Saturday, December 30, 2017

Mahathir a desperado?

MM Online - Clarify claims Mukhriz contesting in GE14 under BN, Dr M told (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad must clarify whether there are discussions underway to allow Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir to contest the 14th general election under a Barisan Nasional ticket, Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim has said.

The former Transparency International-Malaysia vice-chairman said such a move, if true, was proof that Dr Mahathir had no faith in Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Mukhiz’s chances of winning a seat under an Opposition ticket.

“This could be part of his tactical arsenal, and for him to make such a U-turn shows that he is now in desperation,” NST Online quoted Tunku Abdul Aziz as saying yesterday.

“Dr Mahathir must now come forward and explain whether such allegations are true and if they are true, then he should clarify what this is all about,” he added.

Everyone knows that Mahathir's fight-to-the-death against Najib has conscripted the proud Old Man forcefully, unwillingly and indeed regretfully towards an alliance with the very people he hated and in all likelihood still does, people like his previous bête noire Anwar Ibrahim (who he has NEVER forgiven, hence has NEVER apologised to), Lim Kit Siang (putative leader of the most disliked Chinese) and Amanah (offspring of PAS, another bête noire) ...

... save of course those chong-ed gullible guppies who saw him in his implausible volte-face political realignment as a political Messiah a la His Lord's Second Coming, wakakaka.

Those politicians (eg. Lim Kit Siang) who know why Mahathir has politically back-flipped so radically, even traumatically a la the Boxing Day (2004) earthquake (world's most humongous) have their own political interests/agenda compelling them into silence.

But a post-PM Mahathir is worried for his sons, politically for Mukhriz and business-wise for the two elder billionaire ones, and also for his prime-ministerial legacy.

Mahathir had in his own own overconfidence left his sons and legacy unprepared, perhaps believing as Emperor-for-life he has sufficient time and power to deal with his sons' affairs even after his so-called retirement. His fierce ability to deal effectively with and curtailed AAB's 'independent-minded' policies to an extent lent confidence to his belief.

Thus he again believed his 'second successor'** Najib would also comply kuaikuai - moe maan t'ai or as Ozzies would say (grammatically incorrect), 'no worries'

** which retiree ever has two successors, except one who believes it's his prerogative to keep appointing 'successors', such has been his conceit, hubris and arrogance in his continuing powers as a retired PM

Mahathir even had the brazen nerve to complain PM Najib did NOT report to him for 6 months. Did Mahathir report to Hussein Onn?

But f**k Najib and his even stronger, nay, almost Herculean resistance to Mahathir's incessant harassment, threats and browbeating, that punk refuses to concede defeat and give way to Mahathir's desire to have his son Mukhriz among the vital top 3 of UMNO, the vice-presidencies, an imperative step towards being party president of UMNO and consequentially, the PM of Malaysia.

Thus the war against Najib began.

Take an example of Mahathir's pre-war and post-war actions - Altantuyaa Shaariibuu was murdered in 2006 and we hardly hear a squeak from Mahathir, but ten years later in 2015, when Mahathir began turning against his erstwhile mentee, the Malay Mail reported:

Mahfuz, who is Pokok Sena MP, revealed to reporters in Parliament yesterday that he had arranged a meeting between Sirul’s mother and Dr Mahathir and will be arranging a phone session with the fugitive and the former prime minister next.

The PAS parliamentary whip said that the phone call would provide Sirul the chance to tell Dr Mahathir his “side of the story.”

He said while Dr Mahathir did not promise anything during the meeting yesterday, he appeared attentive when listening to Sirul’s mother.

Over the weekend, the former prime minister urged the police to investigate the former police commando’s claim that he killed Altantuya under orders, saying it was “grossly unfair” to send hang Sirul for obeying instructions.

Dr Mahathir said Sirul, who is now in Australia, should be allowed to state his case as he had already said he was only carrying out orders.

FMT also reported in 2015: Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who was also served by the convicted killer, has demanded that Najib reveal who directed his bodyguards to kill Altantuya. “They didn’t kill anybody when I was Prime Minister,” said Mahathir. “Why should he (Sirul) be made into a scapegoat when he was only following instructions? Whose instructions?”

Whether Najib Razak or Razak Baginda or whoever else has been guilty in Altantuyaa's murder is not the issue in this post (we can discuss in a future post), but rather, why has Mahathir acted only AFTER 10 years or, rather, after his acrimonious breakup with Najib began?

I'm gonna get you young punk 

As late as post GE13 in May 2013 he was still giving advice to Najib, to wit, to forget about the Chinese who did not support BN and to focus on the Malays. But with Mukhriz losing the UMNO VP race in late October that year, t'was the start of a chilly winter season for Najib, wakakaka. 

Thus we can see how and when Mahathir turned against his mentee Najib.

And thus I'm inclined to believe Tunku Abdul Aziz's call to Mahathir to clarify the currently circulating story that Mukhriz may contest GE14 under, whoa wow, hallelujah, a Barisan Nasional ticket, allegedly as a quid pro quo for Mahathir to cease his political battles against Najib, may have legs.

This sounds like a story of desperation but then Mahathir (ever since Mukhriz lost his VP race and since Daddy made no headway in his efforts to unseat Najib) has been living a life of desperation, yes desperate enough to embrace hated Lim Kit Siang, hated Pakatan and worse of all, hated Anwar Ibrahim his arch-foe.

The Face Of A Desperate Man 

- Poem by Kelvin Rush

Lead the blind into the sea
Control the mind so easily
It's all a game for them to play
This hell on earth we face each day.

Believe the news and watch TV
Stay confused and refuse to see
The world in all its misery
If you don't wake up you'll never be free.

The desperate calls the endless pain
As the nation falls we watch the ball game
Drinking beer high on dope
Society implodes there is no hope.

The elite control and relinquish blame
They pursue their goals immune from shame
They ride so high without protest
They own the world they are the blessed.

Never believe anything you're told
Question everything do not be sold
Like a dumb ass slave evoked by fear
Weak and predictable a loan musketeer.

Rise from the ashes like a dominant storm
Call to the masses unite and transform
Evolve and dissolve the desperation in the air
Count your blessings and never despair.

Shake the disease and begin once more
Fall to your knees as you open the door
The time has arrived it's a fight you must win
The devil is waiting do not fail or give in.

Follow in the footsteps of your father's dreams
Avoid the self-delusion all the cries and screams
Don't languish in the gutter do the best you can
And never be the face of a desperate man!


  1. But..but...Ktemoc , isn't this tale about Mukriz a story without any real supporting evidence ?

    Apart from your "I am inclined to believe it is true".

    On occasional days I'm inclined to believe Santa Claus exists...

    You have frequently condemned those who are "inclined to believe" Najib is complicit in Altantuya's murder
    Aren't you being hypocritical here ?

    1. I haven't confirmed Tunku's request fro clarification from Mahathir but merely said that request may have legs. It's still up to Mahathir to confirm - a 'may I ask' situation quite different from your 'he's a murderer, because who else?'

    2. The suspicion that Najib is complicit in Altantuya's murder has plenty of legs... but that is not to declare him as guilty.

  2. y u never asked lge if he received 100 mil from mahathir? its from the same source ie the liar?

    1. Yes, that question RE: Tunku Abdul Aziz's statement on LGE receiving RM 100 Million ought to be asked, as it directly relates to whether this Dude's utterances have any credibility or "legs" as they say.

      I would say Tunku Abdul Aziz has Zero. It's just Dedak talking...

    2. I've to admit I haven't come across this issue - can you or HY provide a reference

      It was regarding the allegation against LKS and the alleged amount was in fact RM 1 Billion...

      Tunku Abdul Aziz Ada credibility aka "legs" tak?

    4. that has been a three month old news, which Tunku asked of LKS and which LKS denied. Why raise it again?

      I am more interested in the allegations that HY made against LGE receiving RM100 million from mahathir

      HY hates DAP with a vengeance so he should provide that source of news

    5. My main focus is the Tunku Abdul Aziz Dude's utter, complete lack of credibility, and three months ago news doesn't make it any less damaging to him.

      I dump Tunku Abdul Aziz Rantings in the "Rubbish " category.

    6. i heard it from one bangla, i oso incline to believe it is true.

    7. of course Bangla's story is always true (to PKR-ista)

    8. Ktemoc this Bangla-ish ( Tunku Abdul Aziz) story always has legs..

    9. Monsterball, I know you're a Bangla so don't be jealous of Tunku Aziz being a member of the Royal House of Kedah. He may have tomyam in his blood but a Bangla he is definitely not - I leave that quasi-Rakhine DNA to you, wakakaka

  3. another desperate attempt to put a wedge in harapan...the tunku should be asking the person who hatched the "claim".... who would provide him with all the juicy "details" to go public with names, time and place where it about a tunku with ethics sitting on places not knowing where to seek information...


    Kim Jong Man was killed by smearing VX nerve agent on his face. Two women, Siti Aisyah, 25, from Indonesia and Doan Thi Huong, 28, from Vietnam who had no previous connection to the victim have been charged with his murder. There is little doubt they directly carried out the actual deadly act.

    The public has no difficulty believing that the murder was a conspiracy involving powerful people , in this case the North Korean regime.
    Because no other alternative explanation makes logical sense.

    Altantuya was murdered also by esoteric means, also by people who had Zero previous connections to her.
    These were no ordinary people , but highly trained police bodyguards from Najib Tun Gasak's security detail.

    Why is it impossible for some people to believe that THIS murder was also no personal private enterprise ?
    NO alternative explanation makes any logical sense.

    1. there is a difference between Kim Jong Man and Altantuyaa Shaariibuu - he is plain looking or even ugly whilst Altantuyaa was beautiful and could be said to be sexy and desirable

      Thus your premise for Kim's murder by two women who had no previous connection to the victim could be said to be an instructed attack (and murder)

      One could argue that the two policemen having been instructed by someone to move Altantuyaa away from Razak Baginda's house might have entertained the idea of having a wee fun with a beautiful lady, when things went wrong and shit happened, and the C4 was their way of eliminating evidence.

      Therein lies the difference. Just because those two policemen were UTK assigned as bodyguards to Najib did not mean Najib ordered them to conduct extra curricular activities.

      Australian journalist was told by a"relative" of Sirul that Razak Baginda shot and killed Altantuyaa, and that Najib had sex with her.

      But the toxic politics made Najib and Rosmah the killers instead, wakakaka. Why don't Sirul and Azilah Hadri spill the beans now, despitd overtures from Mahathir and Mahfuz Omar.

      Who started the rumours against Najib obviously must have political gains in mind, just like Mahathir manja-sayang Sirul. I read somewhere Ku Li and Anwar Ibrahim gave RPK the go-ahead to unleash the latter's stat dec

    2. p/s The Australian journalist mentioned above was Mary Ann Jolley