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Hamsap test for Members of Parliament

MM Online - Covering up stewardesses won’t stop plane crashes (extracts):

by Erna Mahyuni

I propose a ban on certain subjects from ever being brought up in the Dewan e.g. sitting members' menstrual cycles, Malaysia Book of Records and what our stewardesses are wearing.

Someone has apparently been calling for “shariah-compliant” uniforms for stewardesses.

One, there is no such thing as “shariah-compliant.” It is a made-up term that is nonsensical and theologically problematic.

Two, can hamsapness in general just be banned from the Dewan? 

'dirty-minded' or 'pervert' would be more correct

Seriously-lah, if instead of work, you're fixated on what stewardesses are wearing when you're on business trips, you should be banned from airplanes. Forever.

Cabin crew are just that ― cabin crew. Poor souls who not only have to look presentable even when jetlagged and cooped up in a cramped metal bird, but have to babysit a whole plane of passengers. [...]

The nonsensical assumption that God punishes airlines who don't follow God's rules are ridiculous. Again, it's theologically problematic and unsound. Plenty of women who do not dress immodestly are raped ― as are senior citizens, children and the physically and mentally challenged.

That's enough proof that modest clothing does not deter or hinder rape. Let's not forget the high incidence of rape in Saudi where women aren't allowed to walk around uncovered in the first place.

Our politicians should be kept busy with other things instead of stewardess uniforms. If their eyes roam to improper locations, it's not the stewardesses who need to be censured.

On that note it's time society gets with the 21st century and properly educate men on the need to keep their eyes and hands to appropriate places. No touching, no looking, no unasked for wardrobe suggestions.

At this point, I think we should just come up with a hamsap test all elected reps must take before serving. Anyone who fails should not be allowed to serve, end of story.

Then maybe we'll have MPs who show up to talk about their jobs instead of air hostess' bodies.

10 years ago at an UMNO general assembly, one of UMNO aspirant-wannabes, then known as the tebuan keeper for his references to May 13 and warnings nto non-Malays not to kacau a tebuan nest, Badruddin Amiruldin failed the hamsap test badly, wakakaka.

At that general assembly, Wanita Umno Kubang Kerian chief Zaleha Hussin presumably felt she needed to make some kind of impact at the gathering. Poor dear, as we all know it’s a competitive world in UMNO as the party’s pyramidal structure gets narrower and narrower as one approached the top

Though there were plenty of important pressing material for discussions at such forum, what with the nation still reeling from corruption, crimes and cronyism (all three ‘c’ could well be inter-related), and prices inflating like chapattis heated on pans, and young little girls murdered before they reached 10, Zaleha decided …….. get this …….. to attack the uniform of AirAsia air stewardesses.

Malaysiakini reported that at the UMNO annual assembly Wanita delegate sees red over AirAsia uniform.

The women delegates to the annual general assembly of mighty political juggernaut UMNO discussed "in depth, and with strong words" (wakakaka), the AirAsia uniform for female cabin crew as ‘embarrassing’ to women.

She gasped: “Legs, knees and thighs are exposed for all to see. This is an embarrassment to women. Something must be done.”

She raised the matter during the debate on a motion on social issues and religion. And guess who was the Chairperson of the debate?

Yes, Badruddin Amiruldin. The exchange between those two mighty mickey mouse midgets went as follows:

Zaleha: The provocative uniform must be changed to something reflective of Eastern values and which complies with the values of Islam.

Badruddin: I think their skirts are too short.

Zaleha: Cloth can be bought.

Badruddin: I think they don’t have enough cloth.

I suppose one could admit the debate was 'profound' (wakakaka) ........ well, in UMNO's pathetic but pompous philosophy.

Zaleha: She [referring to her ‘embarrassed’ friend] said a flight attendant sat in front of her and she could see her legs, thighs and knees. She was so embarrassed!

Badruddin: Did she see the tunnel?

And the UMNO crowd roared with laughter and approval at that disgraceful puerile salacious remark by the Chairperson of an UMNO forum on social issues and religion. Now you know why some UMNO  blokes get away with such outrageous idiotic nonsense.

Around that time (10 years ago), UMNO MPs Mohd Said Yusof and Bung Mokhtar Radin harassed DAP MP Fong Po Kuan by uttering sexist remarks of the bocor kind in Parliament, which led me to post MP's menstruation mesmerised motherless monkeys.

Sadly, no lady MP from Barisan Nasional protested against their unparliamentary intrusive pariah-ish comments on Fong Po Kuan's menstruation.

But when Fong, the lady directly insulted by those crude crass comments called for a motion under the Standing Order 26 (1P) to refer the two BN MPs to the Committee of Privileges, Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib (predictably) dismissed the motion.

she's bocor-ing? wow 

This was what renowned Malaysian philosopher Dodgee Dimsum ;-) had to say about the DAP insensitivity for making mountains out of ‘puddles’ - read Apology - A letter to the minister.

As mentioned, menstruation is more commonly referred to as ‘monthly period’. It seems it’s governed by the lunar cycle, which may explain why it makes some UMNO MPs mad (lunatic, you know, from the word ‘lunar’) or alternatively, hamsap, wakakaka.

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