Monday, December 04, 2017

Covert task of Khalid Ibrahim

Two days ago I penned Khalid Ibrahim to help UMNO win Selangor in which I mentioned Khalid Ibrahim's plan to campaign for BOTH UMNO and PAS.

As I had mentioned, that would be his due right and something we should expect and even respect, considering he was done badly by PKR.

I also said notwithstanding PKR doing him badly, I had agreed with his removal as MB Selangor because of his conservative business attitude which was lukewarm towards the rakyat, where PSM described him best (or worst for Khalid) as an unfriendly Towkay Guthrie.

let them eat kueh-mueh lah 

He now has a more covert task besides campaigning for both PAS and UMNO. In reality his plan to campaign for both parties, while true, has been a very clever cover up for his 'task' to unite the two parties in GE-14 against Pakatan Harapan.

Maybe he may even demonstrate his signature action of conducting a 'dawn raid' on PKR to siphon more 'assets' across the political divide before even Azmin can put on his sarong, wakakaka.

It's known that Khalid still has his loyal supporters in PKR who have been lying low since Towkay Guthrie left with much animosity towards PKR.

vengeance will be manis 

I'm gonna get you Azmin

Me too you, rancid Satay

cool it boys or I'll use my magic fan

above - Dökkálfar faction (missing Latheefa Koya)

below - INVOKE faction


  1. Wakakakaka...

    "...demonstrate his signature action of conducting a 'dawn raid'"

    This Guthrie reversed takeover by pnb in 1981 has always been credited to Khalid.

    However, many personalities involved had disputed that Khalid signature! Chief amongst them is pink-lips!

    The fact of the matter is that credit SHOULD be ONLY given to T Ismail Ali. He agreed & worked with one of the UK hedge fund (yes, the Pommie traitor who came up with the idea) to raid the Guthrie shares using pnb's fund.

    Khalid was ONLY the lucky convenient front man, who was then one of the chief pnb operators whom T Ismail Ali trusted.

    These people got no shame! Everything want to sapu & claim credit.

    Same like the NEP was actually drafted by Norwegian ethno-sopo economist, Just Faaland with inputs from T Ghazali Shafie. How many knows about this except keep given the credit to tr!

    Sama2 macam plagiarised someone else's work, ideas &/or research in the local kangkung Universities.

    Perhaps, it's in their dna to claim fame & fortune for doing nothing!

  2. when you are up against devious characters, those with impeccable morals and principles like KT are no match

    pas have unwittingly said they will be kingmaker, which means all the denial about not collaborating with umno is horse shit to fool bn components and pas grassroots, feedback from the ground is hung parliament scenario, harapan will not get registered, dap reelection not recognize again as the cause, only option left for people who wants to see a new gomen is to not let pas retain a single seat, deny them completely the kingmaker role, a vote for pas is a vote for umno