Sunday, December 10, 2017

DAP salt-of-the-earth blokes

FMT - DAP members come to Zaid’s defence, report lodged against Jamal’s threat (extracts):

DAP members lead by Lim Lip Eng (middle) gathered outside of Dang Wangi police station to show solidarity for Zaid Ibrahim

Ronnie Liu 2nd from right

A group of DAP members, led by Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, lodged a police report here today against Sungei Besar Umno division chief Jamal Yunos for threatening to “smash the head” of former minister Zaid Ibrahim.

DAP central executive committee member Ronnie Liu said that he, Lim and the other members had gathered at the Dang Wangi police station here after making a report to show solidarity with Zaid, who is also a DAP member.

“I personally think he used his right to speak out as a Malaysian, and to me he has no intention to run down anybody,” he said, adding that Zaid was defending Pakatan Harapan chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad. [...]

On Friday, the Red Shirts leader, armed with a sledgehammer and a cutout of Zaid, said people in Selangor had lost patience over the fact that no action had been taken against the DAP politician.

He had then threatened to “hammer” the former minister’s head if no action was taken against him for his criticism of the Selangor sultan, prompting Zaid to tweet that he would seek to meet with Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi, who is also home minister, as soon as possible over “his safety and that of his family”. [...]

jamal must have failed his bahasa paper as there's no such malaya word as 'biadap'


... Lim, who is also a lawyer, said Jamal’s statement was a clear threat and insult.

“I handled a case where a businessman was accused of insulting the prime minister and wife by holding a Chinese placard saying ‘chicken and hippo go to hell”.

“If that warrants a criminal charge, what more about Jamal?” he asked.

Lim said Zaid had told him that he did not lodge any police report against the controversial Umno leader.

It was earlier reported that Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua had distanced himself from Zaid’s controversy, saying members were free to express their opinions but they should also be prepared to deal with the repercussions.

Good old Ronnie Liu - you can rely on this salt-of-the-earth bloke, and likewise with Lim Lip Eng.

Ronnie Liu & Lim Lip Eng 

Penangites would say in Hokkien that they have 'gee k'ee', meaning loyalty of brotherhood, sadly a sterling quality somewhat missing among DAP Young Turks (if you know who, wakakaka), as was evident recently when a former benefactor was rudely and arrogantly dismissed as a 'nobody'.

By the by, are members of a political party, especially the DAP, really free to express their opinions?

Hasn't that been f* careless tok-kok with a pair of Pontius Pilate 'hygienic hands'?

Such nonsense are liable to misled some hot-heads into making seditious insults, especially for Chinese DAP members or even younger Malay DAP members like Dyana Sofya?

what a sweetie in all her gorgeous 'Malay-ness' 

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  1. My contacts say DAP top leadership is seriously considering to jetisson Zaid.
    They Don't "want" to, but very likely "NEED TO" for damage control purposes.
    It's too damn close to GE14 and DAP doesn't need the distraction.
    Let's see next few days how the wind blows.

    Zaid can always join Huan Guan
    Cheng in Parti Cinta Malaysia... he would add much needed Gravitas to their leadership.

  2. Tony Pua is an amateur in politics.His ego,arrogance,lack of respect for others,failure to admit and learn from mistakes makes a very strong prescription for failure.He acts just like Donald Trump,a school yard bully,but when confronted by someone his size goes on his knees,and wept like a baby,crying out loud for his mama.

    Teresa Kok,a soft spoken but very skill and respected lady politician,should have been re-elected as chairman of Selagor DAP,not crybaby and empty barrel Tony.People like Tony Pua and Donald Trump have no place in politics.Instead they should be milking the cows.With their mouths doing the milking,of course.

  3. Hmm...Ronnie Liu quit the Selangor Exco under a cloud ...and eventually dropped from Selangor DAP ADUN line-up.

    Apparently Ronnie's considered a DAP liability, not an asset. But still got elected to the DEC. Lack of alternative talent perhaps.

    1. ousted by the Young Turks, Ronnie is salt of the earth like another ex-dap bloke, Zulkifli Mohd Noor 25 years in dap and formerly a vp). But Ronnie is back a she has grassroot support

    2. UMNO Selangor used to dub Ronnie "Ronnie Kedai Urut" Ronnie the Message Parlour Guy....

      Probably unfair mud-slinging, but the air of impropriety surrounding Ronnie never went away though no evidence was ever found.......

    3. wakakaka, you dislike DAP don't you

    4. Just stating the facts at the time.

      Some people can't handle facts, but that is not my problem.

  4. RL is no saint that's a fact. He is a warlord for sure. Having said that he's useful to DAP and no doubt had done some good for the party. But a warlord is a warlord, when he is in power he will eliminate those colleagues that are not with him. So..... salt-of-earth, wakakaka

    1. Don't u think it's an effort down the drain to educate an willing exile in Down under, who's understanding of the current bolihland political scene is piecemeally at least & imagination at best!

      His takes on Lee Lam Thye we're a laugh & now rl!

      Perhaps he is putih2 jadi dap supporter, macam those kampung blur-sotongs' supports for umno.

  5. dap member r free to talk everything except bangaloooo n swimming pool.

    1. HY is a known vicious dap hater. he always slyly snipes at dap whenever he can, with a heart full of venom he needs badly to spill on dap members

  6. Tan Seng Ghiaw is another "salt of the earth"? wakakakaka. He lately have featured largely in Malaysia-Today, hehehe. From what could be gleaned from that blog, LKS "stole" the crown from what should "rightly" belongs to Ah Ghiaw, hehehehe. When one is bored or need some distraction, make a bee-line to MT blog and you will be greatly entertained, at least momentarily, wakakakaka