Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Urgent call for Hindraf (1)

Hindraf a.k.a Dear Mr Waythamoorthy, your help for a sweet Indian Malaysian is now required most urgently. 

only Hindraf can & will represent Indian Malaysians 

A member of your flock has just cried out in terror and desperation in the Land of your icon, Mahātmā Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Forget about getting yourself nominated as a PH candidate for GE-14 for the time being. There's still plenty of time for this.

vote Independent for your dependent representative
mark the symbol 'kennel'  for your future

But please help Devasuria Subramaniam pronto.

OK Aneh, go for it. A big nandri in anticipation.


  1. Let's see first whether DAP's massive battalion of Indian Mps and Aduns are of any use , or for decoration only.

    1. b.but ... b.but ... aren't dap indian mps called mandores by hindraf? how can hindraf leave it to mere mandores to help a sweetie. here's waytha's chance to prove his words

  2. When it comes down to doing the right thing,Waythamoorthy aka Aneh,has lost sight.His Hindraf,according to Aneh is for fighting for the poor and uneducated Indians rights and plights.

    When the time came for him to doing the right thing,he sold his fight for the Indians and his soul to the highest bidder,Umno BN.Before GE13,in London,wads and wads of GBP's and Euros were exchanged for him coming back to Malaysia to help Najib's Umno/BN.

    Even a political moron would have figured it out that this Aneh is a big snake.A coward who ran all the way to the UK to escape the ISA,would suddenly announced a year in advance to come back to Malaysia,get beaten up,blue,black and purple,and thrown into Sungei Buloh to be fed to the fishes.

    And sure enough,almost a year later he came back,via waltzing across the causeway with the special branch as his escort?And Anwar and company got shafted in the behind,the place that Anwar loved most.And this Aneh will champion for the helpless Indian woman in distress in India?When he cannot even do it in Malaysia?

  3. don't be naughty KT, a malaysian in trouble in a foreign land, you know this involves wisma putra, this is a great opportunity for the foreign ministry, mic and ah moi to show what they can do for the Indians