Saturday, December 09, 2017

Nurul Izzah a 'headless chook'?

FMT - Opposition suggestion on Jerusalem issue can bankrupt nation, says analyst (extracts):

PKR must stop its “selfish acts” of prioritising political interests over the country’s wellbeing, an economic analyst said.

Economic analyst Prof Dr Hoo Ke Ping expressed disbelief that the party could request the government to suspend commercial and diplomatic commitments with the US.

Responding to a statement by PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar, Hoo told FMT that she was speaking “like a headless chicken”.

How did she arrive at such an idea? It is as good as asking the Penang chief minister to shut down the island because most of the electronic factories owned by the Americans are located on Penang island.

“By suspending commercial and diplomatic commitments, it also means all these factories shifting out and we do not have any protection against them leaving. Penang will go bankrupt.

“Did she discuss with Lim Guan Eng (Penang chief minister) before she made such remarks? Has she ever thought about how the US is one of the highest contributors to our economy?

“Did she calculate the pros and cons before making such a statement? The moment they move out, Penang is finished,” he said.

What Prof Hoo may not be aware of, he being an academic and an economic analyst to boot, wakakaka, is that GE-14 is just around the corner and every bit of cheap & totally unrealistic propaganda (in Nurul's case) to gain attention from Muslim voters is important to her political future.

So cut her some slack, Prof, as every Taufik, Devasamy and Har-Li (people like Najib, Maddy, Guan Eng etc) have been criticising, clobbering & condemning Trump for his pro-evangelistic pro-Zionist decision.

However, I admit Nurul has a tendency to go overboard, such as in her silly call for the Malaysian government to suspend commercial and diplomatic commitments with the US.

Five years ago, Nurul was reported by FMT in its news article Nurul Izzah backs religious freedom for all.

For a Malaysian Muslim to say that, needless to say, was considered an act of apostasy. UMNO then jumped eagerly on her, with another sweetie, then deputy minister Mashitah Ibrahim out to get her in some legal way.

Mashitah Ibrahim

At that time, Maharajah Mahathir also criticised her for her alleged un-Islamic statement.

Of course at that time (prior to GE-13) Mahathir was still with Najib in UMNO, wakakaka.

With the shit hitting the fan, the poor sweetie, Nurul that was, not sweetie Mashitah, panicked by the fierce feral ferocious UMNO mob against her for apostasy, scooted off to seek help from Dr Asri.

Now, Prof has described her as a 'headless chicken'. So she has moved from being an apostate to being a 'headless chook', same same lah, wakakaka.

Once, Zaid Ibrahim had designated Nurul Izzah as Pakatan's alternative PM in place of her father Anwar.

But with such political indiscretions (of her as a Muslim advocating religious freedom for everyone and of economic 'vandalism' in calling for 
suspension of commercial and diplomatic commitments with the US), is Nurul the sort of person we want as our alternative PM?

I'm not talking about her future potential but her current competency (or that of 5 years ago).

To wit, should Nurul Izzah be considered as the nominated and putative leader of Pakatan Harapan

another of Nurul's very serious indiscretions 

But why Nurul?

Let's re-examine what Malaysiakini reported Zaid saying (in his blog) at that time, as follows:

"As a supporter of Pakatan 2.0, I nominate Nurul Izzah as prime minister-designate. She is not controversial unlike her father; she speaks well; she has a good education and the right name."

Zaid also said Nurul Izzah has the ability to attract young voters to Pakatan 2.0 and can govern well if given the right advisers. 

OK, let's analyse Zaid's points for Nurul to be Pakatan (2.0)'s PM-designate:

  1. not controversial
  2. speaks well
  3. has a good education
  4. can attract young voters
  5. has the right name

Qualities 1 to 4 can be found in a large number of other Pakatan (2.0) Malay candidates. They are not particular exceptional qualities, which alas Zaid unwittingly spoilt somewhat with his statement that she "can govern well if given the right advisers".

Well Zaid, so can others too if given the right advisers, like Tian Chua or better still, Dyana Sofya, wakakaka.

So we have to assume Quality No 5 would be Zaid's main justification for Nurul to be PM-designate, namely, that she has the right name, being the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim.

Zaid's nomination of Nurul as PM-designate was not the only one nor the first.

Many have been the times I read/heard of the preposterous proposals for Nurul to be the PM of a Pakatan-ruled Malaysia in the event of the non availability of her father.

I am not suggesting she can't ever be, but most certainly not now when she is far too jambu in her political experience and thus lacks the necessary political nous as she has so amply and disastrously demonstrated (twice over in a period of 5 years).

Frankly, those proposals have been so unrealistically moronic, leaving me flabbergasted by the puerile mentality of those blind-as-bats idol-worshippers.

As mentioned often, I quite respect Zaid Ibrahim but he seemed to have sadly joined the silly adolescent mob.

Another title for Nurul which always drives me bonkers (okay I exaggerate, wakakaka) has been the equally preposterous Puteri Reformasi.

I don't mind Nurul being Puteri PKR or Puteri Pakatan. I really don't have anything against her being adored as a puteri. But the word 'reformasi' makes me want to puke because there's no such animal as reformasi in her party.

Tell me, what reformasi would there be in a a party which promoted 916, an undemocratic grab at power via financed party hopping, which the late Karpal Singh had described as"unethical" and "immoral".

And what reformasi was in PKR over-burning the Kajang satay?

Let's just call her Puteri, Princess, Sweetie, Darling, etc, but please do not deem her or her PKR as having anything to do with reformasi.


  1. "Has she ever thought about how the US is one of the highest contributors to our economy ?"

    Ktemoc regular dubs me a US Dedak eater. I for one am very aware how important the Yanks are to the Malaysian economy, but Ktemoc maybe not so smart.

    I think Nurul is pushing Najib for how far he is willing to back his manufactured outrage at the US. Otherwise All the hot air is just Bullshit.

    1. Re your "I think Nurul is pushing Najib for how far he is ... yadda yadda" wow, you're another who makes excuses for your beloved princess,w akqakaka

  2. many r aware zaid is brainless on politics, the only reason u look highly on him is bec he went against anwar n azmin.

    everyone who can read politics msia know nurul words is kind of witty statement, only a stupid prof take it seriously n even relate it to lge, n no surprise another stupid exploit on it wakaka

    1. aha, so you are one of those blind-as-bats idol-worshippers, wakakaka

    2. Wakakakaka...Freudian slip ke!

      Blind bats can still navigate effortlessly lah.

      Tapi, there r twister pretends not to see in broad daylight lah.

    3. unlike u, i dun hate non umno malay that stand up against dap. the reason u r fine with umno malay that trample dap is bec u get used to it, like the doggie mca.

    4. what a childish irresponsible comment - you have become another Nat Tan who accuses his political opposites of 'hate' when you run out of logical arguments - macam budak kecil, wakakaka


    Prof. HOO was earlier trying to earn some Brownie points with the Najis Administration.
    What's going to be his response to Hisham?
    BTW I always demand people put their money where their mouth is.
    So what's the bottom line on Jerusalem ?
    Are people willing to downgrade diplomatic relations with Washington ?
    Boycott American brands ? Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC , Intel, HP, Microsoft? Google
    Impose sanctions against American companies which invest in Israel. Among the biggest are Intel, IBM, Google, Hewlett Packard, Cisco...

    I am, of course a US & Israeli supporter. Fully Paid up.

    1. of course you are, wakakaka

    2. Hishamuddin's proposition could put Malaysian soldiers face to face with the IDF - man-for-man rated by military experts The Most Capable Army in the World.

      Is the that Malaysian Chinese Professor Kangkong going to dare say any criticism of that ?

    3. heavily equipped, subsidised and financed by the USA, even with latest intel

  4. Actually , Lim Guan Eng needs to consider such questions carefully..given the sheer size of the footprint of American corporate investments in Penang.

    So what's the bottom line on Jerusalem ?
    Are people willing to demand downgrade of diplomatic relations with Washington ?
    Boycott American brands ? Starbucks, McDonald's, KFC , Intel, HP, Microsoft? Google
    Impose sanctions against American companies which invest in Israel. Among the biggest are Intel, IBM, Google, Hewlett Packard, Cisco...

    1. Israel has a population of approx 8.7 million, of whom 75% are Jews, 21% Arab and 4% others.

      It is, in a French diplomat's description some ten years back, a shitty little country.

      If not for the USA and its fanatical evangelistic Christian beliefs plus massive infusion of arms, finances, etc, Israel would be a nothing country like Jordan

  5. Dyana Sofya is an upcoming politician.Being a protege and under the tutelage of old horse Kit Siang,she can go far in politics.In the near furure,given time and the chance,she will surely outshine Nurul.

    Dyana got the smarts and potential to be a good politician and MP.Come GE 14,she will be riding Ah Beh(present Teluk Intan MP) to parliament house.Nurul,nearly two terms as MP,has not shone or prove that she got the mettle for politics.She is too timid and soft spoken for the dirty,rough and tumble in politics.

    If Nurul wants to be a three term MP,she will have to run back to Permatang Pauh.Then with PAS as a spoiler,Permatang Pauh might turn out to be the Waterloo for her.Nurul is caught between a rock and a hardplace.

    1. nurul may be a nice sweetheart but she rides on her dad's fame and previous umno power

    2. Nurul has stated that she will defend Lembah Pantai but would obey party instructions to contest elsewhere if so directed.

      "NURUL Izzah Anwar plans to defend her Lembah Pantai federal seat and face head on both PAS and Umno in GE14, although past elections results show a three corner fight will benefit the ruling coalition.

      The two-term Lembah Pantai MP said she is the incumbent and it is only logical that she defends her seat, which she narrowly won with a majority of 1,847 votes in 2013.

      But the PKR vice-president has left the possibility of standing elsewhere at the instruction of her party."

      That said, do you think that goven the slim majority by which she won in 2013, Nurul could lose Lembah Pantai to UMNO in GE14, especially if there is a three-cornered fight between PKR, UMNO and PAS?

      From what I understand, it was the affluent voters in Lembah Pantai, such as those in Bangsar who mostly voted for Nurul, whilst the lower income voters in parts such as Pantai Dalam voted UMNO.

      How do you see the result of this contest between different forces in GE14?

  6. Pick & choose makes u blind to yr own mistakes!

    Israel is backed by US, so r the surrounding Arab countries backed by Russia.

    What r u going to distinguish the two different backers that infused both camps with massive arms, finances, etc?

    Oooop...Russia cannot compare, compete with USofA, right?

    Just a very small reminder for a spinster; USSR & later Russia has been in one upmanship with USA in many fields for as long as u r born. If there were no contest, USSR/Russia would have been behaving like a purring cat under the strokes of USA taiko.

    Was it?

    Is it?

    USSR disintegrated due to circumstances of time & some US clever geopolitical maneouverings. It didn't mean USSR was not a formidable opponent!

    A shitty little, nothing Israel of ten years ago, with little resources & the helps of USA, turns into a mighty military & economical power, surrounded by hostile neighbors.

    What have those Arab neighbors turned into, with the helps of USSR/Russia & oil literally oozing out from their ground?

    Population size plays small part in the developing of the country. In fact, it hinders the pace of development.

    Too much rabbits quickly deplecting the food resource, straining the growth of educational/healthcare/economical sectors, leading to stagnation or zero development.

    All yr points leading to WHAT? Bolih lihat ke?

    It tells u much about the quality of the people le!!!

  7. Normally I would believe that people who claim to support fairness, integrity and A Fair Go would support Nurul Izzah.
    The people she is up against are walking personifications of the tired and corrupt UMNO system - Sharizat Jalil - family inextricably linked to the Cow Condo scandal, and UMNO warlord Raja Ning Chik.

    But I guess many invisible , underground transactions may be taking place....

    1. Nurul comes from a once very very powerful UMNO family who only fell by the wayside only because of power struggle within UMNO

    2. Nurul Izzah has never been an UMNO member and there is not the slightest hint of impropriety about her.
      A true Puteri Reformasi she is.

  8. So now I have confirmation Ktemoi
    c's claim to fairness, integrity and A Fair Go is Bullshit.
    He just has a Vendetta against Anwar and it extends multi-generation to people who had nothing to do with the UMNO state.

    1. KT doesn't understand fair play!

      How could the fames/sins, if any from Anwar, been carried forward to his offsprings!

      Remind one about the traitor label been tagged on her when she declared her friendship with the daughter of self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram III, Princess Jacel Kiram.

      He is just scrapping the bottom of the bottom of that poo barrel for inspiration to fill his kpi requirement!

    2. consorting with an enemy of the state is treason, but nurul was lucky that was viewed as an indiscretion due to her inexperience

    3. Wow!!!! U r buying that traitor tale!!!! again, one-eyed jack of the dedak kind.

    4. none so blind as those who refuse to see, wakakaka