Monday, December 25, 2017

Rats, types of

MM Online - Mamak eateries help prevent khalwat, group says (extracts):

Mamak eateries and 24-hour restaurants provide more than just food as it is a safe space for youths to mingle and to prevent acts of khalwat, a group has said.

The Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) said it is unhappy with the news that mamak eateries will have to close their doors by 12 midnight, should new health policies be enforced starting next year.

Its president Datuk Syed Ibrahim Kader said that the government must understand that restaurants are a business serving the public and it goes beyond simply providing food.

“There are other factors to consider, one is university students. These students hold study groups and discussions at a lot of mamak restaurants that are open 24 hours, seven days a week. It is a safe environment where boys and girls can mingle.

“What’s going to happen if you take this away from them? They may go somewhere else that isn’t as safe,” he told Malay Mail.

“For Muslim students, are they going to go to a friend’s house with boys and girls mingling around (in an enclosed space) unchaperoned?” Syed Ibrahim added, saying that this may lead to acts of khalwat (close proximity) and subsequently arrests by religious enforcement officers.

Wakakaka, I have never heard of such an excuse to keep the mamak restaurants opened for 24 hours.

It's always sex sex sex or the excuse of sex sex sex when it comes to Muslims' activities or prohibited activities.

Let's be sensible and ask or find out, firstly, what's the health reason for making mamak restaurants close at 12 midnight?

Are those good reasons?

In 2015 Shahidan Kassim, the minister in the PM's Department said the exact opposite of what would happen when we have 24-hours restaurants, “There are concerns that the young spend too much idle time in such places and get involved in unhealthy activities.”

That's social and not health reason.

OK, now the health reason though I suspect that Shahidan Kassim was bullshitting BIG time through his nose when he said that such eateries attracted rats. Did that mean 12-hour and 18-hour restaurants won't? Wakakaka.

I reckon both sides have been bullshitting, with the minister talking about the evils of 24-hour restaurants being centres of unhealthy activities (different types of rats, wakakaka) and also liable to attract the rodent-type of rats (wakakaka again), and the mamaks saying the opposite that their restaurants prevent khalwat (oh, those rats if caught by any of the Jabatan Agama Negeri, wakakaka).

Look mates, 24-hour restaurants will attract rats (rodents) if they are uncleaned (with food stuff left unattended) or garbage chucked helter skelter, and with no anti-pest health checks implemented.

Khalwat will be committed by human rats if the miang-ness intent is there, and f**k those 24-hour restaurants and their rodents, wakakaka. In fact, after a successful khalwat tryst, the hungry rattish-lovers may even visit such restaurants (with rodents or not), wakakaka again.

lovey dovey duo, wakakaka 


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Kaytee and family.Have a safe holiday and just do not go crazy when on the vineyard tours.Cheers.

    1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you bruno and family. Last night just had a bottle of champagne and two of whites, wakakaka and cheers

  2. These are stupid people speaking.Just ask them back the same questions.If you get horny with your wive,girlfriend or might just have a potential score with a new date,where do you want to go?To a mamak restaurant,get a room at a hotel or the nearest bushes for a horny dog like Donald Trump?Or even in public toilets for the cheapskates?But surely not in a mamak restaurant.

    1. wakakaka, let's get that Trump and his naughty words and hands, wakakaka again

  3. I've checked the original NST article on this and the Health Minister's concern is about reducing non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and nothing about preventing khalwat.

    “Yes, the ministry is putting efforts to fight the rise of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

    “But limiting mamak restaurants operating hours to midnight will not resolve the problem.

    “People can still cook at home. Is the ministry going to implement another policy which bars every household from cooking after 12am, in order to prevent Malaysians from eating after midnight?

    “To us, what the ministry can do is to educate the Malaysians to take care of their food intake and to eat healthily,” Syed Ibrahim said when contacted today.

    Syed Ibrahim was responding to the New Straits Times exclusive today on 13-point policies to promote a healthier nation, which includes limiting restaurant operating hours to 12am.

    Among other policies revealed by Health Minister Datuk Seri S. Subramaniam include taxing sweetened beverages, exempting sports equipment from import duties and exempting gym operators from paying corporate tax.

    That being so, the Minister and his Health Ministry should also regulate the amount of sugar in packaged drinks, three-in-one coffee or tea preparations, cakes, cookies, chocolates, breads, etc. and also educate the public in healthier eating habits and the need to get more exercise.

    The government should also do more to reduce the price of healthier foods such as wholegrain rice, wholegrain bread and so forth.

    More affluent and educated people are more aware of the need to eat healthy and can afford to eat more healthily since healthier eating is more expensive. It the lower income group which tends to eat more starchy and deep fried foods which are cheaper and less healthy.

    Also for convenience sake, most offices now have three-in-one instant coffee or instant tea packages which contain plenty of sugar, when previously they had separate instant coffee powder, creamer and sugar and left it to the user to prepare their coffee accordingly and chose how much sugar and creamer they want to add or leave out.

    My late gardener was diabetic and when I used to visit him in his flat, his wife served two-in-one or three-in-one coffee which contained sugar and they could afford to eat mostly starchy foods, and I wondered how he could control his diabetes with that being served. He eventually passed away due to factors related to his diabetes and I attended his funeral.

    If they were more aware of healthier eating, he may have lived longer.

    However, this requires that the Health Ministry takes on the food and drink packaging industry, not the 24 hour eateries.

    It is also very difficult to change people's habitual choice of food and drink, especially when it is traditional and tastes nice.

    Char quay teow, mee goreng, roti canai and nasi lemak may taste nice but are very oily, whilst teh tarik prepared with sweetened condensed milk may taste nice but is full of sugar, not only already in the sweetened condense milk but often includes added sugar on top of that.

    Sweetened condense milk was widely adopted in tropical regions because it was a way to preserve milk in the days before refrigeration was widely available and the habit has stuck and is very difficult to shake off.

    Basically, Malaysian's, especially the less educated lower income are very resistant to change.

    That bit about khalwat which Datuk Syed Ibrahim Kader through into the picture out of context is typical of the habit of picking a string of reasons out of thin air to justify one's argument.

    Or like arguments that if the government bans pornography in films and on TV, which it did and still does, it will stifle creativity, drive away tourists and so forth.

    1. thanks matey for an informed comment

    2. @KTemoc

      "thanks matey for an informed comment"

      Thanks for your kind compliments, Matey.

      I oftentimes say that Malaysians will eat curried excreta if it tastes nice.

      I have friends who drag me to these 24 hour eateries where the service sucks and make my blood boil but they like the Milo, the tosai or chappati made there, so they don't care, even when they know I don't like the place.

      On occasions, I've had the runs the following day eating one of the curried chicken dishes at these places, including two occasions when it came out in my pants and one occasion when I felt so bad the following morning that I had to cancel an appointment with my insurance agent at my own home.

      In all cases, I had eaten something at a mamak eatery, thoughh the service also sucks at a 24-hour banana leaf eatery in Section 11, Petaling Jaya, where you need to blow a vuvuzela to get the waiters' attention, since they have one eye on the large screen TV.

  4. Mamak curry houses staff hygiene are not of sufficient quality and perhaps they sleep with the rodents too. You can find rodent's droppings at their cramped and smelly sleeping area? Yes, the rodents think they are the same types.

    Other types mostly are insomniacs, revellers, drifters and rustlers. They are having a carnival time of the mice feeding the mice. And why should the Jabatan Agama disturb them if they are not berkhalwat-king?

    The mamak curry houses should employ undergraduates and jobless young post-university types, and KIMMA should support the government to limit its business hours up to midnight, and to send their own types back to where they come from. They are too many mice already.

    The mamak curry houses should also take a lot of care in terms of pest control. How many employ a company that comes out to check its premises on a regular basis?

    OTOH, they are good at pointing out that these pests come in from outside because of the amount of litter and rubbish dropped by other people on the roads. They would just wait for the council the job for them. Memang mice betul!

    1. "The mamak curry houses should employ undergraduates and jobless young post-university types, and KIMMA should support the government to limit its business hours up to midnight, and to send their own types back to where they come from. They are too many mice already."

      Where can Malaysian undergraduates, university dropouts and unemployed graduates work in such low-knowledge based service jobs, when Malaysia is less than three years from becoming a "high income, knowledge-based economy".

      Cannot! We are too educated and sophisticated for that. We are a very tech-savvy generation, which knows how to interact via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and other social media.

      We now live in the information age. whilst those workers in mamak and banana leaf restaurants come from First Wave agricultural economies and not educated like us who have grown up in Malaysia's Third Wave economy. Have you read Alvin Toffler's books on these waves?

      Malu lah work as waiter in mamak or banana leaf restaurant, where cheapskate boss pays so little to foreign worker who have better work ethics and are willing to work harder than us.

      I got to put petrol in car my daddy buy for me to use and where gilfrien will love me if I work in mamak or banana leaf restaurant.

      Also work as waiter in mamak or banana leaf restaurant, where got enough money to take girlfrien to drink in Bangsar. If don't drink in Bangsar wait girlfien say I got no standard lah! and she lets another man who takes her to drink in Bangsar screw her instead, then I got no girlfrien to screw.

      Work as barista in Starbucks at least got some gaya and you know we Malaysian Strawberry Generation very gaya conscious.

      Our parents also very embarrassed to tell their friends that we work as waiters in mamak and banana leaf shops, especially after they paid so much for us to study at graduate factory. I afraid my parents might disown me.

    2. Check this: In the West,

      10.5% bachelor’s degree holders work in a residence or care facility which includes household duties including laundry and meal preparation. 

      14.3% of waiters and waitresses have their baccalaureate.

      16.5% of all bartenders have bachelor’s or master's degrees.

      18% of telemarketers are college graduates. 

      23.5% of amusement workers have a college degree.

      24.6% in retail sales.

      Yours truly had worked as a kitchen assistant, driver, handyman, and as a postman before.

  5. Most Malaysian politicians and other "Leaders" are only capable of dealing with issues superficially.
    24-hour Mamak eateries have poor hygiene - which is very true. But the real problem is lack of attention and manpower directed to cleanliness, not the "24-hour" bit.
    Similar 24-hour McDs and KFCs have very different outcomes because management take cleanliness much more seriously. There are staff on duty roster and standard procedures for cleaning-up every hour of the 24-hour day.

    The need to make available safe and wholesome places for youth to meet even late at night is true, including for non-Muslims youth.

    I have young adult relatives who hang out late at night. Either with university mates over exam or projects, and also socially. They are not bad kids, but if there aren't safe places for them to hang out, things could get worse.

    1. You should also be concerned about scheiss they are hanging out with through their smartphone screens.