Friday, December 29, 2017

Abracadabra of Wan Junaidi Jaafar

MM online - Proposed reclamation far from international maritime border, says Penang exco (extracts):

GEORGE TOWN, Dec 29 — The proposed Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project is located far from the country’s maritime border with Indonesia, state executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow said today.

The local government committee chairman said a map from the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency’s website shows this clearly.

“The proposed PSR project is located at a very shallow area of less than -3.5m CD (depth) on the continental shelf of Malaysia and it is well within the three nautical miles radius from the existing shoreline of Penang Island ’s south coast,” he told a press conference held at Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s office in Komtar today.

He added that there is also no possibility of the project shifting the continental shelf and encroaching into maritime international border.

He said reclamation projects in Johor and Malacca are much closer to international waters.

Chow was responding to a statement by Environment and Natural Resources Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Jaafar that the project could encroach into international waters and change the continental shelf.

you see, water flows here and there and also up and down so it depends where the limits of Malaysian territorial waters is at a particular moment
and the recent floods in Penang might have drifted the Island nearer to Indonesia
I know all these as I'm the Environment and Natural Resources Minister

Everyone who has been to school knows what is 'territorial waters', which means the Environment and Natural Resources Minister might not have, wakakaka. Dei, menteri balik sekolah lah.

With his piss-poor geography learning, he might of course have mistaken Singapore for Penang Island, wakakaka.

But his bullshit has not been meant for the general public but only for the 'converted', to appease his Heartland constituency that he is going to 'fix' the bloody DAP up kaukau.

OTOH, Wan Junaidi Jaafar might borrow a leaf out of the Election Commission's 'Book of Tricks' and abracadabra-alakzam-ali oop delineate Malaysian territorial waters shift to a nearer distance (at least temporarily) to Penang Island to make his humongous bullshit 'fake-valid'.


  1. A shitty Dishonest Minister in a Dishonest Administration.
    Nothing new.

    Far more serious and insiduous lies are being told by this Dishonest Administration.

    Good enough for "Fixed Deposit" voters.

  2. I hope foreign governments were not monitoring or holding the Malaysian Government to its word based on the Minister's statement of "3 Mile territorial waters ". Limit.

    The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which Malaysia is a signatory, recognises a 12-nautical mile territorial waters limit. If there are overlapping claims from littoral countries, then an equidistant line between the two opposite shores applies.

    The statement of the idiotic Federal Minister, no less, could be construed as Malaysia voluntarily relinquishing its legal right to claim 12-mile territorial waters, and retreating to just 3-miles limit.

    For those who can't imagine it, 3-miles is well within sight of land.

    Neighbouring Indonesia , especially, must be grinning wide...

  3. Last I heard that this Ja'afar dude took his LCE three times and failed thrice.So,how can he be well versed in his Geography?He would not know the difference between a butt hole and an asshole.He is a moron.

  4. There is a strong element of profit motive and corporate greed at the expense of social and environmental protection. Ultimately the reclaimed land will be used for property development which are not affordable to the coastal frontier community.

    It is easy enough to imagine the bigger and perhaps the deadlier effects on the biodiversity and the fishes which will be harmed and displaced. In addition, the livelihood of the entire community would be compromised. They live their entire lives on the coast, so they deserve recognition.

    To be blunt, from the political angle the reclamation project will NOT serve the best interest but indeed detrimental to 'orang kita' who live along the coast. DAP should consider intensive city renewal project rather than land reclamation? It would be cheaper and faster.

  5. Tanah kerajaan negeri dah hampir pupus sebelum & selepas 2008. Same difference.