Thursday, June 24, 2021

PPBM (PRIBUMI) pissed off with Zahid's pressure tactics

Wan Saiful censures Zahid, suggests attempt to upend govt is treason

As the power struggle intensifies, rival politicians are accusing each other of committing treason against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Malay rulers.

Training his guns on Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Bersatu information chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan charged that the Umno president appeared determined to create a rift among Malay politicians and destablise the government.

He was referring to Zahid's June 21 “ultimatum” to the government to reopen Parliament within 14 days and the latter's statement that failing to do so would amount to treason against the king.

“With respect, I see Zahid as pretending to be ignorant of the Federal Constitution and Parliament rules. He appears determined to disrupt Malay political unity despite many of his friends in Umno not wanting DAP and PKR to return to Putrajaya.

“Our country practices the constitutional monarchy system and parliamentary democracy. The king acts upon the advice of the government. The question of treason does not arise. This is about government administration based on law and the constitution.

“So if the notice to call for Parliament to convene is 28 days, which rule is he referring to with regard to his 14-day threat?

“Furthermore, the rulers have emphasised the importance of political stability. When Zahid deliberately threatens this stability, who is committing treason?” he asked in a statement today.

Zahid's ultimatum had come following the Agong's statement after the Conference of Rulers that parliament should be reconvened as soon as possible.

Prior to this, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin had said Parliament can reconvene in September or October when the nation enters the third phase of the recovery plan after Covid-19 cases drop to below 2,000 per day.

Parliament, which was suspended after the Emergency was announced in January, last met in December.

Zahid doesn't represent all in Umno

Meanwhile, Wan Saiful said he has drawn a distinction between Zahid and Umno, noting how various quarters within the party differed with the president and his allies on this issue.

“Umno's grassroots have decades of experience in the political struggle for religion, race and country.

“They want to see unity in Malay politics and reject attempts to return DAP to government, what more efforts to make (opposition leader) Anwar Ibrahim prime minister,” he added.

Speculation is rife that Anwar, who is also PKR president, has joined hands with Zahid and former premier Najib Abdul Razak again in his latest bid to become prime minister.

Yesterday, Umno's Nazri Abdul Aziz told Malaysiakini that the party does not need Anwar anymore. He also revealed that Zahid had lost the trust of a sizable number of BN lawmakers.

According to him, 25 out of 42 BN lawmakers have signed a declaration pledging support for Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein as their spokesperson.

Zahid has dismissed Nazri's claim while Hishammuddin has remained tightlipped on the matter.


  1. "attempt to upend government is treason"... Wan Saiful.

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