Thursday, December 07, 2017

Wasted RM30.5 Billion - such a sin

FMT - Not true that no one suffered from forex losses, says Suaram (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) adviser Kua Kia Soong today dismissed the notion that “nobody suffered” as a result of the RM31.5 billion Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) forex losses in the 1990s.

Although he did not name anyone, Kua said he found it disturbing that some leaders and politicians had excused the losses by saying no one suffered because of them.

I am not sure if people know what RM30 billion is. I don’t know whether people know how many schools there are in this country.

“There are over 10,000 schools in Malaysia. Supposing a school costs at least RM10 million to build, with RM30 billion we could build 3,000 schools,” he said in his opening remarks at the launch of Suaram’s Human Rights 2017 report overview today.

Kua said the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the forex losses was a good start.

Sebastian Loh wrote in Malaysia Impact:

DAP’s conscience-in-chief spent decades agitating for a formal inquiry into the subject.

Why, only a few years ago, Kit Siang was still blasting Mahathir over the scandal. 

But now that he’s finally gotten his wish, he calls it a distraction

Boy, I didn’t see this coming, did you? Why should we expect his cynical alliance with Mahathir and Anwar to be shaken by credible allegations of wrongdoing? At this point, why should anything?

Leaving treacherous Lim Kit Siang aside, it's amazing that Pakatan supporters like one very naive actress said there shouldn't be any investigation in to Mahathir's alleged 'naughtiness' because the act was almost 30 years ago. 

What kok-tok was she mumbling?

But such are the gullible guppies of Malaysia, wakakaka. They should pay heed to what Dr Kia has just said, about what the Bank Negara's lost RM30.5 Billion (not mere millions) could have done for Malaysia.

Most certainly that dough can buy tons and tons of kembong and kerang (all GST-free), especially for one makcik suffering from so-called anaemia.


  1. hey spinner, now close to become liar, the actress asked y after 30 years? u have the answer or no?

    1. Alahai HY... unlike civil cases, there is no statute of limitations for criminal cases. Tak kan tu pun kau tak tau..?

    2. The RCA has Not uncovered any criminal activity by Mahathir.

      Mahathir is administratively accountable for Fired as the Prime Minister at the time, But the much touted RCA has Not shown Mahathir guilty of crime.

      On the other hand , Stealing public funds and conspiring with others to divert the funds into their personal bank accounts is Definitely a crime.

      Using Executive power to suppress an investigation into the crime is yet another crime.

    3. you makan too much dedak in always defending Mahathir

    4. Huiiii...u take habis-habis defending yr ahjibgor, maksud apa le?

      Makan dedak juga ke?

    5. not as much as you makan dedak, wakakaka

    6. Run out of tricks?

      What a day to celebrate for a wordsmith with a writer's block le!

      Yr sifu has to resolve to scrapping the fitnah barrel to fill his pages of trash.

      R u heading that way too??

      The pressure from the atasan to show results has driven u to this low. Worthy of that pittance ke?


  2. Gullible & naive????

    They should pay heed to what Dr Kua has just said, about what the Bank Negara's lost RM30.5 Billion (not mere millions) could have done for Malaysia.

    So, what about the amount of money that ahjibgor pocketed PERSONALLY. How much could that be used for Malaysia??

    Tak bolih compared lah, u said?

    Gullible & naive is one Dr Kua for not been able to see the big picture.

    For all the Mahathir's 'naughtiness', if he can helps to bring down pinklips & umno THEN he would be forgiven!

    That's 大我, which Dr Kua SHOULD very well be understood despite his personal vendetta!

  3. no disrespect to dr kua, we all suffered without a doubt, everyone knows it could have been put to better use to benefit all of us otherwise, he personally suffered for his wrongful incarceration, but if he continues highlighting the wrongs Maddy did it will only expose his bitterness

    the more important question is, do we want to settle old score or do we want to eradicate the whole corrupt system

  4. The title.... wasted 30.5 billion wasted, such a sin....would be more meaningful if the writer had been gnashing his teeth in equal rage over the wasted 47 billion. Cukup la this hypocrisy....we too are fed up right to the back of our teeth all this blatant deliberate avoidance of the huge, monstrous hippo in the room.

    1. Hello JJ, what wasted? Read, understand and see all the projects-in-hand are undergoing the process of development and construction now! What is the development value? How many jobs have being and will be created? How many people can buy ikan kembong and kerang to put it on the table? How many people can send some money home to their families so that their kids can have a roof over their heads? But that RM31.5 was GONE and was NOT contributing even 1 (satu) sen to the nation's economy. That the 3 (three) stooges have violated 4 (four) sections of our penal code. There's a monstrous misreading and misunderstanding by you and Monsterball. Perhaps, that Monsterball should change his handle to 'KelentitTikus'?

    2. Errrrrr....

      The money raised by 1MDB have lost. They have been laundrized in multiple oversea countries & eventually ended in in the MO1 & associates' personal bank accounts.

      These money contribute zilch to the national economy.

      The current TrX & Bandar M'sia projects r the 'cheap' government injections.

      The 'clever' rationalization plan is a dirty trick of transferring financial losses from 1MDB owned subsidiaries to ministry of finance.

      The loss of the subsidiaries owned by 1MDB is accounted for in 1MDB's book. By transfer them out to ministry of finance, meaning the loss(more likely huge losses) is no longer reflected in 1MDB's account.

      Better still, ministry of finance has to bear the loss & loans/bonds repayments in future.

      By removing these subsidiaries, the 1MDB's account appears more healthy - less losses + less outstanding bonds/loans. The financial rating of 1MDB is been improved at the expense of the taxpayer of M'sia!

      The forex loss was gone but amortized over 10 years using internal generated funds from Bank Negara's continous operations.

      No injection of new funds in whatsoever form from any GLCs &/or ministry of finance.

      The AG & police were not be arm-twisted into blind compliant of NFAs.

      There's a monstrous misreading and misunderstanding of the 1MDB issues due to the complex number acrobat & the complacent attitude of the blur-sotongs.

      KelentitTikus? Siapa lagi!

    3. Just got back from some travelling. Hello Unknown...what monstrous misreading and misunderstanding ? But it looks like I don't have to knock any sense into you... CK has done a great job in putting you back in your blur-sotong place ! That is, if you still understand half of what he had so ably replied. But even if it had finally sunk into your numb skull, do not let your bigotry and your ketuanan sickness get the better of you to let yourself be mesmerized in the alternative 'facts' as brandished by the RPK, Arul Kanda ( now morphed into a Melayu named Muhd Hazul) and the dedak-rised Dumno cohorts, not forgetting the dedak-rised bloggers who are now frenetic in their spinning since GE is round the corner.

  5. Ktemoc has written about 100 articles in his blog demonising anybody and everybody who brings up the 1MDB issue...

    Tony Pua, Rafizi, Lim Kit Siang, Clare Rewcastle, Siti Nurhaliza, Khairuddin Abu Bakar, Muhyiddin, Mahathir (of course), the list is endless...

    What do you think is his hidden agenda ?

    1. Salute la to takes certain kind of meticulousness to count the number of articles on 1MDB issues written by KT....waaaa, more than 100 in demonising ! But he has to show his 'worth' to bibirpink, kan ?

      "What do you think is his hidden agenda ?"

      Answer : he just wants a pat on his back la....for being patriotic and loyal. If the big boss says it's a donation, then who the hell wants to quibble on that ? If the big boss says right in the beginning he doesn't even KNOW that huge billions amounts was deposited into his personal account, then who the hell wants to be so petty as to disbelieve ? If the big boss says that OK OK that billions are actually donation to fight ISIS, even though that sicko organization wasn't even formed yet, who the hell wants to be stubborn to start ridiculing our Great One ? Did the Supreme Leader not proclaimed...the country doesn't need clever, just need stupid but loyal. Loyalty above all, hehehe