Friday, December 29, 2017

PKR's insecurities via 3 conditions to Mahathir

The Malaysian Insight - PKR sets 3 conditions to make Dr Mahathir interim prime minister (extracts):

dei, don't forget to say in your speech I'll be the PM-designate

you mean 'interim-pm' designate, my hubby will be pm

PKR has set three conditions that must be met for it to consent to making Dr Mahathir Mohamad the opposition pact's interim prime minister ahead of the 14th general election.

According to a party insider who attended the party’s political bureau meeting on December 19, the first condition is that de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is immediately released from jail and installed as the prime minister within a year of the opposition coming into power.

“The second condition is that PKR be allocated the most federal seats to contest in GE14. PKR wants around 60 seats in Peninsular Malaysia.

“The third condition is for Dr Mahathir to agree to reform key institutions in the country," said the source.

First of all, regarding the designated 'INTERIM' status of a notional PM Mahathir (after victory in GE14), PAS has the following to say (as reported by Malaysiakini):

Takiyuddin Hassan

The proposal of having an interim prime minister (PM) is both unhealthy and unconstitutional, said PAS today.

... PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan said ...

"PAS is of the opinion that the proposal by a certain political party in Malaysia to appoint an interim prime minister if it wins the 14th general election, is unhealthy and unconstitutional," he said.

He pointed out that Article 43 of the Federal Constitution stipulates that only the Yang Dipertuan-Agong had the discretion to appoint a PM, out of the 222 Members of Parliament, and who, in the Ruler's discretion, "can command the confidence of the majority of Dewan Rakyat members."

He added that Clause 2 of Article 40 of the constitution also states that the king has the prerogative to appoint the PM, without heeding the advice from others.

"Should there be a situation after the election, where no party has won the majority, or the seats won are still not enough to form a government, PAS believes the Agong can then use his discretion to choose a prime minister from either the majority-winning party or a minority party.

"A 'locum' prime minister is not a good practice and does not reflect a strong and stable governance," said Takiyuddin.

Takiyuddin could be right that it's unconstitutional to have an 'interim' PM because there is no such creature mentioned in the Malaysian Constitution.

It's 'PM', take it or leave it.

Now, that means danger for PKR as Mahathir may decide to stay on once appointed as PM. And if anyone were to bother, bugger or beg him to leave, he might resort to what I had posted in Mahathir's legacy - a Greater Pribumi?.

leave? after all my efforts? 

besides, I forget easily 

and there's my boy to look after until he becomes pm - in fact I'll make him pm before I leave

In that scenario, one of the post GE14 outcomes (assuming PH wins) could see Mahathir breaking his Pribumi party loose from PH, and forming a completely newer (wakakaka) alliance, in which he unites his Pribumi with his UMNO (Baru) and the Sarawak BN parties plus some of PKR including Azmin Ali (but excluding the Anwar family and gang) to form a Greater Pribumi tulin coalition to rule, and f**k DAP.

It's a possible scenario regardless of whether the Pakatan designated PM is 'interim' or otherwise. That's because Mahathir did not join PH to get rid of Najib. His main objective is to install his son Mukhriz as the PM of Malaysia. 

Thus there is no room for Anwar to become PM within a year of a PH win. No, not remotely likely in the secret book of Mahathir. There cannot be two tigers on one mountain.

As for Mahathir agreeing to the reforms of key institutions, what would those institutions be?

For me, No 1 would be the Election Commission, wakakaka. It's the MOST evil organisation in Malaysia.

No 2 should be the Constitution where we should go back to its un-disturbed form that existed before 1981, that's right, before Mahathir started mutilating it.

With No 2 done, then we reform the Judiciary and various important public service institutions.

Then make Petronas answerable to Parliament which means make it audit-able.

But all these reforms mean Mahathir will have to un-do all his errors, sins and 'naughtiness', and worse (for him), acknowledge he was wrong, thus I doubt he will.

The 3rd condition is a bit flabbergasting where PKR demands the most number of federal seats to contest in GE14, approximately 60 in Peninsular.

I thought Pakatan consists of 4 parties so even if Mahathir wants to bullshit PKR, what will the DAP and Amanah say?

And that's precisely what Associate professor at Universiti Malaya's Socioculture Department Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi said of PKR's insecurties.

Dr Awang asked: "If PKR sets three conditions, does DAP, Bersatu and Amanah have to do the same?"

Perhaps PKR has forgotten there's also DAP and Amanah in Pakatan, thinking Pribumi is now the Tai-Koe and can decide?

But you know what, in the end I put my money on Mahathir refusing to leave after he becomes PM. He will launch his expresso strategy for his son Mukhriz. I know him having observed him for so long, wakakaka. Besides he may not have much time left.


  1. This coming GE,the Umno/BN stands a very good chance of losing quite a handful of Felda parliamentary seats.With some losses in Sabah and hopefully a few in Sarawak,the opposition might capture Putrajaya.

    Remember GE 13th?When the tide seems to favor the opposition,Anwar and Azmin wanted to sit on the faces of the Sabah leaders,causing an exodus of local warlords.Now when things seems to be seen as going good,these PKR morons are back to their old monkey tricks.These stupid fools like to screw things up.Demanding this and that.If these fools were as smart as they think they are,Mahathir would not be in the picture now.It is because they are fools,that is the reason the opposition pact sees Mahathir as the one to lead the fight to the Umno/BN.

    1. But...but the Liar had already proclaimed LKS is the master puppeteer....sudah lupa ke ? LKS controls Anwar, Azmin, Dr M and of course Amanah ! The Chinese is going to take ober la...I mean Malaysian Chinese, don't confuse with China Cina ya, but the latter also seems to be taking ober, wakakaka. So does that mean that LKS is the one who's directing PKR to act like Dumno taikor over in Sabah as well ?

      There's never a dull day in Malaysian politics hehe

  2. Heard that 'boboi' was offered to contest on umno baru ticket, kalau bn menang, dia akan dilantik tpm2 post.

  3. I think I'll take my chances on harapan, another 5 years of the same crap umno corruption and abuse of power is not good for any country...if you think pkr, dap or amanah is a pushover for Maddy, you better think again, they are not your pliant bn components, pas would testify to that...if and that is a big IF, Maddy wants to see his son be the future pm, I'd say good luck to him and mukriz, just like any aspirant he has a right to that opportunity...let us be the judge of his capabilities.... and reforms of any kind will have a better chance of being carried out with a new gomen because they have probably only one term to prove themselves, an incumbent gomen will likely drag their feet as usual... as for Maddy digging his heel in, I would think he'd rather spend his remaining years with his grandchildren once he got someone out of the way.. he would have met his kpi...and your matey in Manchester has got more spins than my front loading washer, I wish he will finally make up his mind which spin he wants to stick to