is now in firm control of HK and will want to ensure that the recalcitrant child that is HK behaves.

    Carrie Lam is nothing more than a docile civil servant subservient to "HQ". Whatever comes out of her mouth, is scripted from Beijing.

    But it will get worse once her term ends and her new No 2 takes over.

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  6. Hong Kong Government want to enact the security laws and it's enacted. Period, it is over. The Hong Kong people can go on living their lives as before the enactment peaceful until 2047 as long as they don't break any law. It is not as if they suddenly must compulsory praise Xi Jinping every morning when they wake up and every night before they sleep. Why the illegal assembly to disturb the peace by protesting for the sake of protesting. Not all Hong Kong people agree with the protesting. Remember the poor grandmother alone trying to clear the blockage and rubbish from the road? Each time she pulled an obstacle away from the middle of the road, those brainless youth threw another back to the middle. This is the type of culture they learn from their British master?

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  7. Batty, like his banana cohorts here, live in the rotting garbage bin for so long that they can't smell the shit there anymore !

    Why not ask why Ah tSai bitch for not renewing the mainland China-friendly TV channel CTi ? It's so rich for that dictator bitch to spout " frequent breach of the rules and airing fake or inaccurate news reports" when the Taiwanese government itself is the largest source of fake news...can't smell its own farts and shits.

    Also, the children's picture book, " Waiting for Dad to Come Home" was ordered off the shelves on Dec 2nd 2020 by the Culture Ministry, which said it was considering censoring other books from the Mainland. The book was originally published on the Mainland and republished on the island in traditional Chinese. It features a boy whose father is a doctor treating Covid19 patients and prompted controversy in Taiwan when DPP politicians said it was a "glorification of Beijing's efforts to fights the pandemic". Very democratic eh ?

    Taiwan is spewing all kinds of shits in their media and on their notorious talk-shows, and the young are en-mass brainwashed to hate the Mainland Chinees and this latest shutting down of a TV station and the banning of books show how dangerously Taiwan is moving to censorship. But you won't hear the same outrage about it in Western media.

    So Batty, who is the communist now ? To your batshit brain, anything you find disagreeable is "COMMUNIST" wa ka ka ka. The irony is you know ape-shit about what is communism and what is democracy or any terms for that matter. That's the low level of you bananas here.

  8. As usual, the OCBCs banana-bunch here are growling and screaming on stuff they have no idea of.

    Apple Daily wasn't forced to close down because of the National Security Law ( NSL )

    Jimmy Fuckery Lai, the founder and financer of the Apple Daily, was arrested for allegations of FRAUD, COLLUSION, and other violations of the NSL. He was also separately convicted of unlawful assembly. In May 2021, all his assets were frozen by the HK government.

    On June 17th, a number of the Daily's senior editors and directors were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to COLLUDE with foreign forces. They are accused of running more than 30 reports calling for foreign sanctions against the city and mainland China since 2019.

    Some HK $18M in company assets were frozen by the security bureau in the police operation. And half of the staff resigned. So strictly speaking, there's nothing to keep the Apple Daily from continuing its operations apart, due to an acute lack of staff and frozen funds.

    So to say the Apple Daily was forced to close down is not completely true.

    Does this mean the end of the freedom for the people in Hong Kong? Nope ! It just means the end of the freedom to print lies and the rabid instigation of the public to rise up against the government. These charges against Jimmy Lai are not easy for him to deny. Jimmy Lai travelled to the US, met with politicians there and discussed sanctions against HK and mainland China. Apple Daily editors wrote articles suggesting sanctions against HK and mainland China. And it must be remembered that ALL THIS WHILE, the Apple Daily is NOT BANNED.