Saturday, December 30, 2017

One liners on Mahathir

MM Online - Dr M: Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t mean I was wrong:

We know you were insincere when you apologised earlier but also aware you have been desperate enough to do so for sympathy votes.

Star Online - Pribumi AGM wants Dr M as PM (extracts):

Mukhriz said, “We (Pribumi) don’t want the prime minister position because of glamour. But it is because Dr Mahathir is seen as the most capable person to steer Malaysia out of its problems now.”

just a coincidence I nominated him 

PAS wants Hadi Awang as PM,
Amanah wants Mat Sabu as PM,
DAP wants Lim KS as PM, and 
PKR wants ... er ... f**k, we can't make up our minds whether to go for Wan Azizah, Azmin, Nurul, Anwar or Rafizi, wakakaka.

... Mahathir ... today renewed his criticism against the sale of land to foreigners, especially in the Forest City reclamation project in Johor.

Speaking at the first PPBM annual general meeting here, the 92-year-old party chairman said he hoped the project would end up being inhabited by creatures like monkeys and baboons.

“I hope Forest City will truly become a forest… Its residents will consist of baboons, monkeys and so on,” he said.

"Nice" sweet old man, he hasn't lost his viciousness with words and wickedness despite his apology (albeit an insincere one) just a while ago, so please vote for him.

The 1985 Memali tragedy would not have happened if muftis had challenged the Amanat Hadi, said Bersatu chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

He said muftis seemed to agree with PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s speech as they did not speak up against him.

We know you were/are "never ever" wrong which is why you're blaming the muftis as you once blamed Musa Hitam for Memali in the way you had blamed the IGP for Ops Lalang in Oct 1987, and which is why we know your recent apology has been full of bullshit.

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  1. The apology is directed to his PPBM members; it is not a public apology to the entire nation.

    Just before he apologised to the PPBM members he even said that those PPBM members who left PPBM are Najib's supporters and he considered all of them as 'sampah'.

    Adam and Eve told God that the apples were eaten, and they were sorry. God convicted them and removed them from heaven.

    Likewise, Mahathir should be convicted and home detained for all his humongous atrocious acts and breached of fiduciary duty, and to return all his and his family ill gotten wealth to the government.