Tuesday, December 26, 2017

PAS has lost Chinese support forevermore

The Malaysian Insight - Voters won’t fall for PAS ploy to field non-Muslims (extracts):

Hadi Awang once warned the Penang State government that if it dared to conduct local council elections, it might possibly face another 'May 13'

To project a tolerant and inclusive image, about 10% of PAS candidates in the 14th general election will be non-Muslims, said a top strategist. 

But analysts said this tactic will not win back the support of non-Muslims that the Islamist party lost when it broke off with its allies DAP and PKR.

Even more incongruent is the fact that while PAS wants non-Muslims lawmakers, its president, Abdul Hadi Awang, insists that any future PAS cabinet will consist of Muslims only.

“Hadi’s statement will make it hard for PAS to get support from non-Muslims and some Muslims despite the fact that it wants to field non-Muslim candidates,” said analyst Hisommudin Bakar.

It's not so much that Hadi Awang and PAS are playing monkey tricks with the 10% of PAS non-Muslim candidates for GE14, it's that there are non-Muslims who are willing to become what they would be in PAS, namely, 2nd-Class party "monkeys".

Once it was said that there were 60+ federal seats in Peninsular which contain crucial non-Muslim voters, who would have been the deciding factor when Malay voters split into UMNO and PAS camps. Those non-Muslim bloc would have tilted the voting towards UMNO in pre-2008 GE's BUT towards PAS in post-2008 (till 2013) GE's.

With the above 60+ federal seats in its pocket the winning majority (plus other federal seats) could then march comfortably into Putrajaya or what was before Putrajaya.

T'was alleged Mahathir wanted those 65 Malays : 35 non-Malays seats for his own winning interests.

But such a gerrymandered sword with non-Malay cutting edge can cut and has cut both ways.

In 2008 and indeed 2013 those seats f**ked AAB and Najib kaukau as those non-Malays in the majority of those 60+ seats decided to throw their support behind Pakatan Rakyat which then included PAS.

Thus PAS with Chinese support won the most number of federal seats it has ever held and with that, started entertaining grandiose vision of its own, wakakaka.

But all good things come to an end, and before PAS could continue to 'chong' the Chinamen into giving Hadi Awang's party the support he lusted after, the EC has been busy with numerous of those 60+ seats, "re-arranging" mainly opposition (Pakatan) held federal seats, and to add to the confusion of voters, "re-naming" them as well.

For example, in the DAP-held seats, Teresa Kok 'Seputeh' will be called 'Sri Petaling', Tony Pua's 'Petaling Utara' becomes 'Damansara', while my matey Ong Kian Ming's 'Serdang' changes to 'Bangi'.

But that confusing lot is not all.

New Mandala reportedWhile some seats have been shrunk by as much as 40 per cent, others are to be inflated by 80 per cent of their original size. These changes seem to affect opposition seats disproportionately more than ones held by government. 


The largest constituency, Petaling Jaya Utara will soon be four times more populous than the smallest, Sabak Bernam. The discrepancy between the value of an opposition ballot compared to a BN is a trend consistent across all Malaysian states with an opposition presence. 

Damansara (now Petaling Utara and held by Tony Pua) has expanded by 76.2%, from 85,000 (in 2013) to 150,000. I call this process the "sardine-isation" of Chinese ikan bilis.

Comparatively, Putrajaya held by Tengku Adnan Mansor has around 18,000 voters.

But gerrymandering or not, PAS will never ever again benefit from any Chinese support, not after they were misled by the previously but hypocritically 'softer' face of PAS and its 'welfare state' bull.

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  1. Hadi is not focussing on Federal seats but the states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Selangor and Kedah. DAP, Pribumi, PKR, PAN want to be the Puppet Master, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister without portfolio. Hudud is not an issue to PAS because it is now beyond Hadi's capacity. We will see what will the 176,000 PAS members in Kedah can do to Kedah?